Take a Refreshing Break from the Bright Colors with Glove It Uptown Cheetah Collection

We have always been captured by the design advances found in Glove It. Now another collection is about to make everyone excited. Raise your glass for the Glove It Uptown Cheetah Collection!

Admit it, cheetah prints are one of the oldest fashion styles in the history of golf but they always have won the heart of women. So if you want lighter shades for this season, you will love the Glove It Uptown Cheetah Collection.

The collection presents a lovely selection of ladies gloves, 14-way golf cart bags, wristlets, shoe bags, and coil visors. Although accessories are not required for every golf game, a complete set will keep you more comfortable on the green.

Whether you like to walk, ride or want to be stylish on the course the Glove It 14-way Uptown Cheetah Golf Bag can be your best friend. It helps you transport clubs and other accessories with ease through its 7 easy access dividers, putter well, and easy life handle system.


A few practical accessories can also help you carry on a delightful golf game experience. So if you are going to play under the sun, you can wear the Glove It Uptown Cheetah Coil Visor to shield yourself from the harmful sunrays. This visor includes an adjustable coil, wide brim for sun protection and UV50 for sun protection.

Rain or shine, you will need the beautiful Glove It Ladies Uptown Cheetah Golf Shoe Bag.uptown-cheeta-purse-and-visor It keeps your shoes in place before and after the game. It has a full-length zipper, mesh ventilation, and an easy-grip top carrying handle.

When your hand gets sweaty, Glove It also comes to the rescue with an Uptown Cheetah Golf Glove. It is made from Cabretta leather palm and stretch Lycra back which helps improve your grip and prevent the club from turning in your hand.

The last but not the least thing you want to do is make sure your personal belongings are in tack. Thanks to Glove It Uptown Cheetah Wristlet, there is an amazing way to carry all of your tiny items on the golf course without leaving them unorganized.

The lovely Glove It Uptown Cheetah Wristlet has an 8” x 4” compartment which is perfect for carrying essentials such as cash, keys, cards, sun-screens and make-ups. With a removable wristlet strap, you can just grab it and go, or keep it inside your golf bag.


Whether you are out to practice or play a real game, it is always a good idea to make sure you are ready. Choose your favorite accessory or add the complete Glove It Uptown Cheetah Collection to your wardrobe. Each item would also make a great gift for your love ones who play golf.

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