Be Brighter than Sunshine in Tail Lanai Sunrise collection

What better way to start the day than to greet the rising sun with a well-stretched arms and a happy heart. Shine even brighter than the sunrise when you wear these beautiful the Tail Ladies Golf Outfit – Lanai Sunrise collection.

In this collection, we have 3 Tail Women’s Golf Sleeveless Shirts with various prints and styles to choose from. The first one is colored Coralia. It has a knit collar and pleated ribbon snap placket. The second one is printed with Painterly Stripe and has convertible collar and snaps to keep it more secured. The third one has a sunburst print and a modified mandarin collar. Made even better with a piping and zipper on it. All of these performance shirts are certified SPF45+.

Now, let me tell you about the skorts and shorts in this Lanai Sunrise collection. You will feel relieved as the shirts mentioned have matching shorts/skorts. So no need to experiment much on your golf clothings. You’ll never go wrong with pairs, right?

We have here two colors of the Tail Ladies Performance Jersey Pull On Golf Skorts – Painterly Stripes and Begonia. Both are of 18” outseam, have pockets and shorties. If you are more comfortable and can move freely with shorts, this collection also has one for you. It is 20” Outseam and has leg pockets.

Fashion Tip! If you love and adore this Tail Ladies Golf Outfits Lanai Sunrise collection, buy all the items. Yes, you read it right. Buying all the shirts and skorts in this collection give you six items to wear but since these have designs and color that complement each other, you can wear them on 9 different styles. Plus, you can wear them on your other golf clothings, too.

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Tail Palm Beach Status Collection

Tail is certainly rocking this golfing season with a collection that feels like summer. Aptly named, too. Tail’s Palm Beach Status collection evokes thoughts of endless days spent lounging by the beach, with a pina colada in hand, with its cheerful colors and paisley prints. Ladies, you certainly would want to check out the  pretty golf shirts and skorts from this release.

The collection boasts of golf shirts and skorts in shades of sunflower, pristine white, black and a spattering of teal in its paisley print. Golf shirts come in sleveless, short-sleeves and long sleeves, with mandarin collar. Made from polyester and spandex, the shirts come with SPF45+, a great add-on especially if you’re playing during long, summer days.

The skorts are pull-on, and would fit even the curviest girls. It has side pockets where you can stash golf balls (don’t you just love the convenience?). It also has SPF45+, so if paired with the shirt from the same collection, you’ve got yourself covered. Still, don’t forget your sunscreen though!

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Sexy Casual Tail Ladies Golf Shirt and Skirt Combo

Being a girl is fun, at the same time, tiresome. We love dressing up but it takes a lot of time to find the perfect blouse to match the perfect skirt. Do we go out with makeup, or no makeup? Does this shoes complement your dress? While it is indeed full-time work to rummage the closet every day to look for what to wear, the fun also lies there. There are clothes you wear to work, wear to party with friends and wear to play outdoors.

It’s a good thing Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC, is here to help you out, ladies, if you usually have that dilemma of finding nice and cute golf-appropriate outfits. Lori’s Golf Shoppe has a variety of golf shirts, skorts, dresses, shoes and accessories for every lady golfer. Today’s blog post will highlight one of the more popular golf outfit combo — the golf shirt + golf skort.

The Tail Ladies golf shirt and skort are made from lightweight and soft materials, ensuring the wearer’s comfort even while perspiring. Its color combination — black, pink, and white — promises endless outfit matches with assorted shirts and skorts, even from different brands. Feel sexy in this pull-on skort while strutting your stuff out at the golf course. Not only that, the skort has SPF45+, additional protection for your legs from the harmful rays of the sun.

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Tail Ladies Tennis Outfit in Desert Springs

Tennis is an exciting and action-packed game that leaves spectators breathless and on the edge of their seats, especially during the finals. What makes it more wonderful to watch is that players always seem to be so best-dressed, even when they’re drenched in sweat.

Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC knows how you ladies love to look your best while playing tennis, like your tennis favourites. So we would like to share with you a cute ensemble — the Tail Ladies Tennis Outfit in Desert Springs.













This tennis outfit composed of a top and skort in navy blue, pink and white combination exudes an aura of daintiness while being capable of swinging some serious balls at the tennis court.

The top is made from polyester and spandex so you can easily move around without sacrificing comfort. Dye inserts provide a unique design on the shoulders so you can pair it with a separate bottom should you want to mix and match.

Meanwhile, the skort, while made from the same materials, has SPF 45 so your legs have added protection when playing outdoors. The colours complement the top but you may also wear it separately either with a printed or plain-colored top that complements its colours.

It’s available in standard ladies sizes, as well as in plus size so thin or curvy, we’ve got you covered.

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Put the Tail in Tennis!

TAIL Activewear is located at the intersection of performance and fashion! Whether you are on the course or the court, TAIL sportswear breeds self-confidence that translates to improved performance. Look good … play good! Apparel is designed to perform as well as the people who wear them. The balance between fit and function puts TAIL on the red carpet. Attention to moisture management, rain protection, antimicrobial fabrics and construction to minimize friction and fabric creep make TAIL the clothes to wear year round.

A full line of TAIL apparel can be found at Lori’s Golf Shoppe conveniently located just north of the North Carolina / South Carolina border … which means you can simply stop by and take a look at the ladies’ golf and tennis apparel and accessories. Lori’s carries current trends coupled with those tried and true favorites of ours. You’ll find a host of sporting good items for men, women and children.

When travel is not possible, why not log on to, the internationally recognized online shoppe. With over 5000 items from which to choose, you’re sure to find exactly what you are looking for … at discounted prices. Whether you live in Dubai, Hong Kong, England, Australia or right next door, special shipping options are available at checkout. Knowledgeable staff can assist you with your selections and timely delivery will keep you smiling.

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