Explore the stunning Tail Modern Standards collection

If you are in search of appealing and bright colored golf clothing from Tail, then you can certainly explore the Modern Standards collection introduced by the brand. With beautifully designed clothes in cheerful orange and sophisticated blue colors, this collection should definitely be a part of your wardrobe!
Some of the options that you can try are:

Tail Ladies Cindy Sleeveless Golf Shirt – Modern Standards (Diamond Explosion Print)

With an interesting pattern and a gorgeous color combination of orange and blue, this performance jersey is certainly one of the best shirts available in Tail’s Modern Standards collection. It comes with a fabulous mandarin collar, an attention-grabbing armhole detail, and a zipper. In fact, the added feature of SPF 45+ will keep you sun safe while you are playing your favorite game.
Thus, this shirt will not only help you feel utterly comfortable in your golf attire, but will also make you look absolutely attractive and will assist you to stay your best in the sun.

Tail Ladies Megan Pull On Golf Skorts – Modern Standards (Prestige Print)

You can team the Tail Ladies Cindy Sleeveless Golf Shirt in Modern Standards (Diamond Explosion Print) with these beautifully designed and crafted skorts from the same collection. Along with giving you an entirely modern look, these skorts come with zip pockets & shorties to give you the comfort that you need.
So, what are you waiting for? Get these beautiful blue skorts in Prestige Print and wear them with a nice golf short to get the trendy look that you want.
There are many such exciting options available from this fabulous Modern Standards collection by Tail. Have a look at them and choose the right golf clothing which will help you look completely gorgeous!

Golf Ball Overload in Sydney Love On the Ball

Can’t get enough of golf? Here’s a sweet treat for all the lady golfers – Sydney Love On The Ball print. Now you can hold on to your newest favorite bag and get all the golf balls overloading in its hand drawn designs. You may also choose the bag design that well suits your lifestyle and golf needs.

This Sydney Love Ladies Golf Shoulder bag has a bottom zipper for golf shoe storage, two slide pockets for accessories and a detachable shoulder strap. While the tote bags have larger space to accommodate more of the items you need. All are accented with rich brown faux leather trim and silver colored hardware. They also have top zip entry with an adorable golf ball pull.

Complete this Sydney Love On The Ball bag collection by availing complementary golf accessory bags. There’s the Sydney Love Ladies Golf Caddy Bag where you can put your golf balls and other accessories and the Cosmetic Bag where you can put vanity items. Both have four tee holders on front. There’s also the Sydney Love Ladies Golf 3-ball holder with tee holder, the two front zipper Sydney Love Ladies Golf tote bag that has two slide pockets on the inside. Almost similar to this is a three-pocketed Sydney Love Ladies Clip-On Golf Accessory Bag. You may clip it on a larger golf bag and is used for easier access on your necessities.

Fashion and functionality are really combined. After all, Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) of Sex and the City is really right. Those may just be little bags but we’d feel naked in public without it.

Fashion Tip! This Sydney Love On The Ball bag collection has gorgeous vibrant colors that will go well with almost all outfits that have the same colors.

Avail these lovely golf bags and look for more stunning designs at Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC. Or buy online at lorisgolfshoppe.com


Golf Gals Cooler Bags: A Unique, Stylish and Exclusive Golfing Accessory

Have you ever wanted to own a cooler bag that not only works and looks good, but is also exclusive to your favorite online store? Lori’s Golf Shoppe is proud to announce that we have a cooler bag that was custom designed only for us and our beautiful golfing ladies.

Golf Gals Cooler Bags are perfect for any golf game because it isn’t bulky, but at the same time, it has lots of room to put all your essentials in it. The bag’s dimensions are  13.5” X 9” X 7″ and it has a zipper closure to ensure the safety of your belongings.

The bag also comes with a front pocket where you can put items like your phone, hanky or anything that you may need to grab right away. It is made with 2 straps attached which makes it comfortable to wear and at the same time sturdy. 

When it comes to color selection, we have hooked you up! There are 5 beautiful colors that you can choose from.

  • Black and white
  • Fuchsia and black
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Blue, and more.

You can see more of the color selection and some cooler bag combos at Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com or you can visit our physical store over at Calabash, NC.  What are you waiting for? Give these Golf Gals Cooler Bags a try!

Golf Gals Caps: The Cutest Caps You’ll Ever Wear

Caps are one of the few golf accessories that are essential whenever you are on the golf course. Caps are important and serve as heat and rain protectors. It also keeps your hair out of the way so you can concentrate on the game itself. Apart from the mentioned uses, golf caps are among the many ways to spice up your outfit.

