Sandbaggers Madison II Ladies Golf Shoes: The Ease and Convenience of Slip-on Technology

Shoes are meant to stay on your feet whenever you’re in the game zone, but it should be an easy wear and comes right off when it needs to. The Sandbaggers Madison II Ladies Golf Shoes is exactly that. It can be worn easily because of the slip-on design with an elastic gore. With that same concept, it can slip right off in a jiffy.

The Sandbaggers Madison II has steel shank for torsion control and built-in StepSaver Orthotics to keep the wearer comfortable. These shoes are perfect for weekend tournaments where prolonged standing is inevitable.

These golf shoes aren’t just made for comfort and convenience. They are also created with your safety in mind. Each pair comes with a Thermal Rubber (TR) grip sole that prevents ladies’ from slipping on the golf course.

The design is classic and versatile. It has round toe box and a leather upper tassel that just looks sophisticated. These golf shoes come in different color combination. They are: almond or white and beige, tan and floral, white and silver, and the newest addition, violetta or black and white plaid.

Why don’t you give these shoes a try and see which pair suits your skin tone well. You can see some of the color combinations over at Lori’s Golf or you can visit our physical store, Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.


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