Take a Refreshing Break from the Bright Colors with Glove It Uptown Cheetah Collection

We have always been captured by the design advances found in Glove It. Now another collection is about to make everyone excited. Raise your glass for the Glove It Uptown Cheetah Collection!

Admit it, cheetah prints are one of the oldest fashion styles in the history of golf but they always have won the heart of women. So if you want lighter shades for this season, you will love the Glove It Uptown Cheetah Collection.

The collection presents a lovely selection of ladies gloves, 14-way golf cart bags, wristlets, shoe bags, and coil visors. Although accessories are not required for every golf game, a complete set will keep you more comfortable on the green.

Whether you like to walk, ride or want to be stylish on the course the Glove It 14-way Uptown Cheetah Golf Bag can be your best friend. It helps you transport clubs and other accessories with ease through its 7 easy access dividers, putter well, and easy life handle system.


A few practical accessories can also help you carry on a delightful golf game experience. So if you are going to play under the sun, you can wear the Glove It Uptown Cheetah Coil Visor to shield yourself from the harmful sunrays. This visor includes an adjustable coil, wide brim for sun protection and UV50 for sun protection.

Rain or shine, you will need the beautiful Glove It Ladies Uptown Cheetah Golf Shoe Bag.uptown-cheeta-purse-and-visor It keeps your shoes in place before and after the game. It has a full-length zipper, mesh ventilation, and an easy-grip top carrying handle.

When your hand gets sweaty, Glove It also comes to the rescue with an Uptown Cheetah Golf Glove. It is made from Cabretta leather palm and stretch Lycra back which helps improve your grip and prevent the club from turning in your hand.

The last but not the least thing you want to do is make sure your personal belongings are in tack. Thanks to Glove It Uptown Cheetah Wristlet, there is an amazing way to carry all of your tiny items on the golf course without leaving them unorganized.

The lovely Glove It Uptown Cheetah Wristlet has an 8” x 4” compartment which is perfect for carrying essentials such as cash, keys, cards, sun-screens and make-ups. With a removable wristlet strap, you can just grab it and go, or keep it inside your golf bag.


Whether you are out to practice or play a real game, it is always a good idea to make sure you are ready. Choose your favorite accessory or add the complete Glove It Uptown Cheetah Collection to your wardrobe. Each item would also make a great gift for your love ones who play golf.

Be as Bold and Vintage as this Classic Glove It Mod Dot Collection

Whoever says mod dots had a short lived fashion moment in 1960s is actually wrong. The combination of black and white has never gone old. In fact, vintage fashion has been a recurring trend from new generation to another. If you are a positive-plus type of woman, you will love the bold and beautiful look with Glove It Mod Dot Collection.

Having matching golf items and accessories can really help you tie your look together. Thanks to Glove It Mod Dot collection, it’s easier to add style to your solid color golf outfit.

The Glove It Mod Dot collection includes golf gloves, 14-way golf cart bags, golf towels, printed coil visors, shoe bags, golf wristlets, and 3 cross body zip bags.

All of these items are essential for an impeccable etiquette. Just a tip, if you want to buy the Glove It Coil Visor, you should also take the ladies golf gloves and the convertible cross body bag. These items will look good on light colors such as pink, lavender, sky blue, apricot, beige, and bisque.


When you’re on the course, it’s hard to keep both eyes on your belongings, so it is essential that you keep them organized. The Glove It Convertible Cross Body Bag is a functional carry-all bag that will keep your valuables safe. It clips onto the golf bag and converts to a cross-body bag.

If you have sweaty hands or when grips are wet, Glove It Mod Dot Ladies Golf Gloves will keep your hands dry. It has a stretch Lycra back, soft cabretta leather palm, and UV50 for sun protection. The “Glove It” logo on top is something you will surely love.


There’s just so much to love about this collection. Aside that it is already a complete package of all golf game essentials, it settles you between golf game practicality and eye-catching allure.

