It’s All About The Wine!

It’s all about the wine, wine glasses and wine accessories when cocktail hour strikes! We all love a good bottle of wine and what better way to enjoy it then in a wine glass that will surely express your personality and individuality!

Pictured at the left is the HuePhoria hand blown painted glass featuring a unique “ball” design on the stem to help party goers keep track of their drinks … and … it works like a charm! The HuePhoria glassware is dishwasher safe and individually boxed for easy gift giving. Mix up a set for your next gathering and rest assured, no one else sips where you put your lips.

Want to keep your wine chilled and drip free? Call in the Woozies. The Woozie is a wine glass sleeve made from top quality neoprene which insulates your wine glass and feels soft to the touch. No more warm wine to tolerate or wet glass to hold. Woozies help to keep the wine temperature constant … at the beach, by the campfire, at the pool, on the boat or at the party. Personalize your woozies and make identification easy right up to the last drop in the bottle!

Wine accessories never go out of style. Select some versatile ceramic wine corks, set in a golf motif, to share as gifts for family and friends. Add the crystal ball marker and visor clip to your gifts and you’ll really make new friends.

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The Elegance of Black & White

Black and White is just a winning combination for ladies’ golf attire on and off the course. It never seems to go out of style and finds its niche in any environment. Adidas, Aerogreen, Sandbaggers, Nike, SunMountain, and JoFit are just some of the many manufacturers that carry a beautiful line of ladies’ black and white golf attire and ladies’ golfing accessories. Animal prints and patterned prints just add a special elegance to these ladies’ fashions.

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Everyone Loves a Bargain!

Everyone loves a bargain and a good one is hard to find … unless, that is, you are shopping at Lori’s Golf Shoppe now offers $20 quality ladies’ golf apparel.

The Nancy Lopez ladies’ mock neck golf shirts (shown above) come in a variety of styles and colors. Their “desert dry” fabric is constructed to move moisture away from the skin creating dry comfort in all weather conditions. They wash and dry easily, ready for the next day of play! Whether cap sleeved or sleeveless, the shirts move with you never restricting your swing. Couple these shirts with fashionable and functional ladies’ golf shorts or skorts and you have yourself a beautiful ladies’ golf outfit at an extremely affordable price. And that good price always allows for an extra outfit or two!

Lori’s Golf Shoppe also carries a fine line of Monterey ladies’ golf apparel. Their ladies’ golf shirts come in two different styles, mock neck and the standard ladies’ golf shirts. Shirts are made of polyester / spandex moisture wicking fabric. A contrasting color panel designed for some ladies’ shirts enhance a slenderizing look. The wide range of colors allows for easy coordination with ladies’ shorts, ladies’ skorts, and ladies’ or women’s cropped pants.

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Surviving the Game of Golf

Just when you thought you finally figured out the game of golf, it decides to go south! It’s a humbling game but it keeps us coming back for more! Not only do we want to make sure we have all the right equipment to play well, we want to make sure we have read up on all the latest tips and techniques to improve our performance…and so we turn to the books! Whether we’re a novice or experienced golfer, finding the right combination of thoughts and images becomes a full time job.

For the beginning golfer, there is “Naked on the First Tee” by Ann Kelly. Ms. Kelly relates to that ” Oh, everyone’s watching me” feeling! It’s a book that will boost the confidence of the new woman golfer, written by someone who knows how it feels. “Naked on the First Teeexplains parts of the game that other books don’t talk about, in language the beginner can understand.

As one becomes more proficient at the game, we quickly learn how the game can change from one day to the next and so we look for those survival guides. “GIRL’S ON-COURSE SURVIVAL GUIDE TO GOLF” by Christina Ricci is an informative, user-friendly and fun guide. It is written by a woman who started playing golf at 30 and lowered her handicap from 30 to 5 in five years. Step-by-step illustrated instructions for every technical aspect of the game will ensure success on the tee or the green. It includes sections on course management, mental tools, rules, etiquette, and hysterical jokes for when all else fails. Wire bound and perfectly sized for the golf bag it’s the perfect gift for a golfing gal.

And finally, when we have exhausted all those “how to” books, we find ourselves turning to those “feel good” books that will put a smile on our faces. We turn to “Chicken Soup for the Women’s Golfer Soul“, by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Patty Aubery, and Matthew E. Adams. With hope, perspective, insight and humor for the fastest-growing segment of the game, this volume of the popular Chicken Soup for the soul series is a celebration of the exciting future and explosive growth occurring in women’s golf. Women have just begun to break through the barriers, and readers will learn just how exhilarating, challenging and rewarding the ride has been.

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Bring Ame & Lulu Home for the Holidays!

Ame & Lulu are the perfect pair to bring home for the holidays!

Their creative talents provide you with the perfect golf gift ideas for the women in your life.

Let’s start with the golf club head covers. They are designed to fit 460 cc drivers along with fairway woods. These trendy, yet sophisticated set of golf head covers also come with matching golf shoe bags, golf tee bags, golf belts, tee links and 3 golf ball holders. The material used to construct these golf accessories provide longevity and durability.

A good golf belt is always a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. This Ame & Lulu golf belt puts the finishing touch on any outfit! Complete with three handy golf tees. One size fits all with a length of 42″.

Ame & Lulu have also designed a rather unique golf gadget and it’s known as the 3 golf ball holder! The 3 ball holder is the perfect golf accessory, golf tournament gift, or golf tee prize. It comes with 3 pink Ame & Lulu golf balls and clips to the outside of your golf bag.

Just when you think you have it all, Ame & Lulu created this links-ready tee carrier which allows the golfer never to lose touch with their lucky tee.

While these accessories may not help your golf game, they are sure to help you select the ideal gift for your favorite gal or make your tournament prizes a huge success. And as an added bonus, all of these golf items are made in the U.S.A … and can be found at Lori’s Golf Shoppe …. where all Golfing Gals Gather! has become a match for those seeking to make a fashion statement while playing in the great outdoors. Browse her online store to find the latest in golfing fashions, golf equipment, golf accessories, golf books and golf DVD’s!

The “Pink Panther” Brings Us Her “Shades”

Paula Creamer has changed golf fashions for all women! Her trendsetting sense of style brings us protective golf eyewear that combines the best of golf fashion with functionality.

These Sundog Eyewear Strive Sunglasses offer a one piece polycarbonate lens mounted within a wood grain red maxflex frame. The integrated padded nose bridge provides all day comfort. This style has been named after aspects of Paula’s persona: STRIVE is a reflection of Paula’s sport-sense and the way she strives to win on the course!

To add a little “funk” to your own style, you might want to try Paula Creamer’s Collection Sundog Eyewear Pink. Protection remains the same but the frame has changed and this style tends to work with all facial shapes. Leave it to Paula to promote the pink frame! IMPRESSION is definitely something that Paula makes on people and like the sunglass named after her, the impression is fantastic!

Let’s not forget with the purchase of these sunglasses, you recieve a special ladies’ golf gift. A soft cover case will keep your ladies’ golf sunglasses safe from scratches while you store your belongings in this adorable ladies’ golf purse!

Paula just knows how to add style, class and functionality on, off and around the course!

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