Golfing Essentials – Clean, Trendy & Stylish Socks

Whoever said that socks should be plain and boring, was wrong! Check out Lori’s Golf and you will find an array of sock designs, color and patterns that are perfect for mixing and matching your outfits.

There are different brands of socks that tennis and golfing ladies can choose from. There’s Glove It Ladies that sport eclectic, frilly and girly patterns such as trellis, mod oval, and leopard among others. K Bell Ladies offers a more subtle and sport-related designs like pink ribbon golfer and golf gear patterns, to name a few.

Another brand is On The Tee’s designs which are perfect for ladies who wish to wear simple, yet fun socks. Some of their patterns include ladybug on red daisies, zebra, beige giraffe, and more.

These golf and tennis socks are made mostly of cotton which gives superior comfort even for an all-day wear. Apart from comfort, they give your feet support and cushion especially when you play tennis like the William Sisters.

Check out Lori’s Golf Shoppes in Calabash, NC and see more of these colorful and fun socks that you can match with your outfit. 

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