Deck the Halls with Golf Balls!

In need of some stocking stuffers? Why not consider a box of Nike Power Distance Golf Balls. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion and golfers can never have enough of them. Every swing is different but the desire to hit it long and straight is the same for everybody.

Nike Precision Power Distance golf balls are designed to enhance your specific launch conditions to maximize distance and control.
The Long Series golf ball is optimized for players with higher swing speeds and booming drives. It’s designed to reduce drag for more distance off the tee, delivering long, powerful drives. The Nike Soft Series is perfect for slower swing speeds and those who want an overall softer feel. It has a low compression core and softened ionomer cover to provide longer distance with added feel.

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Let us not forget every golfer loves to look good and Lori’s Golf Shoppe offers that as well. Men, women and children’s apparel, from leading sports manufacturers, are on display for easy purchase at discounted prices. When travel prevents you from venturing out, browse online at Enjoy the conveniences of shopping from your home. With over 5000 items from which to choose and special discounts at checkout, holiday shopping is made easy!

Be sure to follow your swing with Lori’s Golf Shoppe on your side! Because golf is many things, and easy isn’t one of them, Lori’s is around to help. It’s the place where All Golf Gals Gather for fun and friendship.

Happy, Healthy Feet!

Ladies’ golf shoe styles have certainly changed over the years. Pictured here is the latest ladies’ 2009 Sandbagger Shoe Collection. Sandbaggers have created an entirely new shoe fit with tapered heels and arches. This new contour style has a more narrow fitting heel with ample padding to ensure a soft, snug fit. The asymmetric toe box matches your natural toe contour. It features two density flexible grip soles, built-in orthotics and steel shanks for hours of comfort. These ladies’ shoes can be worn with or without socks promoting healthy and happy feet!

The Sandbagger 2009 Ladies’ Collection can be purchased on-line at or by visiting Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, North Carolina. Lori’s Golf Shoppe carries a wide assortment of ladies’ golfing needs. Lori’s ladies’ golf shoe collection complements the extensive array of ladies’, women’s and junior girl golf apparel. Multi-colors, patterned prints and animal fabrics can be found on ladies’ cropped pants, women’s outerwear, and junior girl skorts and shorts, just to name a few. Ladies’ purses and totes sport similar fabrics all with matching ladies’ and junior girl golf gloves, visors and hats. Ladies’ golf bags, along with junior girl golf bags, are available in a variety of patterns, colors and weights.

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Outerwear for the Active Woman

Variety in golf sports attire is just as important as fashions for the work place … and we can never have too much of either! EP Pro has set the pace for variety in golf outerwear designing ladies’ polos, golf sweaters, ladies’ vests and golf jackets. Each item is designed to be layered and provide the ultimate in comfort and flexibility. Color selections vary according to the style but can be easily coordinated with ladies’ golf shorts, women’s golf skorts, golf pants, ladies’ capris, and golf dresses.

You’ll find these golf sweaters can easily be layered to accommodate cooler temperatures. This soft French rib cotton pullover provides complete freedom to twist, turn and swing without restriction. The classic crewneck style is a great layering item for those cooler days when the breeze picks up and the temperature begins to drop.

EP Pro’s “Basic” ladies’ long sleeve golf polo is the perfect garment to keep you dry and warm when playing 18 holes. Its tour-tech poly & spandex jersey mock zippered neckline works well as an overshirt or under a heavier golf sweater to protect against the wind and cold.

EP Pro’s “Basic” zip front ladies’ golf vest is made of the same material as the ladies’golf polo and works well in all types of weather conditions. Its classic style is a perfect addition to any golf wardrobe.

For years, EP Pro has been leading industry as a premier women’s golf sportswear company; tastefully blending classic looks with modern trends capturing that feeling of comfort and wearablity. You’ll find a variety of EP Pro styles at where you can purchase ladies’ golf skorts, golf pants, women’s shorts, golf outerwear, ladies’ visors and golf caps, golf bags for men and women and a whole lot more. Why not shop on line or stop by Lori’s Golf Shoppe where Golfing Gals Gather!

Bogey, Double Bogey, Triple …

Have you ever found yourself looking back on a golf hole visualizing each of your golf strokes and still not sure of your score? It’s a common occurrence with many of us when the game goes south!

Fortunately, Courtney’s Count’EM Stroke Counters came to our rescue. As you can see, Courtney designed a fashionable way to keep track of your golf strokes while coordinating with some of her casual golf jewelry. Start with the beads at the top and with each stroke taken, pull down a bead. At the end of the hole, count how many golf beads have been pulled down and that’s your score. Start over at the next hole – it’s that easy. You can hang’em on your belt loop or hang’em on your golf bag.

Of course, when it comes to golf, having one of an item we love never seems to be enough. We can always find something else to “go with it” and so we have matched golf socks with these golf stroke counters. These reasonably priced golf items come in a variety of colors and can easily be coordinated to the many ladies’ golf shorts, ladies’ shirts, golf dresses, and other fine golf apparel that can be found at Lori’s Golf Shoppe @ These unique items have been exclusively designed for Lori’s Golf Shoppe by Bradner Beads and can be personalized for tournaments, events and gifts.

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Evertan Ladies Tan Through Golf Gloves, A Great Summer Golf Item

The heat of summer is upon us and one sure way to stay cool is with Evertan Ladies Tan Through Golf Gloves. Evertan has been a leader in the tan-through ladies golf glove industry since its inception in 1995.
Based in Southern California, Evertan specializes in making unique tan-through golf gloves. The Evertan golf glove is constructed using premium cabretta leather and lycra sports mesh. This sports mesh fiber allows you to stay cool and receive a tan, eliminating the infamous one hand “golfers tan”. In addition, unlike traditional ladies golf gloves, the fabric allows up to 70% increased airflow which allows skin to breathe. Evertan Gloves, the perfect fashion accessory on on those hot, humid golf days!

Evertan Gloves come in a great assortment of fun colors and patterns in sizes from Small to X-Large.

Check out the large selection of tan-through golf gloves as well as other great ladies golf gloves including HJ Glove, Lady Fairway, Glove-It, and Bionic Gloves at