So if it is raining and your shoes are dirty, Glove It comes to the rescue with its lovely shoe bag. Before and after the game, the Glove It Shoe Bag will keep your shoes in place and prevent dirt from getting into your car. It is 12” x 7” with full length zipper, mesh ventilation, and top carrying handle.

Add to your after-golf game essentials the Glove It Ladies Towel which will help dry golf balls, clubs and hands. The try-fold golf towel comes with a micro-fiber technology and carabiner clasp that can easily be attached to the bag.

Don’t forget a detachable wristlet to keep your personal essentials in place. Its size is 8” x 4” and totally perfect for cash, keys, cards, make ups, wet wipes, and many more.

When you’re too focused on shooting the best round of golf, the last thing you want to worry about is trying to find the right club when you need it. With that said, you can organize all of your items in this lovely 14-way Golf Cart Bag. It has 7 easy access pockets, full length dividers, putter well, thermal-lined cooler pocket, side handles, and easy life handle system. This bag will help you with quick retrieval and return of all clubs and accessories.


Glove It is truly an expert when it comes to putting modern spins on classic fashion. You can purchase the whole set or take one item at a time. Just tick on the box next to the item of your choice.

This Jungle Fever Collection from Glove It Makes You Want to Take Fridays Off

Don’t we just love heading out on a weekday to play a round of golf? Not without Glove It Jungle fever Collection.

Just because it’s a Friday doesn’t mean you can’t get your swing on! Having this lively set of golf essentials and accessories is simply irresistible. Remember, a round of golf with your best friends is a foolproof recipe for satisfaction but the best golf accessories is an inspiration all the way.

The Glove It Jungle Fever Golf Bag has full length dividers, 7 easy access pockets, putter well, side handles, and easy life handle system.


Most of us couldn’t be course-ready without matching our golf bag with other golf essentials such as the coil visor, golf towel, and golf glove. Thanks to Glove It, we already have everything covered.

Confidently carry your golf bag and wear the Glove It Jungle Fever Visor. It has a comfortable and pressure-free feature that keeps you fresh even when the sun is too hot.


The Glove It Jungle Fever Glove will help you improve grip and prevent the club from turning as you play. Made from cabretta leather palm, its suppleness lends itself to the best feel. After the game, you can just tuck it into your bag then you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving things on the course.

Don’t forget to bring with you the Glove It Jungle Fever Golf Towel. After the game, there will be a lot of cleaning to do and soon you’ll realize how important this towel is. It is a tri-fold sport towel made of micro-fiber terry cloth with carabiner clasp that you can attach on your golf bag.

To complete your golf essentials, you will also need these three kinds of bags from the same collection. You can pick a choice or take all to complete the collection.


Whether it’s raining or not, you would want the Glove It Jungle Fever Golf Shoe Bag. It helps keep your other items clean by having one place to secure your shoes. It is 12” x 7” with a full length zipper, top carrying handle, and mesh ventilation that prevents foul odor.

The Glove It Ladies Convertible Cross Body Bag is a practical and posh keeper for your personal belongings. It is a functional carry-all bag that you can clip onto your golf bag or wear as a cross body bag.

A smaller option would be the Glove It Ladies Golf Wristlets where you can keep your everyday essentials stylishly stowed in its beautiful jungle print exterior. When we play golf, we want to make sure that other important things like car keys, cards, cell phones, and cash are safe. Since we need to focus on the course this wristlet can be very useful.

Golf is a hard yet fun recreational activity. This is why we make time to organize our things, dress well, and be on our best behavior. Before going out on a golf game, take a minute to see what you like from Glove It Jungle Fever Collection and how you could wear it.



Be Natural with Sport Haley’s Skirt from the Woodland Collection

There’s something about the woody colors that attract our eyes. Whenever we see someone wearing a khaki outfit or cream color apparel, we immediately turn our heads and imagine ourselves wearing the same. It’s probably because they’re very mild to the eyes and very natural in contrast with the vibrant colors that we see all day. This is why it’s not so hard to fall in love with the Woodland Collection by Sport Haley.

