These Golftini Ladies Golf Outfits are the Newest Way to Add Flair to Your Golf Game

Golftini has never failed to provide women golfers with chic and comfy outfits. Aside from being consistent with its design, it does a wonderful job of adding great feminine touches to their golf attires.

This time of year, two Golftini ladies golf outfit will rock your summer choices. Introducing the Golftini Ladies Golf Outfits in Grey and Camo Pink Print.

Golftini Sleeveless Zip Tech Polo

The Golftini Sleeveless Zip Tech Polo is as cool and sassy as it looks on the image. It has a flat collar design and zip placket that supports a flattering V-neckline. Made of 95% Poly and 5% Spandex, it is the best pick for warmer days. The refreshing feels of this sleeveless polo is even more enhanced by its moisture wicking technology. It dries faster than ordinary cotton, thus giving you freedom of movement without having to worry about getting soaked in sweat. Available sizes include X-Small, Small, Medium and Large.

The Grey Golftini Sleeveless Zip Tech Polo is perfectly paired with Golftini Incognito Skort. This skort is definitely a must-add to your wardrobe. You can choose between the standard length which is 17.5 inches or longer which is 19 inches. Both features a flat-front style with built-in loose-fitting and a sexy scalloped edge detail.

The skort has two super deep side pockets where you can keep your golf balls or other important accessories. The camouflage prints are adorned with a grosgrain ribbon trim detail down sides and on the back pockets, which definitely makes it a perfect choice for those who want to look feminine yet fearless at the same time.

Golftini Ladies Sleeveless Zip Tech Golf Polo Shirts - Light Pink

For a milder and more feminine appearance, the Golftini Ladies Sleeveless Zip Tech Golf Polo Shirts – Light Pink would be a great alternative. The light pink fabric makes a great fit for the Incognito Skort considering its charming combination of colors. You can either tuck this shirt in the skort or hang loose.

This Light Pink Sleeveless Zip Tech Polo is very comfortable. It is also made of 95% Poly and 5% Spandex. Like its gray counterpart, it is an ideal choice for summer golf. Available in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium and Large.

Whether you want to lay low on the “19th Hole” or stand out on the green course, Golftini can definitely make any fashionable golfer like you happy. Take one or all of these golf pieces and enjoy Free Shipping.

Stay Cool and Dry with these Gorgeous K. Bell Socks

Playing golf really takes a toll on your feet – especially when the weather is hot. But with a good pair of socks from K. Bell, you are rest assured that your feet will stay cool and dry the whole round.

Since 1979, K. Bell Socks has been delivering high quality products with great prices and designs. With the newest 2-pair golf socks edition, the brand gives golfers more freedom to fine tune their golf outfits and improve their performance on the course.

These 2 pairs of colorful printed white sock are so cool. The combo consists of lime and turquoise paisley and floral prints making them a perfect match for light colored golf apparel. Made of cotton and polyester fabric, these socks give you assurance that the designs will remain in perfect shape when worn.


Its pink counterpart is perfect for lovers of pink. This 2-pair ladies socks feature two lovely colors. One pair has a lime green paisley design with tiny pink flowers scattered all over the fabric. The other pair has charming golf emblems creatively patterned throughout the instep. Its pink scuff makes it very feminine and sweet looking.


These pink footie socks are a great option if you want to add a touch of personality to your overall golf outfit. This 2-pair golf socks feature two adorable ladies socks with tiny dots and crossed golf clubs design in grey, black, and red combination. They are very trendy and strappingly gorgeous.



A golf game is suddenly more stylish in these adorable pairs of ladies golf socks. The 2-pair pack consists of plain fuchsia and printed white socks. The variation between solid colors and prints gives you the freedom to alternately wear them on different days.


The gray counterpart is a good choice if you want darker colors. It’s very neutral and more athletic. The white pair also looks very descent with its blue golf ball patterns circled around the fabric.


The K. Bell 2-pair golf socks are designed with moisture wicking material that accelerate evaporation and keeps feet dry. They are made of 60% Cotton, 38% Polyester, and 2% Spandex making them very soft from heel to toe. Shorter in style, these K. Bell socks will keep you safe in any situation. Whether you are only practicing or playing a real challenge, you will never have to worry about them wearing out or ripping. More so, they are shorter in style so they show only to the top of your shoes. All socks have one size that fits all.

