Definitely (g)Love it! – The Glove It Ladies Solid Visors Comfort Clip collection

Built with high functionality and fashion sense, Glove It Ladies Golf Accessories have become a household name in golf world. The one of its newest collections is the Glove It Ladies Solid Visors. Here’s a slide-on visor with UV 50 Sun Protection. It can definitely hide your face and protect your eyes from the sun because of its wide brim for optimal sun protection.

Colors are available in Solid White, Black, Red, Orange, Purple, Green, Pink and Blue.

Fashion Tip! It is very advisable to have the GloveIt Ladies Solid Visors in colors of white and black because these colors are staples of fashion colors (not only in golf). You can definitely never go wrong with those. Then, take a look at your golf wear closet. What are the colors dominant in your golf apparel? Is it red or blue or orange or purple? Then that should be the third (and fourth and fifth and so on) color you prioritize to buy.

Having a hard time to choose over those colors? You don’t need to worry. Better avail all the available colors of this GloveIt Ladies Visors (Comfort Clip). You may not use them all at once but having every color is worth a fashion trophy in your golf wardrobe. It’s really worth buying and collecting!

Love these solid colors? Or you might want to check out the prints of Glove It Ladies Visors? Check them at Or go see it personally at Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.

Golfing Essentials – Clean, Trendy & Stylish Socks

Whoever said that socks should be plain and boring, was wrong! Check out Lori’s Golf and you will find an array of sock designs, color and patterns that are perfect for mixing and matching your outfits.

There are different brands of socks that tennis and golfing ladies can choose from. There’s Glove It Ladies that sport eclectic, frilly and girly patterns such as trellis, mod oval, and leopard among others. K Bell Ladies offers a more subtle and sport-related designs like pink ribbon golfer and golf gear patterns, to name a few.

Another brand is On The Tee’s designs which are perfect for ladies who wish to wear simple, yet fun socks. Some of their patterns include ladybug on red daisies, zebra, beige giraffe, and more.

These golf and tennis socks are made mostly of cotton which gives superior comfort even for an all-day wear. Apart from comfort, they give your feet support and cushion especially when you play tennis like the William Sisters.

Check out Lori’s Golf Shoppes in Calabash, NC and see more of these colorful and fun socks that you can match with your outfit. 

Glove It Mod Oval Collection Brings Colors to Your Golfing Life

Have you always fancied eclectic prints for your sporting accessories but found the existing items too bland? Well Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC is about to make your design-loving sporty self scream out loud with the newest collection from Glove It.

Glove It’s Mod Oval collection features attention-grabbing print in bold purple which would make every girl golf aficionado eyes pop out in glee. Tot their golf cart bags which could accommodate a set of your usual golf clubs, visors, gloves and other stuff.  The golf cart bags also come with matching head covers to protect your clubs from scratch and other elements.










Carry all yourother things in style — from mobile phones to extra shirts and skirts and shoes to tablets — with the various bags in the collection.  If you’re the type to bring a lot of extra stuff while playing, the duffle bag has the space for all your goodies.  For only the necessities plus some extra space in case you go shopping after some time at the golf course, either the tote bag or ladies tennis bag would be perfect.  If you’re looking for something smaller still, the 3-zip carry-all purse is all that you need. 





Browse Lori’s Golf Shoppe’s shelves in Calabash, NC for more of Glove It’s Mod Oval collection.  We’re also online at Lori’s Golf