For many years now, Sport Haley has never failed to provide versatile golf apparel that can connect with any item in the wardrobe just like this lovely golf skirt. The Skye “Haley Cool” Pull-on Skirt is one of the favorites from Sport Haley because of its gorgeous cream stripes and godet skirt pattern that provides women with a slimming look.

Fashioned with an interior short liner, Skye “Haley Cool” Golf Skirt will give you optimum comfort and freedom of movement as you maneuver around the course. This skirt perfectly matches two of the solid color short sleeve polo shirts from the same collection.


Designed with a female golfer in mind, the Charlize Short Sleeve Color block perfectly blends with the Skye “Haley Cool” Golf Skirt. It has black shoulders, a cream lining just above the chest, and a gold zip placket that adds a subtle style to the overall outfit. The combination of these golf pieces draws a classic yet elegant aura to anyone who puts them on.


Pairing the skirt with the Bailey Short Sleeve “Haley Tech” Polo is another stylish way to wear it. This polo features a contrast collar, a cream zip placket design and a white fabric. It’s very natural yet very attractive. This is a good fit if you like it simple and casual.


If the weather is too hot and you want to keep yourself cool, the skirt can be a perfect match for the Bailey “Haley Tech” Sleeveless Polo. Their combination of colors is solid enough but not too daring for anyone who wants to look natural. With eye-catching style and innovative design, this pair of golf apparel could easily become your favorite golf attire.


Of course the Ariel Sleeveless Solid Polo doesn’t want to be left out.  With a contrast chest stripe design over a dainty white fabric, it still poses to be one of the best pairs for the Skye “Haley Cool” Pull-on Skirt. When matched together, they create a figure-flattering silhouette that ensures confidence and comfort all day.


All of the polo shirts from the Sport Haley Woodland Collection are designed with a UPF 30 for sun protection. The polyester or spandex fabric gives them added stretch for enhanced performance and mobility. They also have moisture wicking properties and cooling elements that keep perspiration away, allowing you to swing without hesitation.

Sport Haley definitely knows how to add their own spin on several women’s golf pieces. Just like the Woodland Collection, it’s much more than just a combination of standard black, white, and cream palettes. The collection is truly a symbol of modern women golfers representing strength and vigor on the golf course.

If you haven’t got your Sport Haley’s Skye “Haley Cool” Golf Skirt, right now is the perfect time to get it before we run out of stock.

Feel the Energy Rush with These Glove It Red Clear Dot

Everybody loves wearing red golf accessories like these lovely pieces from Glove It Red Clear Dot. The vibrant red color seems to give us energy and determination to pursue our goal to ace the game. Plus, it surely makes you stand out on the green golf course.

Glove It Red Clear Dot golf gloves

Wear it like a pro and have a better grip on your golf club with these Glove It Red Clear Dot solid golf gloves. These have stretch knit back with soft cabretta leather palm that provides premium comfort and maximum breathability. These golf gloves also give UV50 sun protection. These are available with a Black Palm and with a White Palm.

Glove It Red Clear Dot solid golf gloves (LH & RH) in Black Palm have Left Hand (LH) sizes from Small to X-Large while Right Hand (RH) sizes are from Small to Large. While Glove It Red Clear Dot solid golf gloves (LH & RH) in White Palm have Left Hand (LH) sizes are from Small to Large while Right Hand (RH) size is Small to Large.

Glove It Red Clear Dot golf visor with twist cord

Match these beautiful red golf gloves with a Glove It Ladies Solid Golf Visors with twist cord. It is in the same shade of Red and White as the Glove It Red Clear Dot solid golf gloves (LH & RH) with the White Palm. This chic golf visor has a wide brim for optimal sun protection, UV 50 Sun protection and has an adjustable coil that gives comfort and pressure free.

