Life on a Beach in Greg Norman – Beach House collection

Greg Norman, the global leader of golf-inspired sportswear, came up with another fresh treat to all the lady golfers out there. It is called the Greg Norman Beach House collection. It has very refreshing eye-candy colors of Pink Paradise, Bright Green and white. You can really feel the ambience of relaxing in a beach house.

Take a look at these lovely Greg Norman Beach House sleeveless polo in Bright Green and Pink Paradise. Both have a gingham placket and 5-button closure and 100% microfiber polyester moisture wicking. Notice the checkered print accents in the button closure area. Looks cute, right?

If you prefer to have a Greg Norman Ladies Short Sleeve golf shirt, you may choose from two colors. One is Pink Paradise with white trim on sleeves and accent on its 4-button closure collar button. While the second one is colored White with pink trim on sleeves and collar button. Both are made from 100% microfiber polyester moisture wicking.

This Greg Norman Beach House collection also has beautiful shorts and skorts that are very color-coordinated with the above-mentioned ladies golf shirts. This white Greg Norman Ladies Golf Skorts – Beach House has ribbon trim in pink paradise and bright green that perfectly matches all the shirts. It also has a moisture wicking undershorts and UPF 50+. You may also check out this 20.5” Greg Norman Ladies Golf short. This is designed in checkered pink and has side pockets, belt loops and front fly closure.

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Classy Classics from the Greg Norman Art Deco Collection

When playing any sport, the comfort of your attire is of utmost importance. You certainly cannot play well if you’re feeling too warm and sweaty in your outfit. For a sport like golf, wearing a comfortable outfit ensures that you can perform your best, do that swing perfectly.

Sport brand Greg Norman brings you the Art Deco collection in classic colors for golf aficionados who just want to sport that classic, effortless look while toting their golf clubs.














Part of the Art Deco collection is this long-sleeved ladies UV protection golf shirts. Why we think you would love it? For one, it has moisture wicking function which means that you can play under the sun all you want but you’ll feel fresh all the time! This unique material, which is made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, absorbs the sweat from your body and makes it evaporate into thin air. Secondly, it has UPF 50+, giving you additional protection from the sun. Of course, you still have to use your sunblock lotion especially if you’ll be playing outdoors for long hours but it doesn’t hurt to have additional protection, yes?

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