Fall in Love with Pink Over and Over Again with the Latest Bette & Court Tickled Pink Collection

It is not so difficult to get deeply attached to pink. Aside that it is very feminine, wearing pink can make someone look very snappy on the golf course. Especially on a sunny day, pink golf pieces can supply the best complimentary color to a well groomed green course.

This season, indulge yourself with lovely pink golf pieces from Bette & Court Ladies Plus Size Tickled Pink Collection. Whether you like plain, color block or printed, this collection is right for you!

bette and court sleeveless pink polo

For a bright, sunny day you will need some sleeveless polo shirts to keep you fresh on the course. You can have the  Bette and Court Flamingo Pink Colorblock Sculpt Sleeveless. Featuring a pink-and-black colorblock design, this shirt is made to fit and lie well for your toned shoulders. The black lining on the arm hole, collar and side definitely gives your body a flattering look. Available in X-Large and XX-Large.

 Bette and Court Flamingo Pink Colorblock Sculpt Sleeveless

If you want to take a seamless switch from solid colors, the Bette and Court Sleeveless Polka Dots Sculpt Sleeveless is an excellent choice. This polo features charming polka dots, a solid flamingo piecing, and zip placket design. Available sizes are small and medium.

Bette and Court White Colorblock Sleeveless

The Bette and Court White Colorblock Sleeveless is probably the most versatile piece you can pick. The neutral color makes it a great match for different Bette & Court Golf Bottoms. However, this polo is not as ordinary as you might think it is. At the back is a pink color block design that accentuates the white fabric – absolutely bringing you a sexy back! Available in S, M, L, X-Large and XX-Large.

All sleeveless polo shirts are made from Nylon/Spandex with UPF 50 Sun Protection that shields your skin from the sun’s penetrating UV rays while keeping you cool and comfortable.

When you buy any of these sleeveless polo shirts, you should also consider these some lovely golf bottoms from Bette & Court.

bette and court ladies golf skorts

Play in style with Bette & Court Ladies Rose Print Pull-On Golf Skort. This is perfect for anyone who wants to look darling on the course without looking overly dressed. It has a contrast inner waistband that perfectly wraps around your body and a flamingo pink liner for better feel and flex. Available in S, M, L, X-Large and XX-Large.

Solid colors also look good on colorblock designs like the Bette & Court Slice Pull-On Golf Skort. It has a flamingo pink and black combination that makes a perfect match for any of the sleeveless golf shirts mentioned above. Available in S, M, L, X-Large.

bette and court ladies capri pants

Bette & Court also presents two brand new golf shorts. The Bette & Court Flex White Golf Shorts features side vents, belt loops, two side pockets and silver snaps on each side of the upper leg. Since it is white, it can blend with any color from the Bette & Court Tickled Pink Collection.

The Bette & Court Zen Flamingo Pink Golf Shorts comes with a flexible waist band and stretchable fabric that you can easily slide on to wear. All shorts are made from Nayon/Nylon/Spandex with Smooth Fit Technology and UPF 50 Sun Protection.

We have always known Bette and Court to be proficient in providing golf apparels that are stylish and innovative. So if you are looking for printed golf tops that will epitomize your mood for the game, take a look at these newest additions to the brand.

bette and court ladies long sleeve

These two lovely long sleeve golf shirts will surely test your deciding skills because they are too beautiful to resist. The Bette & Court Ladies Magnolia Print Long Sleeve Golf Shirt is ideal for neutral bottoms. It has a flat collar design making it a safer choice for those who prefer modest designs without too many risks and thinking.

If you are aiming for a more classic design, the Bette& Court Swirl Print Long Sleeve Golf Shirt will suit you in the perfect manner. Swirls are nice, classy yet subtle. This shirt features a mock neck design that compliments nearly any facial structure.

Both long sleeve golf shirts have mesh underarm and cool elements that will keep you feeling fresh even when the temperature starts to rise.  Available in sizes S, M, L, and X-Large.

Bette & Court never fails to provide golf pieces that look and feel right. Shop now for the latest Bette & Court Tickled Pink Collection and get ready for your next game!



Enjoy Classic Fashion with Tail Ladies Copacabana Collection

You may first think of Barry Manilow’s song Copacabana when you see this collection but you will be far from the Copa when you head to the golf course with Tail’s newest collection. As golf continues to be a favorite game of all ages, you may feel inspired to play wearing the Tail Ladies Copacabana Collection.

