It’s All About The Wine!

It’s all about the wine, wine glasses and wine accessories when cocktail hour strikes! We all love a good bottle of wine and what better way to enjoy it then in a wine glass that will surely express your personality and individuality!

Pictured at the left is the HuePhoria hand blown painted glass featuring a unique “ball” design on the stem to help party goers keep track of their drinks … and … it works like a charm! The HuePhoria glassware is dishwasher safe and individually boxed for easy gift giving. Mix up a set for your next gathering and rest assured, no one else sips where you put your lips.

Want to keep your wine chilled and drip free? Call in the Woozies. The Woozie is a wine glass sleeve made from top quality neoprene which insulates your wine glass and feels soft to the touch. No more warm wine to tolerate or wet glass to hold. Woozies help to keep the wine temperature constant … at the beach, by the campfire, at the pool, on the boat or at the party. Personalize your woozies and make identification easy right up to the last drop in the bottle!

Wine accessories never go out of style. Select some versatile ceramic wine corks, set in a golf motif, to share as gifts for family and friends. Add the crystal ball marker and visor clip to your gifts and you’ll really make new friends.

These gifts and more can be found by shopping at Lori’s Golf Shoppe located in Calabash, North Carolina. Lori’s carries a full selection of golf accessories for tournament events and golf outings. Ball markers, visor clips, golf towels, golf mugs, note cards, earrings, key rings, desk items, personalized gifts and more can be found when shopping at Lori’s. For your convenience, Lori’s internationally recognized on-line golf shoppe at plays host to over 5000 golf related items for men, women and children. Shopping made easy through her online store will also provide you with additional discounts at checkout.

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19th Hole Necessities!

The 19th hole always holds an “image” of relaxation and enjoyment after a tough day on the links. Now you can truly become part of that “image” with the purchase of some unique accessories from Lori’s Golf Shoppe, Calabash, North Carolina. Several leading ladies’ golf companies, such as Golf Gal, Ame & Lulu, Dee Patterns, Bonjoc, CMC Golf, Inc. and Bloom Designs have created wine glasses, visors, visor clips, cocktail napkins, socks, and woozies to commemorate the 19th hole “image”.

Select your beverage of choice … apple martini, cosmopolitan, martini, margarita or wine … and mount it on a shiny nickel plate with classic crystal designs. These items are brilliantly crafted to catch the attention of your playing partners. These ball markers/visor clips, which come in a range of different designs, are hand crafted from 100% Swarovski Crystals and are a great gift idea or just a stylish accessory which will stand out on the putting green. Each marker comes with an individual velvet pouch and a magnetic hat clip.

The wine glasses, exclusively designed for Lori’s Golf Shoppe, sport an etched logo of the Golf Gal. The hand painted Lady Golf Wine glass, with matching 19th hole ladies’ golf socks, always make for good conversation. Add a “woozie” to your wine glass and you’re ready for the party. A woozie is a wine glass sleeve made from top quality neoprene which insulates your wine glass and feels soft to the touch. Each Woozie is gift wrapped in a cellophane bag with a ribbon tie. These items make perfect gifts and can be customized for your tournament or special event.

Ladies’ golf visors, and cocktail napkins add to the festiveness of the 19th hole “image”. Lori’s Golf Shoppe or boasts a wide selection of ladies’ golf accessories that are just perfect for that favorite female in your foursome. Lori’s Golf Shoppe offers personalized gift combos containing any or all of these accessory features. Helpful sales assistants are available to offer suggestions and provide for packaging.

And when you are ready, why not stop in at Lori’s Golf Shoppe and browse through all the wonderful ladies’ golf clothing and ladies’ golf equipment that is housed in this 4000 square foot building. If shopping on line is your preference, log on to to find over 5,000 ladies’ golf items to suit your needs. After all, Lori’s Golf Shoppe or is the place where all Golfing Gals Gather for fun and friendship.