Enjoying Golf this summer with Greg Norman’s Bali Escape

Golf players love the summer season as it gives them a chance to be on the golf course for hours at a stretch. If you are a golf fan, then you would have probably started preparing for playing your favorite sport when the sun is shining bright. But before you set out for the course, it is important that you wear the right dress according to the weather. After all, golf is style and comfort blended with sophistication.

The Bali Escape collection by Greg Norman, the renowned golfer, features some amazing and exquisite golf apparel options for lady golfers. The range comprises of shirts and skorts designed to complement the warm weather. The Bali Print Sleeveless golf shirt and the 18” golf skort from the collection is a great golf dress that you can try on your next game. Here is a quick glimpse to the designer shirt and skorts:

Greg Norman Ladies Sleeveless Golf Shirts – Bali Escape (Bali Print)

The unique Bali print sleeveless shirt is made from a 96% Poly & 4% Spandex material which offers moisture wicking and UPF 50+ for maximum comfort and convenience. The neck features a 5 button closure and is best paired with similar print golf skorts.

Greg Norman Ladies 18″ Golf Skorts – Bali Escape (Bali Print)

This comfort stretch Bali print skort comes with an 18” seam and is one of the most popular golf apparel these days. It features a side zipper for ease of movement and has one front and one back pocket. Made with a 96% Polyester & 4% Spandex material in Coral, navy and white color with moisture wicking lining.

You can get this great combination online at Lori’s Golf Shoppe. Add the amazing golf apparel from Greg Norman’s Bali Escape and flaunt your style on the golf course.

Tail Palm Beach Status Collection

Tail is certainly rocking this golfing season with a collection that feels like summer. Aptly named, too. Tail’s Palm Beach Status collection evokes thoughts of endless days spent lounging by the beach, with a pina colada in hand, with its cheerful colors and paisley prints. Ladies, you certainly would want to check out the  pretty golf shirts and skorts from this release.

The collection boasts of golf shirts and skorts in shades of sunflower, pristine white, black and a spattering of teal in its paisley print. Golf shirts come in sleveless, short-sleeves and long sleeves, with mandarin collar. Made from polyester and spandex, the shirts come with SPF45+, a great add-on especially if you’re playing during long, summer days.

The skorts are pull-on, and would fit even the curviest girls. It has side pockets where you can stash golf balls (don’t you just love the convenience?). It also has SPF45+, so if paired with the shirt from the same collection, you’ve got yourself covered. Still, don’t forget your sunscreen though!

The Tail Palm Beach Status collection can be found in Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC. You may also shop online at Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com.


Sexy Casual Tail Ladies Golf Shirt and Skirt Combo

Being a girl is fun, at the same time, tiresome. We love dressing up but it takes a lot of time to find the perfect blouse to match the perfect skirt. Do we go out with makeup, or no makeup? Does this shoes complement your dress? While it is indeed full-time work to rummage the closet every day to look for what to wear, the fun also lies there. There are clothes you wear to work, wear to party with friends and wear to play outdoors.

It’s a good thing Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC, is here to help you out, ladies, if you usually have that dilemma of finding nice and cute golf-appropriate outfits. Lori’s Golf Shoppe has a variety of golf shirts, skorts, dresses, shoes and accessories for every lady golfer. Today’s blog post will highlight one of the more popular golf outfit combo — the golf shirt + golf skort.

The Tail Ladies golf shirt and skort are made from lightweight and soft materials, ensuring the wearer’s comfort even while perspiring. Its color combination — black, pink, and white — promises endless outfit matches with assorted shirts and skorts, even from different brands. Feel sexy in this pull-on skort while strutting your stuff out at the golf course. Not only that, the skort has SPF45+, additional protection for your legs from the harmful rays of the sun.

Visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC, to see this pretty ensemble from Tail, along with their other golf items. If you’re more of an online shopper, Lori’s Golf Shoppe is also on the web at www.Lori’sGolfShoppe.com.

A Superb Mixture of Sport and Fashion

Are you having a hard time looking for the perfect golf shirt that will match any of your gear? Has it become tedious and time consuming to raid through your closet for that perfect shirt to match your shorts or leggings, as well as your shoes? Is finding the most comfortable yet presentable golf shirt difficult?