For over 40 years, Tail has been providing golf apparel with fabulous styling and dependable sizing. Every outfit is built to give ladies comfort and total freedom of movement. Aside from classic tailoring, the brand’s fabric is known for complete moisture management, sun protection, and comfort stretch technology.

If you haven’t checked lately, Tail Ladies Copacabana Collection presents a new assortment of women’s golf apparel for those who love classic styles. Whether you are looking for a gift or shopping for yourself, you will love this sublime Tail Ladies Copacabana Hester Short Sleeve Golf Top. It has faded argyle patterns and prints that strike a balance between youthful style and the classic, traditional look. This is a perfect outfit if you want a  less intense color but still want to remain fashionable.

This lovely short sleeve golf shirt is made from 91% polyester and 9% spandex which makes it very soft to the skin. It has a mock neck collar and black zip placket that creates contrast to the overall design.


If you are aiming for a cool outfit, you wouldn’t go unnoticed with the Tail Ladies Copacabana  Ophilia Short Sleeve Golf Shirt. It has a lovely convertible peach collar that blends perfectly with the interlink design. Just snap close the buttons to turn the collar into a turtle-neck.


If you want a girly feel but still want to look professional, you will love the Tail Ladies Copacabana Cheryl Golf Dress. Made from polyester, spandex this dress provides optimum comfort while you’re trying to perfect a putt from the edge of the green. It comes with a convertible collar, snaps, zipper pockets and shorties.

A lot of women may  want to wear golf dresses but may be too concerned  about the fit and comfort of them. Fortunately, this dress is made from a performance jersey, which lets you enjoy freedom of movement while on the course. Since it has a straight A-line cut, it can perfectly fit around your hips. It is also 36.5” in length so you can bend freely without worrying about your back.


There is so much to discover about the world of golf and fashion when it comes to the Tail Ladies Copacabana Collection. For women golfers who are looking for a classic style, this is a perfect collection to add to your wardrobe.

Sense the balance and calmness through this Bette & Court/Swing Wisteria collection

The Bette & Court/Swing collection is called the Wisteria collection. In Chinese Feng Shui, wisteria flowers represent balance and calmness. They create harmony in our minds, bodies and spirits. In this Bette & Court/Swing Wisteria collection, expect to feel this energy as you play along and even after the game. Here are the pieces of this collection that can help you achieve those goals.

This Bette & Court/Swing Wisteria collection offers two kinds of sleeveless ladies golf shirts. The first one is the Bette & Court/Swing Ladies & Plus Size Serena Sleeveless Golf Shirt. It is a solid white sleeveless V-neck polo with contrast piece of wisteria and slate in front. The second one is the Bette & Court/Swing Ladies & Plus Size Ventura Sleeveless Golf Shirt. It is a Wisteria sleeveless golf shirt with textured collar, button placket and piecing.

If you want the same Wisteria color on a short sleeve golf shirt, check out this Bette & Court/Swing Ladies & Plus Size Short Sleeve Swing Golf Shirt. It has 5-button placket, mesh under arms and is made from anti-microbial with UPF30+ Cooling & Moisture Wicking. All of these three are made of 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex.

Solid color? Ombre? Or printed golf skorts? This Bette & Court/Swing Wisteria collection has them all for ladies and plus size. One is an 18” Bette & Court/Swing Ashley Pull On Golf Skort . It has a solid slate color and side wisteria zipper detail. When you open that side zipper, you can see more of wisteria-colored fabric inside. If you prefer an ombre pull-on skort (in grey, wisteria and aqua), here is the Bette & Court/Swing Siria Skort. It is 18” in length and has anti-microbial with UPF 30+ Cooling & Moisture Wicking. While this Bette & Court/Swing Eva Pull On Golf Skort is beautifully printed in square patterns and colored in solid trim wisteria, aqua and steel grey.

Fashion Tip! When thinking of complimentary golf accessories, go for items with the colors of this Bette & Court/Swing Wisteria collection like steel grey, wisteria and aqua. White items may also be used.

Interested for more Bette & Court/Swing collections? Feel free to visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC or check out the website at lorisgolfshoppe.com.

