Golf Comfortably and Fashionable with HJ Golf Gloves

Golf clubs may sometimes become painful to the hands especially after a long game, which is why, golf gloves were invented. Lucky you, Loris Golf Shoppe carries HJ Gripper Ladies golf gloves which are one of the most popular selling gloves as of today. These gloves are available for both left- and right-handed golfing ladies.

This particular glove collection comes in a variety of 11 colors which makes them both stylish and fashionable. The color selection varies from basic black to leopard printed gloves.

Here are some of the HJ Gripper Microfiber Ladies Golf Gloves’ features:

  • High performance micro-fiber leather stays soft and tacky even when it is wet. This feature allows the glove to stay comfortable and not stiff.
  • It has a reinforced palm patch for extra durability.
  • Cool-Tex inserts for ventilation and customized fit.
  • It can be machine or hand washed.
  • Comes in small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

If micro-fibers aren’t something that you are comfortable with, you can go ahead and try the  HJ Glove Ladies SolaireTan Through Golf Gloves. They made sure to take your choices into consideration so this specific collection comes in both full and half length.

The HJ Solaire Tan Through Half Length Golf Gloves are perfect during summer or humid days when you don’t want to have sweaty palms after each game. Similar to the Grippers, they are also perfect for both left- and right-handed golfers. Some of its featureincludes:

  • Lightweight mesh for maximum exposure.
  • Unique design for comfort.
  • Cabretta leather palm that is treated to ensure maximum moisture resistance. This technology or treatment also ensures lasting softness.
  • Comes in small, medium and large sizes.

On the other hand, the HJ Solaire Tan Through Full Length golf gloves have the same exact features as that of the half length ones with one exemption, they cover your entire hand. Even if they are full length, they are still perfect for the warm weather because of the lightweight mesh material. Both the half and full length gloves come in 8 colors ranging from classic to fun and adventurous.

Whatever your choice is, this collection from HJ Golf Gloves is perfect for golfing ladies in search of comfortable and stylish gloves. Why don’t you head on over to Calabash, N.C. and visit our physical store Lori’s Golf Shoppe to see and feel these gloves, personally. You can also visit our website at Lori’s Golf to learn more about these golf gloves, as well.

Golf Gals Cooler Bags: A Unique, Stylish and Exclusive Golfing Accessory

Have you ever wanted to own a cooler bag that not only works and looks good, but is also exclusive to your favorite online store? Lori’s Golf Shoppe is proud to announce that we have a cooler bag that was custom designed only for us and our beautiful golfing ladies.

Golf Gals Cooler Bags are perfect for any golf game because it isn’t bulky, but at the same time, it has lots of room to put all your essentials in it. The bag’s dimensions are  13.5” X 9” X 7″ and it has a zipper closure to ensure the safety of your belongings.

The bag also comes with a front pocket where you can put items like your phone, hanky or anything that you may need to grab right away. It is made with 2 straps attached which makes it comfortable to wear and at the same time sturdy. 

When it comes to color selection, we have hooked you up! There are 5 beautiful colors that you can choose from.

  • Black and white
  • Fuchsia and black
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Blue, and more.

You can see more of the color selection and some cooler bag combos at Lori’s Golf or you can visit our physical store over at Calabash, NC.  What are you waiting for? Give these Golf Gals Cooler Bags a try!

Sandbaggers Madison II Ladies Golf Shoes: The Ease and Convenience of Slip-on Technology

Shoes are meant to stay on your feet whenever you’re in the game zone, but it should be an easy wear and comes right off when it needs to. The Sandbaggers Madison II Ladies Golf Shoes is exactly that. It can be worn easily because of the slip-on design with an elastic gore. With that same concept, it can slip right off in a jiffy.

The Sandbaggers Madison II has steel shank for torsion control and built-in StepSaver Orthotics to keep the wearer comfortable. These shoes are perfect for weekend tournaments where prolonged standing is inevitable.

These golf shoes aren’t just made for comfort and convenience. They are also created with your safety in mind. Each pair comes with a Thermal Rubber (TR) grip sole that prevents ladies’ from slipping on the golf course.

The design is classic and versatile. It has round toe box and a leather upper tassel that just looks sophisticated. These golf shoes come in different color combination. They are: almond or white and beige, tan and floral, white and silver, and the newest addition, violetta or black and white plaid.

