Tail Spring collection 2015

For over 40 years of fashionable and quality golf items,keeps exceeding our expectations. It has launched its Tail Golf Spring 2015 collection to give lady golfers a preview of what will be in style this 2015.

We can expect the Tail Activewear fabrics to have the outstanding qualities that we all look for in golf wear – Sun Protection, Moisture Management, Comfort Stretch and Easy care. Plus, these excellent fabrics come in dashing plain and prints that will make you stand out in crowd, whether you are in or off the golf course.

Watch the stylish Tail Spring collection 2015 here!

Rest assured that these seasonal styles of Tail Spring collection 2015 are based on the latest fashion trends. Watch the digital catalog here. Each collection showcases numerous vibrant sleeveless golf shirt pieces, golf shirts with sleeves and long sleeves, wide array of skorts and neutral-colored pants, Capri and shorts. Also, it has a classy golf dress that you can readily wear.

Last November, the Tail Gold Rush collection was released. This collection shows golf items with elegance good as gold. The colors are mix of gold, black and white pieces that you can easily mix and match with other golf items in your closet and maintain the elegance of your golf #ootd.


The Tail Blue Skies collection, released this January, offers a sophisticated look in serene blue. The colors in this collection are mix of Serene blue, black, white and grey pieces. It has six Tail sleeveless golf shirts that give a refreshing prints in serene blue, four golf shirts, three long sleeves, one golf dress, three golf skorts, For the bottoms, Tail Blue Skies collection has a golf short, golf Capri and golf pants in either black or grey. This Tail Blue Skies collection gives a heavenly charm that reflects on each golf item.

This February, Tail Pink Diamonds collection is something to look forward to. This collection will be a lady golfer’s bestfriend as the diamond shapes sparkle with a feminine touch of pink. Mix of plaids, black, white, grey and pink. It has five sleeveless golf shirt with black and white in solid and diamond prints and one sleeveless in solid pink. It has four golf shirts, one golf dress, two longsleeves golf shirts in solid pink. There are also three items of golf skorts while there are two golf shorts, Capri and pants are in black or grey. Tail Pink Diamonds collection is so stylish that you can wear it on your Valentine golf tournament, or even where you’ll be heading on after.

Spanish Rouge collection is coming our way on March 2015. Rouge, the French word for Red, gives us the shades of bold tomatine that are rich and energetic. It has six pieces of sleeveless golf shirts, four sleeved golf shirts, three long sleeves shirts, four golf skorts, two pieces of golf shorts, a golf Capri and golf pants. Spanish Rouge collection items automatically add vigor to the golf items in plain and prints of black, white and tomantine.

Come out this April with this Tail Lucky Luxe collection. Its Emerald green color will bring you luck and charisma as you swing your way into the golf course. Aside from Emerald green, it also has complementary colors of yellow, white, black and grey. This collection has six sleeveless golf shirts in beautiful solid and prints, same thing with the three sleeved golf shirts, three long sleeves golf shirts. For the bottoms, it has three types of golf shorts, four golf skorts, Capri pants and a golf dress. What you’ll love about this Tail Lucky Luxe collection is that it has a fresh and lively aura that transmits to the one who wears this and to the people who can see her.

Tail Island Breeze collection will be released this May. Its ocean-inspired shades of blue and green in stunning Tail golf items give lady golfers the feeling of peace and calmness, thus, giving more focus on the game. This Tail Island Breeze collection has 21 pieces – four sleeveless golf shirts, four golf shirts with sleeves, a golf longsleeves, six golf skorts, two golf shorts, three Capri shorts and a golf dress.

Watch out for the release of these Tail Spring collection 2015 items on www.lorisgolfshoppe.com. Also, visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC for other golf Spring collections.

Tail Gold Rush collection

Be the crowned queen of the golf course while wearing this stunning Tail Gold Rush collection. It is indeed a gold rush to see the collection items filled with elegant gold with lynx foil print on them. The set includes a long sleeve golf shirt, two ladies golf shirts and a pull-on golf skort.

