Brighten Up!

Gloomy skies are here! But that’s not an excuse to look as gloomy as the weather on the course. Whoever said that plain and simple are all you can wear when you play, clearly has not seen the ADIDAS FALL 2013 and RASPBERRY Collection yet.

You might think that your wardrobe is limited to play with colors and that you shouldn’t fuss about looking chirpy and cheerful since this season would call for a more toned down and neutral color palette. You may be right about that (at least, the latter part), but wearing bright colors is never a bad thing nor is it ever out of trend. No matter which season we are in, it never hurts to wear a pop of color to brighten up our look.

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The ADIDAS FALL 2013 features a monochromatic blue/periwinkle/white palette which they call BLUEBONNET. All the pieces are made from Adidas’s signature ClimaLite and ClimaCool fabrics to keep you comfortable while you play. The collection features eight stylish key pieces that you can easily  mix and match. They come in diamond, argyle, and gradient patterns. A perfect show of androgyny with just the right amount of femininity!

If you’re more of the girly girl, then you should check out Adidas’ RASPBERRY COLLECTION. It’s very similar to the Bluebonnet, except that it’s in a monochromatic magenta/white/black palette. If you’re not into skirts or skorts, this collection comes with a comfortable Bermuda shorts in magenta.

A wardrobe update is never too late as we are just in the beginning of this season. Get this collection in just a click at!