Why don’t you give these shoes a try and see which pair suits your skin tone well. You can see some of the color combinations over at Lori’s Golf or you can visit our physical store, Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.


Kids Can Play Golf and Be Fashionable, Too!

Golf is among the many types of sports that children are into these days. It might be a tad bit quiet for others’ liking, but most children play golf to have fun and improve on their finer skills. Children who start to fall in love with the sport are usually the kids of those who play golf themselves. Therefore, fashion can also be something that parents can pass on.

If you are a bit concerned that there is little to no collection of children’s outfit out there, don’t fret, because Garb Junior Girls Golf clothes are here. They come in different designs and styles that will satisfy the fashion needs of a child.

Here are some of the styles and color combinations:

  1. Heidi shirt is a combination of the colors white, pink and strawberry which makes it a perfect outfit during spring and summer.
  2. Rachel shirt comes in limelight which is also a perfect outfit during summer.
  3. Natalie short comes in vivid lipstick which your little girl can easily mix and match with any of the Garb blouses.
  4. Lucia skort is a pretty combination of lipstick, limelight and strawberry colors.

Your little girl can choose between a sleeveless or a short sleeve blouse and a skort or a short, depending on her style. She can mix and match different outfits to suit her taste. The designs are perfect for any child of any age. Each garment is made with extra care to ensure that your little golfer will feel comfortable and fashionable on the golf course.

The collection also comes with a size chart so you can easily choose between different sizes. If you really want your child to try them out, you can come over to Calabash, NC and visit us at Lori’s Golf Shoppe. Also, you can learn more about this collection when you head over to our website at Lori’s Golf




Golf Gals Caps: The Cutest Caps You’ll Ever Wear

Caps are one of the few golf accessories that are essential whenever you are on the golf course. Caps are important and serve as heat and rain protectors. It also keeps your hair out of the way so you can concentrate on the game itself. Apart from the mentioned uses, golf caps are among the many ways to spice up your outfit.

There are so many golf caps out there, but if you are looking for cute, simple and fun ones: Golf Gals Ladies Golf Cap is the one for you! The cap collection comes with a single design or pattern that is stitched on the very front of the cap. All caps are made out of 100% polyester nano check fabric with an adjustable hook and loop back closure. This type of closure enables the cap to fit into all head shapes and sizes.

Currently there are 4 designs that you can choose from:

  1. White cap with pink cart girl
  2. Blue cap with white cart girl
  3. White cap with black cart girl
  4. White cap with green cart girl

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Calabash, NC and check out Lori’s Golf Shoppe to personally see these caps and perhaps, try them on. If Calabash is out of your way, you can check out our website at Lori’s Golf Give these golf caps a try, and you’ll be happy that you bought one for yourself.


Let the Nike Lunar Duet Shoes Bring out the Best in You

Have you ever wanted a good pair of golf shoes that you can wear on and off the golf course? Would it be good to have a golf shoe that doesn’t have all the bulky spikes that may be a bit annoying especially when you walk on pavement?

Introducing — the Nike Ladies Lunar Duet Sport Golf Shoes. This pair is good for any golfing woman who values design, style and comfort. They are perfect during the hot summer months when the courses are dry and not slippery. Other features vary depending on the specific type of Lunar Duet Sport Shoe. Colors and specific designs differ as well.

If you want to give the Nike Lunar Duet Sport Golf Shoe a try, head over to Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC and try one out of these beautiful shoes. Some of the features are as follow:

  • Spikeless Rubber Traction Sole
  • Air-flow ventilation system
  • Integrated rubber traction
  • Pressure mapped rubber traction lugs
  • Full-length Lunarlon drop-in sockliner

Each shoe also comes with 2 sets of laces so you can go ahead and mix and match depending on our outfit. What are you waiting for? Check out Lori’s Golf to see more of Nike Lunar Duet Sports Shoes. 

A Superb Mixture of Sport and Fashion

Are you having a hard time looking for the perfect golf shirt that will match any of your gear? Has it become tedious and time consuming to raid through your closet for that perfect shirt to match your shorts or leggings, as well as your shoes? Is finding the most comfortable yet presentable golf shirt difficult?