The Tail Ladies Gracie Long sleeve golf shirt is a performance jersey with amock neck on it. You may use it as a layering piece or by itself. For the ladies short sleeves golf shirt, the Tail Gold Rush collection has Renee and Amaya. Both golf shirts are 25” performance jersey with UPF 40+. Tail Ladies Renee short sleeve golf shirt is in the gold lynx foil print and has a convertible collar and snaps. While the Tail Ladies Amaya short sleeve golf shirt is in bold black and perfectly balances the prints fromthe other items. It is shoulder tucking and has a front zip placket.

Match these ladies golf shirts with the Tail Ladies Fun Straight Pull-on golf skort. Like the Gracie long sleeve golf shirt and the Tail Ladies Renee short sleeve golf shirt, it is printed with gold lynx foil on it. Both classy and sassy andcan be paired with other golf shirts that you have. It also looks stunning when you wear this to parties or other events these holidays.

Be sure to check out Tail Sizing Charts here.

Love Tail Active Wear? Check out their other ladies golf collection at www.lorisgolfshoppe.com and visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.

Tail Activewear Long Sleeve Mock Neck Shirts Perfect for Fall Golf

Tail Activewear has good news to all lady golfers. Their new items include set of long sleeve golf shirts for women golfers in misses and plus sizes. As they have promised, all of Tail Activewear products are best in fabric, fit and fashion.

These Tail Long sleeve mock neck shirts are available in the following prints:

1) Crocodile Prints (Abyss & Aqua or Black & White or White & Abyss)).
The crocodile prints are really nice because they have that textured look. People who see you wearing this might think that it is made of a hard fabric, when actually it’s not.

2) Dancing Diamonds (White, Black & Royal or Limeade).
Be like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds as you wear this Tail Ladies & Plus Size Long sleeve golf shirts. Prove to them that you are like a diamond, hard to beat and your glam will last forever.

3) Abstract Zebra (Red/Black & Black/White).
A good color contrast of black/red and black/white will give you that stand out look on the golf course and through your way on to the 19th hole.

These Tail Ladies & Plus Size Long sleeve golf shirts have mock necks and front zip plackets. Plus, they have black side panels that give this long sleeve golf shirt a slimming cut. These are made of 94% Polyester and 6% Spandex. All of these shirts cost $79.99 each.

Wear this Tail items from life to golf game or vice versa. Place your orders online at lorisgolfshoppe.com or visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.

Play Beyond Perfect When Wearing Tail Perfect Course

Tail Ladies golf apparels are continuously reinventing to fit the needs of sporty and fashionista in you. Tail Perfect Course collection is an evident example of that.

Take a look at this Tail Ladies Tabitha Sleeveless Golf shirt. It is in jewel tone of ruby and has shoulder yoke & ruffle details and dome snaps. It is also made of 93% Polyester 7% Spandex and has SPF 45+. Another sleeveless golf shirt is called Tail Ladies Cindy Sleeveless Golf shirt. Its print is a mixture of jewel-toned mint, ruby, white and black. It has center zip placket, mandarin collar and armhole detail.

For the ladies golf shirts, this Tail Perfect Course collection has a Tail Ladies & Plus Size Georgia Short Sleeve Golf shirt in Zebra Wave. Its design features mock neck, half zip and saddle sleeves. While the Tail Ladies Zoey Long Sleeve Golf shirt is a combination of zebra wave and solid ruby. It also has a mock neck and half zip. It is very stylish to wear as bright solid colors give a brighter aura to the one who’s wearing it.

Tail Perfect Course has actually two matching golf shirts and skorts. The Tail Ladies & Plus Size Georgia Short Sleeve Golf shirt in Zebra Wave has a matching Tail Ladies Zebra Wave skort. And the other Tail Ladies Ruby Mint skort has the same print as the Tail Ladies Cindy Sleeveless Golf shirt. Both are 18” performance jerseys and straight pull on skorts and shorties. They are both made of 91% Polyester 9% Spandex and has SPF 45+.

Nothing to worry. Even the other ladies golf shirts in this Tail Perfect Course collection will match the skorts.

Be sure to check out Tail Sizing Chart before ordering online at http://lorisgolfshoppe.com/. Or better yet, check out the physical store, Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.