Kids Can Play Golf and Be Fashionable, Too!

Golf is among the many types of sports that children are into these days. It might be a tad bit quiet for others’ liking, but most children play golf to have fun and improve on their finer skills. Children who start to fall in love with the sport are usually the kids of those who play golf themselves. Therefore, fashion can also be something that parents can pass on.

If you are a bit concerned that there is little to no collection of children’s outfit out there, don’t fret, because Garb Junior Girls Golf clothes are here. They come in different designs and styles that will satisfy the fashion needs of a child.

Here are some of the styles and color combinations:

  1. Heidi shirt is a combination of the colors white, pink and strawberry which makes it a perfect outfit during spring and summer.
  2. Rachel shirt comes in limelight which is also a perfect outfit during summer.
  3. Natalie short comes in vivid lipstick which your little girl can easily mix and match with any of the Garb blouses.
  4. Lucia skort is a pretty combination of lipstick, limelight and strawberry colors.

Your little girl can choose between a sleeveless or a short sleeve blouse and a skort or a short, depending on her style. She can mix and match different outfits to suit her taste. The designs are perfect for any child of any age. Each garment is made with extra care to ensure that your little golfer will feel comfortable and fashionable on the golf course.

The collection also comes with a size chart so you can easily choose between different sizes. If you really want your child to try them out, you can come over to Calabash, NC and visit us at Lori’s Golf Shoppe. Also, you can learn more about this collection when you head over to our website at Lori’s Golf




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