There are so many golf caps out there, but if you are looking for cute, simple and fun ones: Golf Gals Ladies Golf Cap is the one for you! The cap collection comes with a single design or pattern that is stitched on the very front of the cap. All caps are made out of 100% polyester nano check fabric with an adjustable hook and loop back closure. This type of closure enables the cap to fit into all head shapes and sizes.

Currently there are 4 designs that you can choose from:

  1. White cap with pink cart girl
  2. Blue cap with white cart girl
  3. White cap with black cart girl
  4. White cap with green cart girl

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Calabash, NC and check out Lori’s Golf Shoppe to personally see these caps and perhaps, try them on. If Calabash is out of your way, you can check out our website at Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com. Give these golf caps a try, and you’ll be happy that you bought one for yourself.


Polka Dots on the Golf Course: A Must Have

Although polka dot outfits are commonly seen during the holidays, it never goes out of style in the golf fashion industry. These outfits and accessories will surely make any golfing lady look stylish and elegant. She will truly stand out. These dots come in various sizes and colors, regardless, it will make any feminine outfit look bolder and more stylish. It comes with a wide array of styles that any lady can choose from. There’s the classic black and white, neutral against earth tones, and of course, girly pinks, greens and purples.

Polka dots are not only good for shirts, skirts, shorts and skorts, but they are also perfect accents for golfing accessories. Golfing ladies who love to make their ensemble stand out would surely fall in love with polka dots on golf cart bags, stand bags, headcovers, purses, towels, tote bags and even golf cart seat covers.

If this kind of style entices and awakens the fashion diva in you, check out Lori’s Golf Shoppes in Calabash, NC. They have an astounding collection of polka dot outfits, bags and other golfing accessories to choose from. You can also visit our website at Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com.

It seems that polka dot golf fashion is among the styles that don’t seem to grow old. They are unique, stylish and versatile. They can fit anybody’s personal style whether she’s the reserve kind or the outgoing sort. Anyone can add a polka dot outfit and accessory into their golfing closet.



Glove It Mod Oval Collection Brings Colors to Your Golfing Life

Have you always fancied eclectic prints for your sporting accessories but found the existing items too bland? Well Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC is about to make your design-loving sporty self scream out loud with the newest collection from Glove It.

Glove It’s Mod Oval collection features attention-grabbing print in bold purple which would make every girl golf aficionado eyes pop out in glee. Tot their golf cart bags which could accommodate a set of your usual golf clubs, visors, gloves and other stuff.  The golf cart bags also come with matching head covers to protect your clubs from scratch and other elements.










Carry all yourother things in style — from mobile phones to extra shirts and skirts and shoes to tablets — with the various bags in the collection.  If you’re the type to bring a lot of extra stuff while playing, the duffle bag has the space for all your goodies.  For only the necessities plus some extra space in case you go shopping after some time at the golf course, either the tote bag or ladies tennis bag would be perfect.  If you’re looking for something smaller still, the 3-zip carry-all purse is all that you need. 





Browse Lori’s Golf Shoppe’s shelves in Calabash, NC for more of Glove It’s Mod Oval collection.  We’re also online at Lori’s Golf Shoppe.com.

Golf Ball Massager Soothes the Soul!

There is more than one way to soothe those muscles and the Golf Ball Massager does the trick! An adorable golf ball massager is a golfer’s little pal. This battery operated little guy will give you the comfort you need during a hard round of golf. Your back will welcome it as “he” walks up and down your muscles! The golf ball massager delivers a vibration, as well as kneading, to the muscles through the feet of the ball that relax and soothe those achy, stiff muscles. Great for the neck and shoulders, too! So when you can’t make it to the Four Seasons Resort at Troon North in Scottsdale for the ultimate in “hot golf ball massages”, just fire up this little white ball and feel him soothe your soul!

This unique golf ball massager can be easily purchased at Lori’s Golf Shoppe or online at her internationally recognized ladies’ golf store, lorisgolfshoppe.com, where shopping is just a pleasure. Lori’s Golf Shoppe carries thousands of distinctive golf accessories that are perfect for tournament outings, league events, or special occasions. Note papers, note cards, greeting carts, desk / writing accessories, glassware and coasters, mouse pads, monogrammed gifts are just some of the many items you’ll want to purchase! Shop online now and enjoy an additional “Happy New Year” 10% discount to help you welcome in 2010!

Lori’s Golf Shoppe located in Calabash, North Carolina is a one stop golf shoppe geared to fit the golfing needs of men, women and children. Be sure to visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe where you’ll find All Golfing Gals Gathering for fun and friendship!