Check out more of eye-catching Glove It golf accessories here. And feel free to visit its physical store, Lori’s Golf Shoppe, in Calabash, NC.

Wild for Golf with the Sydney Love Driving Me Crazy Pattern

If you’re wild for golf accessories as much as you are for the sport itself, then you have surely come to the right place. As well as having all the essential attire for golf such as the bottoms, tops, footwear and other accessories, like hats, belts, gloves; it is important you have a sassy source of storage. This is where the Sydney Love Driving Me Crazy Pattern comes in and takes care of all your golf accessories like no other.

The charming print consists of a rich black background covered with a multi-coloured design of clubs and golf clubs, which certainly look very crazy! The bag you choose highly depends on your needs as well as what you will be using it for. The Caddy Bags are brilliant for smaller accessories, whereas the Tote Bags are perfect if you have a little more to store and if you wish to carry the burden on your shoulders. If you’re a super-cool fashion diva, then you may prefer the Clip-On Accessories Bag, which can store your mini essentials and clip on to you at the same time.

The Across the Body Tote Bags are excellent if you wish to spread the weight across your body rather than having the entire burden on your shoulders. If you prepare yourself very well for golf and travel with a lot, then the Shoulder Shoe Bags or Tote Bags are wonderful options as these are big enough to fit in all that you have. Last, but not least is an option for the fashion-estas, which are the Cosmetic Bags or the Golf – 3 Ball Holders… It’s all up to you to take your pick. You choose and impress in the style you want!

Time to Give the Glen Echo Waterproof Jackets A Go

There is nothing like enjoying an hour or two of golf every two days or even daily. They do say practice makes perfect, so if it means you will get even more accurate shots each time, then why not? However, if the weather is on your side, then there is nothing better, but… It is not always sunny as the rain has to come on its turn too, as that just wouldn’t be fair if the sun came out every day! Whether it is one drop of rain or many, make sure it doesn’t spoil your game of golf in this elegant waterproof jacket. If you are in the right gear, then this would have no effect on your concentration throughout the game; meaning you will be giving your game of golf 100% of your attention.

With the Glen Echo jacket, you will get a waterproof, breathable, and quiet stretch tech shell, which offers you extreme flexibility. The stand-up collar looks ever so trendy and an enclosed zipper is also featured for enhanced weather protection. The interior of the jacket features fine stretch mesh, which enhances ventilation and movement. The shoulders of the jacket feature a gel print providing better grip for carry. Some extra features of the jacket include the side draw cords, waterproof, zippered pockets, and elastic cuffs with adjustable straps. The jacket comes in assorted colors with a huge range of sizes, including plus size.

That’s the jacket sorted, now time for the extra accessories. In order to ensure you have a perfect golf game you need to ensure you are prepared for both before and after the game. In order to fulfil this, you may want to check out some of our accessories that are extremely water-friendly. Two things you would definitely want to have with you are a towel and an umbrella. The All For Ladies Golf Umbrella is not a bad option and comes in a neutral color, ensuring you can easily match it with your outfit. Towels are also essential, and in order to ensure everything is matching, you may want to check out the Glove It Ladies indigo golf towel.

Block the Sun with the Jo Fit Golf and Tennis Visors

It’s a lovely sunny day and you’re in the mood for playing golf. The weather is beautiful, you’re in the mood, and to top it up, your friends are also free to join you. What can simply go wrong? Well, you won’t know until you are on the course and the sun’s rays shine on your eyes, affecting your ability to both play and concentrate on the game. However, if you were to be prepared beforehand with this Jo Fit Golf and Tennis Visor, then that would save both time, effort and may even have you winning the game.

Our sun visors come in a wide range of colors, ensuring there is something to suit all ladies. Another benefit of the multi-colors is that you can always mix and match; ensuring your sun visor flawlessly matches with your outfit. Our sun visors are from dry jersey and lined with cotton terry. Not only will the visor help you stay guarded from the sun, but also lets your head breath. A back Velcro closure is featured on each visor, ensuring you can adjust it and fix it to a position that suits you best. It can last hundred hours of light and is also tested to last over 40 washings.