This collection is the answer to all your problems. Introducing the Monterey Club Ladies & Plus Size Dry Swing Ikat Print. This collection comes in 3 different sleeve lengths that are perfect for any weather. If you prefer to be a bit covered up, you can go for the ¾ sleeve. If you are the type who is comfortable to wear sleeveless shirts, they have one as well. They also have the regular sleeved golf shirts if you wish to wear something in between. 

Each collection comes in 2 Ikat prints: beach glass and neon pom. Each color is versatile and is perfect for golfing women of all ages, colors and sizes. Speaking of size, this collection comes in plus sizes too! Of course, they have the regular sizes from S-XL and  XXL for the plus size woman. However, if you are unsure of your size, you can head over to Calabash, NC and check out Lori’s Golf Shoppe where you can give these shirts a good fitting.

Give Monterey Club Ladies Ikat Print golf shirts a try. You might end up falling in love with the collection and buying all of them for your closet. You can also check our website at Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com.


Classy Classics from the Greg Norman Art Deco Collection

When playing any sport, the comfort of your attire is of utmost importance. You certainly cannot play well if you’re feeling too warm and sweaty in your outfit. For a sport like golf, wearing a comfortable outfit ensures that you can perform your best, do that swing perfectly.

Sport brand Greg Norman brings you the Art Deco collection in classic colors for golf aficionados who just want to sport that classic, effortless look while toting their golf clubs.














Part of the Art Deco collection is this long-sleeved ladies UV protection golf shirts. Why we think you would love it? For one, it has moisture wicking function which means that you can play under the sun all you want but you’ll feel fresh all the time! This unique material, which is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, absorbs the sweat from your body and makes it evaporate into thin air. Secondly, it has UPF 50+, giving you additional protection from the sun. Of course, you still have to use your sunblock lotion especially if you’ll be playing outdoors for long hours but it doesn’t hurt to have additional protection, yes?

The ladies long sleeve UV Protection Golf Shirt is available in New Lime shade at Lori’s Golf Shoppe, Calabash, NC. They also carry other items from the Greg Norman Art Deco Collection. If you prefer shopping online, you may also visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com.




Get Candy-Fied with EP Pro Monet Golf Outfits

Golf used to be a sport for gentlemen. Lawyers, stock brokers, doctors, hedge fund managers, daddies, heirs –they all spend their free days on the golf course to relax and expand their network. Then ladies started to take interest in the sport and so now, you’ll see more and more ladies, young and old, practicing their swing.

Of course, any girl doesn’t want to be caught wearing a bad outfit even while playing golf. Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC, perfectly gets every girl’s need for trendy and sporty clothes and accessories. One of the fancier collections they have in store right now is the EP Pro Monet which includes golf shirts and skorts combination, separate golf shirts, golf skorts, and sweaters.










The EP Pro Monet collection highlights candy-colored items which would appeal to ladies of all ages. The printed outfits feature paisley and mosaic designs which are so cute, you’d love to wear them even when not playing golf.

During summer, the sleeveless golf shirt and skort combo would work well for you. During cooler seasons, you can always pair the sweater with argyle design with the plain golf shorts.










If you’re looking for chic golf outfits, look no further. Check out Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC or our online site at Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com. They have the EP Pro Monet collection, as well as other collections from various brands.

Sport Haley Get This Party Started Collection Spells Fun Under the Sun

Who doesn’t want to party? Strobe lights, upbeat music and just the fun, festive atmosphere is enough to lift anyone’s dire mood. Sport Haley’s Get This Party Started collections spells just that — fun, festive with cheerful colour combinations.

This collection is made up of short and skirt ensembles, golf shirts and golf skorts in black, white and pink, and also highlights the burch print. The golf skorts are made of polyester and spandex, very lightweight and comfortable materials, which allows your skin, and you, to breathe while playing outdoors. It is also a pull-on, very conveniently designed so you don’t have to shimmy and wiggle while putting it on.

The golf shirts, on the other hand, are available in burch print and solid colours such as black, white and lipstick, a lovely hot pink shade perfect for any skin tone. Material is qwickool polyester which guarantees the utmost coolness even while playing in extreme heat.

If you’re not a fan of skorts, you may check out the collection’s gingham plaid golf shorts in black. It has zipper pockets and solid piping and looks very trendy on the golf course. The polyester, rayon and spandex combination ensures you a top quality item.