This collection is the answer to all your problems. Introducing the Monterey Club Ladies & Plus Size Dry Swing Ikat Print. This collection comes in 3 different sleeve lengths that are perfect for any weather. If you prefer to be a bit covered up, you can go for the ¾ sleeve. If you are the type who is comfortable to wear sleeveless shirts, they have one as well. They also have the regular sleeved golf shirts if you wish to wear something in between. 

Each collection comes in 2 Ikat prints: beach glass and neon pom. Each color is versatile and is perfect for golfing women of all ages, colors and sizes. Speaking of size, this collection comes in plus sizes too! Of course, they have the regular sizes from S-XL and  XXL for the plus size woman. However, if you are unsure of your size, you can head over to Calabash, NC and check out Lori’s Golf Shoppe where you can give these shirts a good fitting.

Give Monterey Club Ladies Ikat Print golf shirts a try. You might end up falling in love with the collection and buying all of them for your closet. You can also check our website at Lori’s Golf


Comfort and Fashion All Rolled Into One: Softee Golf Shoes

Comfort while playing golf has never looked this good. Introducing Softee Ladies shoes by Golfstream. These shoes bring out the best in you whether on or off the golf course. They look sleek and elegant, and matches well with any golfing outfit.

You really can’t go wrong with these Softee shoes by Golfstream, from the style and design to the comfort it provides. The collection comes with 2 colors: black/gray for a classic and versatile look, and brown/tan for the neutral-loving women. If you are unsure of which colors to buy, come to Calabash, NC and check out Lori’s Golf Shoppes to give these lovely shoes a try.

These Softee shoes have adjustable Velcro straps that will keep your feet snug. It also comes with a new EVA/Rubber molded outsole for sure-grip traction, imagine this, skid-free shoes.  Because of the soft leather linings and mesh design, these Golfstream shoes will give you comfort like no other shoes can deliver.

What are you waiting for? Give this Golfstream Ladies Softee Golf Shoes a try. Check out our website at Lori’s Golf for a 30-day comfort guarantee.


Golfing Essentials – Clean, Trendy & Stylish Socks

Whoever said that socks should be plain and boring, was wrong! Check out Lori’s Golf and you will find an array of sock designs, color and patterns that are perfect for mixing and matching your outfits.

There are different brands of socks that tennis and golfing ladies can choose from. There’s Glove It Ladies that sport eclectic, frilly and girly patterns such as trellis, mod oval, and leopard among others. K Bell Ladies offers a more subtle and sport-related designs like pink ribbon golfer and golf gear patterns, to name a few.

Another brand is On The Tee’s designs which are perfect for ladies who wish to wear simple, yet fun socks. Some of their patterns include ladybug on red daisies, zebra, beige giraffe, and more.

These golf and tennis socks are made mostly of cotton which gives superior comfort even for an all-day wear. Apart from comfort, they give your feet support and cushion especially when you play tennis like the William Sisters.

Check out Lori’s Golf Shoppes in Calabash, NC and see more of these colorful and fun socks that you can match with your outfit. 

Polka Dots on the Golf Course: A Must Have

Although polka dot outfits are commonly seen during the holidays, it never goes out of style in the golf fashion industry. These outfits and accessories will surely make any golfing lady look stylish and elegant. She will truly stand out. These dots come in various sizes and colors, regardless, it will make any feminine outfit look bolder and more stylish. It comes with a wide array of styles that any lady can choose from. There’s the classic black and white, neutral against earth tones, and of course, girly pinks, greens and purples.

Polka dots are not only good for shirts, skirts, shorts and skorts, but they are also perfect accents for golfing accessories. Golfing ladies who love to make their ensemble stand out would surely fall in love with polka dots on golf cart bags, stand bags, headcovers, purses, towels, tote bags and even golf cart seat covers.

If this kind of style entices and awakens the fashion diva in you, check out Lori’s Golf Shoppes in Calabash, NC. They have an astounding collection of polka dot outfits, bags and other golfing accessories to choose from. You can also visit our website at Lori’s Golf

It seems that polka dot golf fashion is among the styles that don’t seem to grow old. They are unique, stylish and versatile. They can fit anybody’s personal style whether she’s the reserve kind or the outgoing sort. Anyone can add a polka dot outfit and accessory into their golfing closet.