Life on a Beach in Greg Norman – Beach House collection

Greg Norman, the global leader of golf-inspired sportswear, came up with another fresh treat to all the lady golfers out there. It is called the Greg Norman Beach House collection. It has very refreshing eye-candy colors of Pink Paradise, Bright Green and white. You can really feel the ambience of relaxing in a beach house.

Take a look at these lovely Greg Norman Beach House sleeveless polo in Bright Green and Pink Paradise. Both have a gingham placket and 5-button closure and 100% microfiber polyester moisture wicking. Notice the checkered print accents in the button closure area. Looks cute, right?

If you prefer to have a Greg Norman Ladies Short Sleeve golf shirt, you may choose from two colors. One is Pink Paradise with white trim on sleeves and accent on its 4-button closure collar button. While the second one is colored White with pink trim on sleeves and collar button. Both are made from 100% microfiber polyester moisture wicking.

This Greg Norman Beach House collection also has beautiful shorts and skorts that are very color-coordinated with the above-mentioned ladies golf shirts. This white Greg Norman Ladies Golf Skorts – Beach House has ribbon trim in pink paradise and bright green that perfectly matches all the shirts. It also has a moisture wicking undershorts and UPF 50+. You may also check out this 20.5” Greg Norman Ladies Golf short. This is designed in checkered pink and has side pockets, belt loops and front fly closure.

Want more of the new arrivals of Greg Norman and other top quality golf wear brands? Vist Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC. You may also avail online at lorisgolfshoppe.com.

Abacus Ladies Glade Polka Dot Windbreaker Golf Jackets

Playing golf while the wind is blowing in your face makes it difficult for you to concentrate on the game. Sometimes, just the thought of you standing in the middle of the golf course grinding your teeth and shuffling your feet to keep you warm, is stressful. Lucky for you, Abacus Ladies Glade Dot Long Sleeve Wind Golf Jackets were invented!


The makers made sure that you stay comfortable and warm, but most importantly, your fashion and style is also their priority. These golf jackets come in two colors: pink lipstick and blue iris. These colors are versatile that any woman can wear them, plus, you can easily mix and match the jackets with any of your golf outfits.

These ladies golf jackets have great features that will make your purchase worth every cent. These features include:

–          Breathable material
–          Water repellent
–          100% high-density polyester material
–          Windproof 
–          Lightweight and packable

Why don’t you give these jackets a try and head on over to Calabash, NC and check out Lori’s Golf Shoppe. Or, you can visit our website at Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com to get to know the details of these golf jackets better.

Going Back to Basics: JoFit Ladies in White

Adding white clothes in your closet is sometimes hard and challenging especially during the summer or spring season wherein colored golfing shirts and shorts are the “in”. So, if you plan to wear a lot of white clothes during a tournament or even during regular golf games, check out JoFit Ladies collection.

This brand created a variety of white outfits. These will satisfy your desire to own simple, but elegant golfing clothes. The designers of JoFit ladies golf apparel came up with a variety of pieces that any golfing lady can mix and match with whatever she has in her closet.

If you want to see these outfits up close and personal, head on over to Calabash, NC and visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe. You can check the pieces personally so you can actually feel the stretch woven fabric on your skin. 

This white collection comes with different pieces such as: long and short sleeve shirts, sleeveless ones, jackets, tank tops, skorts, shorts and capris. They were created for comfort as well as style. Each piece keeps the golfing lady cool even under the heat of the sun.

So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the simplicity of white outfits or mix and match them with your other clothes. Visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com to order your own white golfing outfit.


A Superb Mixture of Sport and Fashion

Are you having a hard time looking for the perfect golf shirt that will match any of your gear? Has it become tedious and time consuming to raid through your closet for that perfect shirt to match your shorts or leggings, as well as your shoes? Is finding the most comfortable yet presentable golf shirt difficult?


This collection is the answer to all your problems. Introducing the Monterey Club Ladies & Plus Size Dry Swing Ikat Print. This collection comes in 3 different sleeve lengths that are perfect for any weather. If you prefer to be a bit covered up, you can go for the ¾ sleeve. If you are the type who is comfortable to wear sleeveless shirts, they have one as well. They also have the regular sleeved golf shirts if you wish to wear something in between. 