The Sport Haley Get This Party Started collection is available in Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC, as well as online at Lori’s Golfshoppe.Com.

Bette & Court Sun Protection Shirts for Ladies

A warm, sunny day is indeed the perfect day to play golf. Lots of sunshine making the golf course greener and more inviting. However, it also means that Mr. Sun’s glaring rays are at maximum burning potential. While good ole sunblock can work wonders in protecting our skin from the harmful UV rays, it won’t hurt to add more layer just to be on the safe side.

Bette & Court understands this concern all ladies have about maintaining great protection from the sun, without compromising quality and fashion. The Cool Elements Long-Sleeve Polo with collar has built-in sun protection features that all golf aficionados would surely love.

Yes, this top looks and feels as great as it looks like. This Bette & Court UV golf shirts offers UPF 50 sun protection, which is more than what you can look for in a shirt that has a 5-degree cooling factor. It has underarm mesh which helps in odor control. It has moisture wicking so you don’t literally swelter underneath it.

The Cool Elements collection comes in an array of delicious colours perfect for the summer. Or just anytime, really.

Choose which colour suits you best in Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC, where Bette & Court items are readily available. This style is also available online at Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com.

Stay Fit, Classy and Sexy with Renondo Beach Collection

Playing golf has never been this comfortable and stylish since this classy and fun collection by Jo Fit was launched. The Renondo Beach collection is perfect for golfing ladies of all sizes and shapes.

The collection comes with stylish and functional tank tops, golf shirts, skort and legging combo, pull-on skorts, and more. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but most of the outfits are incorporated with sexy and girly designs. Their apparels come in black with mini white dots as well as magenta. These colors are versatile and unique that anyone can wear it.

Their golf shirts come with the signature wicking Jo Dry Jersey that makes it a comfortable outfit to wear while playing golf and walking around the club. They also have flattering and sophisticated tanks with asymmetrical neckline for that sexy and fun look. Their legging and skort combo are classy for golf games, walking around the club, lounging in the café, and more. Check the Renondo Beach Collection here and see which piece will fit your personal style.

So what’s special about this collection? Not only will this look any good on golfing ladies, but they are also perfect for women who love to play tennis. Their tank comes with an integrated shelf bra that flatters your physique in ways regular t-shirts will never accomplish.

 If you feel that this collection fits your taste, then head over to Calabash, NC and check out Lori’s Golf Shoppes. Check our website at Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com for more products. What are you waiting for? Visit our physical store or online shop now!

EP Pro … Belmont Style!

EP Pro Belmont style is the new line for Spring 2010! Highlighting skorts, shorts, vests, and pullovers, this manufacturer knows how to dress the woman! EP Pro has been leading the women’s golf sportswear market for over 15 years, tastefully blending classic looks with modern trends in order to capture a feeling that is as new as it is wearable.

Clothing geared for the lady golfer, these EP Pro Belmont designs can really take you anywhere. Pictured above, is the Belmont classic skort, shirt and vest attire. The Tour Dry® cotton and poly jersey with contrasting piping works well with the 19″ microfiber status print skort. Add the fine gauge cotton / Lycra scoop neck vest and you have yourself a comfortable, affordable and stylish ladies’ golf outfit.

With cool weather still in the Spring forecast, EP Pro Belmont adds the fine gauge cotton long sleeve zip front cardigan. The stitched argyle sleeve combines color and style in subtle ways. Their cotton rib long sleeve mock neck pullover is another alternative to keep the cool breeze at bay.

Each of these designs can be purchased at Lori’s Golf Shoppe located just north of the South Carolina border in Calabash, North Carolina. Lori’s also boasts an internationally recognized online shoppe at lorisgolfshoppe.com. Both locations will afford you the opportunity for hassle free shopping jammed packed with items for men, women and children all under one roof. Golf equipment, lessons and clinics for beginners to advanced are only some of the many offerings you’ll find at this location. Lori’s Golf Shoppe offers special discounts and promotions to entice your “Shop Till You Drop” desires. It’s an experience you’ll want to repeat time and again. Be sure to visit the retail store or browse the online shoppe to get yourself the best in golf attire and equipment. Lori’s Golf Shoppe is the place where “All Golfing Gals Gather“!