Get Candy-Fied with EP Pro Monet Golf Outfits

Golf used to be a sport for gentlemen. Lawyers, stock brokers, doctors, hedge fund managers, daddies, heirs –they all spend their free days on the golf course to relax and expand their network. Then ladies started to take interest in the sport and so now, you’ll see more and more ladies, young and old, practicing their swing.

Of course, any girl doesn’t want to be caught wearing a bad outfit even while playing golf. Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC, perfectly gets every girl’s need for trendy and sporty clothes and accessories. One of the fancier collections they have in store right now is the EP Pro Monet which includes golf shirts and skorts combination, separate golf shirts, golf skorts, and sweaters.










The EP Pro Monet collection highlights candy-colored items which would appeal to ladies of all ages. The printed outfits feature paisley and mosaic designs which are so cute, you’d love to wear them even when not playing golf.

During summer, the sleeveless golf shirt and skort combo would work well for you. During cooler seasons, you can always pair the sweater with argyle design with the plain golf shorts.










If you’re looking for chic golf outfits, look no further. Check out Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC or our online site at Lori’s Golf They have the EP Pro Monet collection, as well as other collections from various brands.

EP Pro Amalfi Coast Collection

On days when it’s hard to choose what to wear when playing outdoors, a simple yet quirky outfit may just be the solution to your “what-should-I-wear” dilemma which is very common to all ladies.

The EP Pro Amalfi Coast collection is just that — simple and quirky, with the right touch of cheer brought about by the juniper (blue) and aloe (green) colour combination.

The collection features sleeveless golf dresses, capris, golf shirts, skorts and sweaters. Designs vary from plain, solid colours to plaid to paisley, making it easy for you to mix and match it with other items from your closet.

EP Pro understands the need for comfort especially on warm days thus the collection chose to use tour-tech poly,  spandex and jersey for the outfits. If you’re on the heavier side, most of the items also have plus sizes so you can still rock them while playing outdoors.  On cooler days, the simple sweater in white multi is a great alternative to your usual boring cold weather clothes.

You may find the EP Pro Amalfi Coast collection at Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC. They have the latest items from various golfing brands — from clothes, shoes, bags to accessories. They also have an online site, Lori’s Golf

Stay Warm and Comfy with Glen Echo Golf Sweater Vests

There’s nothing more annoying while playing golf than a shot gone wrong because of bad weather.  Or stopping a game because it has gotten too cold.  As the comfortable weather gives way to colder winter, don’t let it dampen your golf mojo.  You may still practice your champion swing even when it’s several degrees below your desired weather with Glen Echo golf sweater vests.


Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC features this perfect sweater vest that is made of Stretch Tech Windproof Polymer Coated Lining to add more protection to your body against the onslaught of strong winds.  This 70% cotton, 30% nylon knit sweater shell is guaranteed to keep you warm and fuzzy when put on top of your favorite golf shirt.  It’s the vest you can mix and match with various outfit combinations.  With four colors to choose from — light blue, black with hot pink argyle, ivory and navy — you can never go wrong with Glen Echo’s golf sweater vests.


Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabesh, NC has Glen Echo golf sweater vests in their racks so you may want to pay them a visit if you’re on the lookout for practical and dependable golf wear.  They are also online for those who want to shop in the comforts of their own homes.  Just click on Lori’s Golf

Golf in Style with EP Pro Abbey Road Golf Shirts, Skorts and Sweaters

Golf is a sport that, needless to say, requires an appropriate attire. Golf players are always deemed stylish with their mint golf shirts and skorts which swing alongside their body while executing a winning shot. It seems that one is always expected to look her best when trotting a golf club while making the rounds. It’s a good thing that a lot of golf shops now carry fab and fun golf brands and apparel so dressing up for a fun day playing golf is not stressful anymore. One of these awesome shops is Lori Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC, which has the widest range of golf outfits, apparels and accessories for anyone who wouldn’t want to be caught in last season’s golf essentials.

One brand that has eye-catching designs for lady golfers is EP Pro, which is also popular for their assorted sporting goods. This season, EP Pro is launching their Abbey Road collection, which features shirts, skorts, and capri pants in whites, grays and purples, in various prints such as paisley, argyle and plaid. If you’re into solids, the purple golf shirt in regular and plus size hides whatever you want to hide, while making you feel like royalty. The sweaters and vests in the Abbey Road collection in solid purple and white and combination purple, white and gray, would be the perfect partner during those cold, almost-winter days.


