Sparkle with Bonjoc!

Add some sparkle to your golf game with the purchase of fashionable yet very functional Bonjoc ball markers! They are an eye catching accessory on or off the course.

Bonjoc ball markers were created by Eunice Cho, an accomplished golfer on the professional circuit and LPGA T&CP Golf Instructor. The idea came to Eunice while she was having difficulty replacing her ball on the putting green. Worried that she would hold up her group, she thought of creating a ball marker that would really “stand out”!

Since this epiphany, Eunice has come up with over 50 designs using 100% genuine Swarovski crystals to handcraft her ball markers. Providing an avenue to “display” your personality, Bonjoc markers make perfect gifts for special occasions or tournament events. All markers are packaged in a velveteen carrying pouch for presentation and protection.

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Etonics for the Holidays!

The Etonic Women‘s Golf Shoe has certainly been making a statement these last few seasons. Fashionable, modern and classy, these golf shoe styles provide the ultimate comfort in both wet and dry conditions on the course. Protection, support and cushioning make Etonic Golf Shoes the right choice in golf footwear.

Etonic offers various golf shoe styles that have captured the fairways. Some highlights of each shoe:
>The Etonic GSOK Sof-Flex: water resistant leather uppers; HydroGuard waterproof membrane; butter-soft linings; non-cleated outsole technology; and durable EverDure rubber compound.
>The Etonic Dry Essentials: full-grain waterproof leather uppers; soft linings; removable footbed; fast twist 8 cleat system; and stabilizer Cleats by Softspikes.
>The Etonic Stabilites: waterproof membrane / upper leathers, microfiber sock liner, shocksorb insole bed; molded EVA for lightweight stability
>The Etonic Sport-Tech: leather uppers; inside out spike replacement; superior traction and balance; power play FLEX Zone; reaction plate to stabilize midsole

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Deck the Halls with Golf Balls!

In need of some stocking stuffers? Why not consider a box of Nike Power Distance Golf Balls. It’s the perfect gift for any occasion and golfers can never have enough of them. Every swing is different but the desire to hit it long and straight is the same for everybody.

Nike Precision Power Distance golf balls are designed to enhance your specific launch conditions to maximize distance and control.
The Long Series golf ball is optimized for players with higher swing speeds and booming drives. It’s designed to reduce drag for more distance off the tee, delivering long, powerful drives. The Nike Soft Series is perfect for slower swing speeds and those who want an overall softer feel. It has a low compression core and softened ionomer cover to provide longer distance with added feel.

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Bring Ame & Lulu Home for the Holidays!

Ame & Lulu are the perfect pair to bring home for the holidays!

Their creative talents provide you with the perfect golf gift ideas for the women in your life.

Let’s start with the golf club head covers. They are designed to fit 460 cc drivers along with fairway woods. These trendy, yet sophisticated set of golf head covers also come with matching golf shoe bags, golf tee bags, golf belts, tee links and 3 golf ball holders. The material used to construct these golf accessories provide longevity and durability.

A good golf belt is always a staple in a woman’s wardrobe. This Ame & Lulu golf belt puts the finishing touch on any outfit! Complete with three handy golf tees. One size fits all with a length of 42″.

Ame & Lulu have also designed a rather unique golf gadget and it’s known as the 3 golf ball holder! The 3 ball holder is the perfect golf accessory, golf tournament gift, or golf tee prize. It comes with 3 pink Ame & Lulu golf balls and clips to the outside of your golf bag.

Just when you think you have it all, Ame & Lulu created this links-ready tee carrier which allows the golfer never to lose touch with their lucky tee.

While these accessories may not help your golf game, they are sure to help you select the ideal gift for your favorite gal or make your tournament prizes a huge success. And as an added bonus, all of these golf items are made in the U.S.A … and can be found at Lori’s Golf Shoppe …. where all Golfing Gals Gather! has become a match for those seeking to make a fashion statement while playing in the great outdoors. Browse her online store to find the latest in golfing fashions, golf equipment, golf accessories, golf books and golf DVD’s!