Deck the Halls with Golf Balls!

In need of some stocking stuffers? Why not consider a box of Nike Power Distance Golf Balls. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion and golfers can never have enough of them. Every swing is different but the desire to hit it long and straight is the same for everybody.

Nike Precision Power Distance golf balls are designed to enhance your specific launch conditions to maximize distance and control.
The Long Series golf ball is optimized for players with higher swing speeds and booming drives. It’s designed to reduce drag for more distance off the tee, delivering long, powerful drives. The Nike Soft Series is perfect for slower swing speeds and those who want an overall softer feel. It has a low compression core and softened ionomer cover to provide longer distance with added feel.

So many choices, so little time? Just stop by Lori’s Golf Shoppe located just off Route 17 in Calabash, North Carolina. Lori’s carries a wide assortment of “everything golf”. Once you have selected your premium golf balls, you can add golf gloves, ball markers, golf stroke counters, golf tees, belts, visors, and more to those holiday stockings. If you really want to be the ultimate “gift giver”, why not take a peek at the latest in golf club equipment. Lori’s three full-time golf professionals can help you select that perfect set. Add a golf cart or carry bag to the mix and it’s a holiday everyone will remember!

Let us not forget every golfer loves to look good and Lori’s Golf Shoppe offers that as well. Men, women and children’s apparel, from leading sports manufacturers, are on display for easy purchase at discounted prices. When travel prevents you from venturing out, browse online at Enjoy the conveniences of shopping from your home. With over 5000 items from which to choose and special discounts at checkout, holiday shopping is made easy!

Be sure to follow your swing with Lori’s Golf Shoppe on your side! Because golf is many things, and easy isn’t one of them, Lori’s is around to help. It’s the place where All Golf Gals Gather for fun and friendship.

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