Surviving the Game of Golf

Just when you thought you finally figured out the game of golf, it decides to go south! It’s a humbling game but it keeps us coming back for more! Not only do we want to make sure we have all the right equipment to play well, we want to make sure we have read up on all the latest tips and techniques to improve our performance…and so we turn to the books! Whether we’re a novice or experienced golfer, finding the right combination of thoughts and images becomes a full time job.

For the beginning golfer, there is “Naked on the First Tee” by Ann Kelly. Ms. Kelly relates to that ” Oh, everyone’s watching me” feeling! It’s a book that will boost the confidence of the new woman golfer, written by someone who knows how it feels. “Naked on the First Teeexplains parts of the game that other books don’t talk about, in language the beginner can understand.

As one becomes more proficient at the game, we quickly learn how the game can change from one day to the next and so we look for those survival guides. “GIRL’S ON-COURSE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO GOLF” by Christina Ricci is an informative, user-friendly and fun guide. It is written by a woman who started playing golf at 30 and lowered her handicap from 30 to 5 in five years. Step-by-step illustrated instructions for every technical aspect of the game will ensure success on the tee or the green. It includes sections on course management, mental tools, rules, etiquette, and hysterical jokes for when all else fails. Wire bound and perfectly sized for the golf bag it’s the perfect gift for a golfing gal.

And finally, when we have exhausted all those “how to” books, we find ourselves turning to those “feel good” books that will put a smile on our faces. We turn to “Chicken Soup for the Women’s Golfer Soul“, by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Patty Aubery, and Matthew E. Adams. With hope, perspective, insight and humor for the fastest-growing segment of the game, this volume of the popular Chicken Soup for the soul series is a celebration of the exciting future and explosive growth occurring in women’s golf. Women have just begun to break through the barriers, and readers will learn just how exhilarating, challenging and rewarding the ride has been.

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Personalize Your Golf Bag

Ladies’ golf bags are as important as the golf clothing the ladies’ are wearing! Why not personalize your head covers and let them speak to your personality!

Betty Boop was first created in the early 1930’s and has since become an American Icon. You’ll find her on all sorts of paraphernalia as her presence always seems to depict an emotion! Decked out in a red leather mini and biker jacket, she’ll certainly stand tall in your ladies’ golf bag.

Of course, if Betty doesn’t strike your fancy, there’s always someone to replace her. At Lori’s Golf Shoppe, you’ll find the Winning Edge Headcover series. There’s Poker Playing Hound, designed to complement the golf bag for the man in your life. Should the Hound not make the mark, why not try Popeye, Olive Oyl, or the tried-and-true Garfield headcover? For that special someone in your life, this Pink Ribbon Pink Rose may be just the promise she needs. Whatever the style, these golf head covers will fit drivers, fairway woods and hybrids up to 460 cc in size! Distinctive putter covers are also available.

Variations of these golf head covers abound when you log on to Lori’ and begin your quest to find the perfect fit. You’ll soon notice that not only will those head covers add spice to your golf bag, but you’ll find an abundance of golf accessoriesgolf purses, golf counters, golf balls, ball markers, golf towels, clip on bags, golf jewelry and the like to complement your golfing attire. Be sure to stop by, where all the golfing gals gather!

Bogey, Double Bogey, Triple …

Have you ever found yourself looking back on a golf hole visualizing each of your golf strokes and still not sure of your score? It’s a common occurrence with many of us when the game goes south!

Fortunately, Courtney’s Count’EM Stroke Counters came to our rescue. As you can see, Courtney designed a fashionable way to keep track of your golf strokes while coordinating with some of her casual golf jewelry. Start with the beads at the top and with each stroke taken, pull down a bead. At the end of the hole, count how many golf beads have been pulled down and that’s your score. Start over at the next hole – it’s that easy. You can hang’em on your belt loop or hang’em on your golf bag.

Of course, when it comes to golf, having one of an item we love never seems to be enough. We can always find something else to “go with it” and so we have matched golf socks with these golf stroke counters. These reasonably priced golf items come in a variety of colors and can easily be coordinated to the many ladies’ golf shorts, ladies’ shirts, golf dresses, and other fine golf apparel that can be found at Lori’s Golf Shoppe @ These unique items have been exclusively designed for Lori’s Golf Shoppe by Bradner Beads and can be personalized for tournaments, events and gifts.

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Add a little Sparkle to Your Golf Game

Hat Clip Ball Markers have become both a fashionable and functional way for ladies to not only accessorize on the course but also to mark their golf balls while on the putting green. Chances are when you look down on the green for your ball marker, you will see anything from a flower, penguin, heart, fish, sun, to a ladybug (some real, some not so real). And as the sun shines off these markers, you will realize many of these markers are adorned with Swarovski Crystals.

One company adding a little bling to your game is Bon Joc. They have come up with a great selection of adorable magnetized ball markers which attach to a visor/hat clip. One of the favorite Bon Joc Golf Ball Markers at Lori’s Golf Shoppe is the Goldfish , shown right.

So if you’re looking for another way to dazzle your competition, look no further than a Swarovski Crystal Golf Ball Marker. Check out our great selection in the Visor Clips Section at Lori’s Golf Shoppe and Lori’s Junior Golf Shoppe.