Glove It Mod Oval Collection Brings Colors to Your Golfing Life

Have you always fancied eclectic prints for your sporting accessories but found the existing items too bland? Well Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC is about to make your design-loving sporty self scream out loud with the newest collection from Glove It.

Glove It’s Mod Oval collection features attention-grabbing print in bold purple which would make every girl golf aficionado eyes pop out in glee. Tot their golf cart bags which could accommodate a set of your usual golf clubs, visors, gloves and other stuff.  The golf cart bags also come with matching head covers to protect your clubs from scratch and other elements.










Carry all yourother things in style — from mobile phones to extra shirts and skirts and shoes to tablets — with the various bags in the collection.  If you’re the type to bring a lot of extra stuff while playing, the duffle bag has the space for all your goodies.  For only the necessities plus some extra space in case you go shopping after some time at the golf course, either the tote bag or ladies tennis bag would be perfect.  If you’re looking for something smaller still, the 3-zip carry-all purse is all that you need. 





Browse Lori’s Golf Shoppe’s shelves in Calabash, NC for more of Glove It’s Mod Oval collection.  We’re also online at Lori’s Golf


It’s real easy to get “BEDAZZLED” when you have
the right equipment. Why not add some sparkle to your life with the purchase of Miracle Lace Hats and Visors. Or if you’d rather go for the “BLING“, try Glove It Ladies’ Bling Visors! Both items are stylish, light weight, and extremely comfortable!

The Miracle Lace baseball caps offer a scattered sequined pattern with adjustable Velcro closure for the perfect fit! The interwoven design promotes circulation while protecting your hair from the summer sun. The Glove It Slide Visor has a unique metallic finish that also includes a hat clip and crystal Glove It ball marker.

Both hats and visors are available in a large assortment of colors to easily coordinate with the many fine outfits you’ll find at Lori’s Golf Shoppe located just off Route 17 in Calabash, North Carolina. Lori’s carries a full line of ladies’ and women’s plus size apparel from leading manufacturers in the clothing industry. You’ll find everything from golf course apparel to casually chic … all at affordable prices. Lori’s Golf Shoppe also offers a full line of the latest in golf equipment, club building and club repairs. You’ll find the three full-time golf professionals on staff extremely helpful when it comes to personalized equipment selection . Coordinating shoes, totes, golf bags, golf accessories and more are available as you browse through this 4000+ square foot retail shoppe.

Don’t let distance deter you. Whether you are shopping from Dubai, Hong Kong, England, Australia or the good old USA, you’ll find the internationally recognized on-line shoppe at easy to navigate. Over 5000 items are available for purchase and additional discounts can be found at the checkout. Be sure to stop by Lori’s Golf Shoppe or browse on-line at It’s an experience you’ll want to revisit time and time again. After all, it’s the place where all Golfing Gals Gather!