This fall, make a statement with the EP Pro Abbey Road collection. Mix and match them, and stand out from the crowd.  You may find this collection and other EP Pro apparel in Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC or browse their online store at Lori’s Golf

Fashionable Cold Weather Gear While Golfing

There’s that unmistakable nip in the air already.  Fall is upon us!  Don’t let the cold weather cramp your golfing style!  Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC has assorted fashionable cold weather gear designed to protect you while you perform your best swing.

Knitted or stretchy long-sleeved ladies golf jackets from Adidas enable you to move freely around while keeping you warm with its spandex material.  If wearing jackets is not your thing, soft, comfortable ladies sweater from Cutter and Buck may appeal to you. Its feminine V-neck design allows your curve to see through without leaving you shivering from the wind.  Keep away frost bite by shopping for winter golf gloves specially designed with micro fiber palm to grip a golf club excellently in all weather conditions.  Protective thermal arm warmers are not only great accessories during cold mornings, but could give any outfit a boost with its wide array of pastel and candy colors. Not only that, our Iconic Sport Arm warmers come with UPF 50+ UV protection as despite the cool air, the sun still gets through and can cause harm to our skin.

Visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC or click Lori’s to see the widest array of golf fashion, accessories and equipment to delight any golf aficionado.  Now that the weather is unpredictable, don’t get caught unaware and shop for cold weather gear.  Complement your jacket or sweater with trendy footwear from our shop.



EP PRO’s Purple Passion

Purple is the in-color this season and EP Pro Chantilly’s ladies’ sportswear is showing us just how to do it.

For over 15 years, EP Pro has been leading the green grass and resort industry as the premier women’s golf sportswear company; tastefully blending classic looks with modern trends capturing a feeling that is as new as it is wearable. Its 2011 line reflects the latest in quality fabrics utilizing fine gauge cotton lattice jacquard and stretch cotton sateen for durability and comfort. Purchasing this new line of “must haves” can be done readily through Lori’s Golf Shoppe. Lori’s is located just northeast of the South Carolina border, off Route 17, in Calabash, North Carolina.

Along with EP Pro’s Chantilly line, Lori’s carries an extensive assortment of high quality, always in-stock basics ranging from solid and patterned polos to sweaters, outerwear and bottoms. If it’s golf equipment you are seeking, one of the three golf professionals on staff can assist you with customizing equipment to best meet your needs. Golf shoes, golf cart and stand bags, tote bags, hats, visors, socks, gloves, and grips are just a few of the 5000 items you’ll find in her shoppe. If you prefer shopping from the comfort of your own home, browse Lori’s internationally recognized online shoppe at There you will find “everything golf” to satisfy the most passionate golfer in your life. Specials and additional discounts can be found at checkout. Enjoy the convenience of shopping all under one roof. Lori’s is the place where you’ll find “All Golf Gals Gathering” for fun and friendship.

Outerwear for the Active Woman

Variety in golf sports attire is just as important as fashions for the work place … and we can never have too much of either! EP Pro has set the pace for variety in golf outerwear designing ladies’ polos, golf sweaters, ladies’ vests and golf jackets. Each item is designed to be layered and provide the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. Color selections vary according to the style but can be easily coordinated with ladies’ golf shorts, women’s golf skorts, golf pants, ladies’ capris, and golf dresses.

You’ll find these golf sweaters can easily be layered to accommodate cooler temperatures. This soft French rib cotton pullover provides complete freedom to twist, turn and swing without restriction. The classic crewneck style is a great layering item for those cooler days when the breeze picks up and the temperature begins to drop.

EP Pro’s “Basic” ladies’ long sleeve golf polo is the perfect garment to keep you dry and warm when playing 18 holes. Its tour-tech poly & spandex jersey mock zippered neckline works well as an overshirt or under a heavier golf sweater to protect against the wind and cold.

EP Pro’s “Basic” zip front ladies’ golf vest is made of the same material as the ladies’golf polo and works well in all types of weather conditions. Its classic style is a perfect addition to any golf wardrobe.

For years, EP Pro has been leading industry as a premier women’s golf sportswear company; tastefully blending classic looks with modern trends capturing that feeling of comfort and wearablity. You’ll find a variety of EP Pro styles at where you can purchase ladies’ golf skorts, golf pants, women’s shorts, golf outerwear, ladies’ visors and golf caps, golf bags for men and women and a whole lot more. Why not shop on line or stop by Lori’s Golf Shoppe where Golfing Gals Gather!