Each collection comes in 2 Ikat prints: beach glass and neon pom. Each color is versatile and is perfect for golfing women of all ages, colors and sizes. Speaking of size, this collection comes in plus sizes too! Of course, they have the regular sizes from S-XL and  XXL for the plus size woman. However, if you are unsure of your size, you can head over to Calabash, NC and check out Lori’s Golf Shoppe where you can give these shirts a good fitting.

Give Monterey Club Ladies Ikat Print golf shirts a try. You might end up falling in love with the collection and buying all of them for your closet. You can also check our website at Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com.


Classy Classics from the Greg Norman Art Deco Collection

When playing any sport, the comfort of your attire is of utmost importance. You certainly cannot play well if you’re feeling too warm and sweaty in your outfit. For a sport like golf, wearing a comfortable outfit ensures that you can perform your best, do that swing perfectly.

Sport brand Greg Norman brings you the Art Deco collection in classic colors for golf aficionados who just want to sport that classic, effortless look while toting their golf clubs.














Part of the Art Deco collection is this long-sleeved ladies UV protection golf shirts. Why we think you would love it? For one, it has moisture wicking function which means that you can play under the sun all you want but you’ll feel fresh all the time! This unique material, which is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, absorbs the sweat from your body and makes it evaporate into thin air. Secondly, it has UPF 50+, giving you additional protection from the sun. Of course, you still have to use your sunblock lotion especially if you’ll be playing outdoors for long hours but it doesn’t hurt to have additional protection, yes?

The ladies long sleeve UV Protection Golf Shirt is available in New Lime shade at Lori’s Golf Shoppe, Calabash, NC. They also carry other items from the Greg Norman Art Deco Collection. If you prefer shopping online, you may also visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com.




Get Candy-Fied with EP Pro Monet Golf Outfits

Golf used to be a sport for gentlemen. Lawyers, stock brokers, doctors, hedge fund managers, daddies, heirs –they all spend their free days on the golf course to relax and expand their network. Then ladies started to take interest in the sport and so now, you’ll see more and more ladies, young and old, practicing their swing.

Of course, any girl doesn’t want to be caught wearing a bad outfit even while playing golf. Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC, perfectly gets every girl’s need for trendy and sporty clothes and accessories. One of the fancier collections they have in store right now is the EP Pro Monet which includes golf shirts and skorts combination, separate golf shirts, golf skorts, and sweaters.










The EP Pro Monet collection highlights candy-colored items which would appeal to ladies of all ages. The printed outfits feature paisley and mosaic designs which are so cute, you’d love to wear them even when not playing golf.

During summer, the sleeveless golf shirt and skort combo would work well for you. During cooler seasons, you can always pair the sweater with argyle design with the plain golf shorts.










If you’re looking for chic golf outfits, look no further. Check out Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC or our online site at Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com. They have the EP Pro Monet collection, as well as other collections from various brands.

Be Adorable in the Monterey Club Abstract Print Collection

Adorable is a word oftentimes used to describe chubby-cheeked little boys and girls. It would be a bit off to describe grown women playing golf as adorable, no? We beg to disagree!  Ladies can be adorbs, too, especially with the newest collection from Monterey Club — the Abstract Print Collection!

Combining blue, lavender, pink, brown with a little spattering of mint green, yellow and peach, Monterey Club creates an almost whimsical, slightly floral collection veering away from the solids and plains and fierce designs dominating the runway these days. Check out the various available items from this collection from Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC.

The collection highlights the woven light twill golf capris, golf skorts, and golf vests. The capris feature front zip fly with button closures. It has side pockets for every lady’s whatchacamaliits, as well as zipped opening at the hem just in case you want to move a bit more freely. The golf skorts are perfect for those warm, summer days because of its lightweight material. It has side zip closures and pockets and one back welt pocket for convenience. The twill golf vests, on the other hand, is dual-purpose. You may either use it for added warmth or simply just a fashion add-on with your golf shirt. Either way, it feels as great because of the lightweight material.

Aside from the lightweight woven twill items, Lori’s Golf Shoppe also has the Dry Swing Knit golf skorts. Instead of a zipper closure, it has elastic waistband for curvier ladies. Of course, it still has two side pockets and one back welt pocket.

You may visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC now to take a glimpse of this Monterey Club cutesy golf outfits. These are also available online at Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com