Additional accessories that will not only complete your outfit, but also complement the sun visor are the belts. The Fiji black belt and Tahiti white belt are brilliant options as they don’t just provide an elegant look, but are also easily coordinated. Next time the suns shining bright and you’re in the mood for golf, instead of worrying about missing those shots due to the sun, concentrate on the game and just on the game!

It’s Polka Craze on Ogio Ladies, Hunter and RJ Sports Golf Cart bags

Polka dots are timeless prints that are making a huge comeback in the fashion scene. Yes, even in golf cart bags. Be in style and start shopping for the Polka Dot golf cart bags that will suit your taste, functionality and style.

This RJ Sports Ladies Wheeled Transport Golf cart bag is designed for transport from car to riding golf cart. It has 14-way full length dividers with a retractable handle, rolling wheel base, 7 easy access pockets, an insulated beverage pocket and an external oversized putter tube.

Ogio Ladies Diva Luxe Golf Stand bag garners attention because of its slender and sassy looks. Aside from its Black Polka Dot/Aqua design, it is also available in Grayhound/Purple and Camo/Gray. This 9.5” Ogio Diva Luxe golf stand bag is made from Woode™ top with integrated grab handle and oversized putter pit, has 6 pockets, weather-resistant fleece lined valuables pocket, cart strap channels and continuous shoulder strap system. It has an insulated water bottle holster accessible when walking, a detachable ball pocket panel for embroidery/logo application and a sleeve for scorecards, range finder, pen and GPS.

While this 10” Uniter Ogio Ladies Duchess Golf Cart bag is set to be a golf cart bag of a fair maiden. It is a 15-way cart top with putter pit for oversized grips. It has 6 zippered pockets, low profile Ogio Ball Silo™ and a fleece lined valuables pocket. It also has a cart strap channels, deluxe padded shoulder strap and detachable ball pocket panel for embroidery/logo application. Its features and pretty prints are really fitted for a Duchess. It is also available in Camo/Gray.

And give way to the queen of the course, the Ogio Ladies Majestic Golf Cart bag. It is a 10” Uniter with 15-way cart top with putter pit for oversized grips, ZBP™ (or the Zipperless Ball Pocket), 8 pockets (7 of it are zippered) and fleece lined valuables pocket. It also has a cart strap channels, deluxe padded shoulder strap and sleeves for pen and divot tool. It is also available in Grayhound print.

Hunter Golf Bags also has its own version of this polka craze. There’s a Hunter Ladies Eclipse Cart Golf Bags available in Pink Polka Dot and Black Polka Dot. It is a 9” x 8” 13-way individual full length dividers. It has 9 zippered pockets with lined valuables pocket and insulated beverage pocket with drain holes, 2 front mounted external putter wells (oversized to accommodate larger putter grips), 2 external handles for easy loading/unloading onto golf cart. It also comes with a towel ring, umbrella holder, tee holder, padded shoulder strap and a matching rain hood.

Love plains? Find out more plain prints at www.lorisgolfshoppe.com and do visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.

Naples Bay Budrow II collection

Naples Bay Budrow II is a collection of the newest and hottest ladies golf cart bags available. This collection of ladies golf cart bags in plaid black and white will surely be our great buds taking care of our golf items and other valuables.

Naples Bay Budrow II cart bags have 15-way full length dividers, PE tube construction and Jumbo inside putter tube. It is so spacious that it has cooler pocket, valuables pouch, glove and tee holder, score card and phone pocket. It also comes with a matching set-of-5 head covers.

Available prints are Black Print, Grey Print, Silver Print, Houndstooth and Black&White Stripe. Each of these gorgeous plaid designs cost $179.99.

Love colors? Check out other bright colored ladies golf bags at lorigolfshoppe.com. Or visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.