Golf Gals Caps: The Cutest Caps You’ll Ever Wear

Caps are one of the few golf accessories that are essential whenever you are on the golf course. Caps are important and serve as heat and rain protectors. It also keeps your hair out of the way so you can concentrate on the game itself. Apart from the mentioned uses, golf caps are among the many ways to spice up your outfit.

There are so many golf caps out there, but if you are looking for cute, simple and fun ones: Golf Gals Ladies Golf Cap is the one for you! The cap collection comes with a single design or pattern that is stitched on the very front of the cap. All caps are made out of 100% polyester nano check fabric with an adjustable hook and loop back closure. This type of closure enables the cap to fit into all head shapes and sizes.

Currently there are 4 designs that you can choose from:

  1. White cap with pink cart girl
  2. Blue cap with white cart girl
  3. White cap with black cart girl
  4. White cap with green cart girl

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Calabash, NC and check out Lori’s Golf Shoppe to personally see these caps and perhaps, try them on. If Calabash is out of your way, you can check out our website at Lori’s Golf Give these golf caps a try, and you’ll be happy that you bought one for yourself.


Beat the Heat!

The dog days of summer are just around the corner and that heat can get the best of us. Playing golf in 85 degree weather with high humidity can be a problem. While hydration is key, there are many other items we can use to help us beat the heat and Lori’s Golf Shoppe is here to help us.

Lori’s Golf Shoppe carries a full line of water bottle covers made by Glove It. You’ll be able to keep your favorite beverage icy cold in this neoprene water bottle cover in subtle and stylish prints. Glove It has even gone so far as to creating matching designs. Select your neoprene cover and you’ll find matching ladies’ golf gloves, visors and ladies’ golf accessory bags.

Golf Gals” Cooler bags, custom designed exclusively for Lori’s Golf Shoppe, are double-strapped insulated bags with zipper closure and front pockets. These bags are roomy enough to carry your water bottles and snacks yet small enough to fit in the basket of your golf cart. Easily sponge off dirt and grime and your cooler bag is ready for the next outing.

Ladies’ golf apparel can also enhance your comfort in the dead of summer. Many fabrics now boast moisture-wicking, built-in sun protection to keep you dry and comfortable throughout your round. Lori’s Golf Shoppe carries an extensive line of ladies’ golf dresses, ladies’ golf shorts and skorts, women’s outerwear, ladies’ golf polos and shirts.

Additional “beat-the-heat” accessories always come in handy during those hot and humid days. “Cool Ties” will keep you cool up to 24 hours. The crystals inside will hold 400 times its weight when placed in water. You need only to submerge this Cool Tie in water or surround it with ice for ten minutes to activate the crystals. Place it around your neck or head to feel the immediate cooling sensation these ties can offer.

Your skin and eyes should also take precedence when outside in the heat for prolonged periods of time. The Sungod II eye wear will shield your eyes from the glaring sun protecting them from the elements of your environment. Sun screens and aloe lip ices are also a must when out on the links.

Lori’s Golf Shoppe boasts all the golfing items you will ever need to successfully play the game of golf. When time is limited, be sure to browse on-line at This one-stop golf shoppe is a cut above the rest and will serve you well as you strive to improve your game.

If the Hat Fits … Wear It!

How often have you put on a golf cap only to find that it has been made for a man’s head? Well, Golf Girl Headwear knows how to make the hat fit … for the ladies’ heads. These durable, breathable cotton canvas ladies’ golf hats are molded to fit perfectly. The fabric allows air in and body moisture out in order to keep you cool and dry. It’s the velcro back which enables you to secure the fit so those windy days don’t include flying caps. Each of the embroidered designs vary in style and carry a theme. The Martini Girl, Shoe Girl or Golf Girl come in a variety of colors and coordinate beautifully with a multitude of golf shirts, ladies’ shorts, golf dresses or ladies’ accessories.

When you find the golf cap too constricting, there is always the Golf Girl visor. Its sturdy construction follows the same embroidered golf theme design with a one-size-fits-all style. It, too, comes in a variety of colors and can be comfortably worn on and off the course.

Let us not forget how golf headwear and golf head covers go together! Golf Girl saw to it that our clubs need the same protection as our heads and brought us their signature collection of head covers. These golf covers fit drivers up to 400 cc in size. Their long nylon knit sock protects the shaft while the black micro suede and neoprene cover make them an eye-catching addition to any ladies’ golf bag.

Golf Girl seems to know the importance of accessorizing! Born from the premise that it’s not what you do for a living that counts but what you do to live, Golf Girl brings us golf cooler bags, purses and accessory bags. These bags unite casual fashion with function. Whether you’re on the golf course, in the work force or at the airport, these bags will serve a purpose in your life!

Be sure to check out our complete line of Golf Girl products which can be found at Lori’s Golf Shoppe where Golfing Girls Gather. You’ll find the latest in ladies’ golf apparel, ladies’ golf shoes, golf bags, ladies’ golf accessories, women’s golf wear, junior golf apparel and more!

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