Be Natural with Sport Haley’s Skirt from the Woodland Collection

There’s something about the woody colors that attract our eyes. Whenever we see someone wearing a khaki outfit or cream color apparel, we immediately turn our heads and imagine ourselves wearing the same. It’s probably because they’re very mild to the eyes and very natural in contrast with the vibrant colors that we see all day. This is why it’s not so hard to fall in love with the Woodland Collection by Sport Haley.

For many years now, Sport Haley has never failed to provide versatile golf apparel that can connect with any item in the wardrobe just like this lovely golf skirt. The Skye “Haley Cool” Pull-on Skirt is one of the favorites from Sport Haley because of its gorgeous cream stripes and godet skirt pattern that provides women with a slimming look.

Fashioned with an interior short liner, Skye “Haley Cool” Golf Skirt will give you optimum comfort and freedom of movement as you maneuver around the course. This skirt perfectly matches two of the solid color short sleeve polo shirts from the same collection.


Designed with a female golfer in mind, the Charlize Short Sleeve Color block perfectly blends with the Skye “Haley Cool” Golf Skirt. It has black shoulders, a cream lining just above the chest, and a gold zip placket that adds a subtle style to the overall outfit. The combination of these golf pieces draws a classic yet elegant aura to anyone who puts them on.


Pairing the skirt with the Bailey Short Sleeve “Haley Tech” Polo is another stylish way to wear it. This polo features a contrast collar, a cream zip placket design and a white fabric. It’s very natural yet very attractive. This is a good fit if you like it simple and casual.


If the weather is too hot and you want to keep yourself cool, the skirt can be a perfect match for the Bailey “Haley Tech” Sleeveless Polo. Their combination of colors is solid enough but not too daring for anyone who wants to look natural. With eye-catching style and innovative design, this pair of golf apparel could easily become your favorite golf attire.


Of course the Ariel Sleeveless Solid Polo doesn’t want to be left out.  With a contrast chest stripe design over a dainty white fabric, it still poses to be one of the best pairs for the Skye “Haley Cool” Pull-on Skirt. When matched together, they create a figure-flattering silhouette that ensures confidence and comfort all day.


All of the polo shirts from the Sport Haley Woodland Collection are designed with a UPF 30 for sun protection. The polyester or spandex fabric gives them added stretch for enhanced performance and mobility. They also have moisture wicking properties and cooling elements that keep perspiration away, allowing you to swing without hesitation.

Sport Haley definitely knows how to add their own spin on several women’s golf pieces. Just like the Woodland Collection, it’s much more than just a combination of standard black, white, and cream palettes. The collection is truly a symbol of modern women golfers representing strength and vigor on the golf course.

If you haven’t got your Sport Haley’s Skye “Haley Cool” Golf Skirt, right now is the perfect time to get it before we run out of stock.

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