Since playing golf can be tough, it is important that we take every necessary action to ensure that we are playing our best. Conversely, a good pair of socks from K. Bell will offer huge advantage in terms of fit, support, and comfort. Get two pairs of sock for the price of one which is only $12.99.

Empower Yourself with Bette & Court Ignite Collection’s Innovate 18″ Pull On Golf Skorts

Since the beginning Bette & Court has been a premier manufacturer of stylish golf apparel that empowers women on the golf course. Now, you are going to love it more with the Bette & Court Ignite Collection featuring golf pieces with innovative fabric and cutting edge cooling technology.

The collection presents gorgeous contrast of colors consisting of blue calypso, white, and black. A reflection of strength and style in one brand, this collection is easy  to fall in love with. Not to mention the beautiful Bette & Court Ladies Innovate 18″ Pull On Golf Skorts. It has  exquisite brushes of black patterns adorned with a blue trim finish that firmly wraps around the waist. Crafted from a spandex stretch, this skort allows you to shift and swing with ease.


This skort looks even better when matched with Bette & Court Ladies Vibe Sleeveless Cool Elements Colorblock Golf Polo Shirts. The shirt has a beautiful color combination of black, white, and calypso blue. Its blue collar perfectly complements the skort’s blue trim. The outfit provides a smooth fit design which firms your stomach and flattens your backside.


If you like a more conventional outfit that doesn’t look too submissive, the Bette & Court Ladies Aero Short Sleeve Cool Elements Colorblock Golf Polo Shirts is an ideal match. It includes a mint green zip placket that compliments the calypso blue shoulders andblack mesh sleeves. The contrast piecing definitely makes it look very stylish!


For a cooler day, you can wear the skort in four fabulous styles. You can start with Bette & Court Ladies Hybrid Cool Elements Long Sleeve Golf Pullover Hoodie – White. It has adjustable cowl drawstring hood and two side zip placket for your essentials. It’s very simple but it has a feminine tailoring that provides a flattering fit.


The Bette & Court printed skort is very versatile that it also fits the three varieties of calypso blue Bette & Court Ladies Cool Elements Long Sleeve Golf shirts.

It perfectly blends with the Bette & Court Ladies Cool Elements Long Sleeve Mock Neck Golf Shirts. The shirt is made of mesh piecing and mock neck that provides a neck-lengthening silhouette in a classic fashion.

A casual golf occasion, however calls for the Bette & Court Ladies Cool Elements Long Sleeve Crew Neck Golf Shirts. It is very lightweight while its breathable fabric and crew neck design offers maximum ventilation to keep you from sweating heavily.

Built for comfort, mobility, and style, the Bette & Court Ladies Hybrid Cool Elements Long Sleeve Golf Pullover Hoodie is another option. It gives your body an athletic fit and keeps you motivated from the first drive to the final putt amidst the cold outdoors.


Whichever you choose, each item looks and feels right. The long sleeves have mesh underarm and moisture wicking properties to keep you feeling cool in every swing you make. Now which of these outfits is your favorite? Better yet, complete your Bette & Court Ignite Collection and be self-assured in every game you’re in.

Feel Free to Mix and Match with the Bette & Court Ladies Essence Pull-on 18″ Golf Skort

Bette & Court Strength Collection is one of the top selections for women who want to be stylish without sacrificing comfort and long lasting quality. The collection presents golf pieces with variations of pink that are not too hot or too pastel such as the Bette & Court Ladies Essence Pull On 18″ Golf Skort.

The Bette & Court Ladies Essence Pull On 18″ Golf Skort offers a fashionable coral print design that makes it a great choice for anyone who loves to mix and match. Made of polyester/spandex, it is firm and thick enough to hold its shape while giving you the liberty to stretch. It has a UPF sun protection and a fast dry absorption technology that keeps you feeling cool throughout the game.


To achieve an edgy golf outfit without looking too off on a fine weather day , you can start by pairing it with neutral tops from the collection. Take for example this skort and the Bette & Court Ladies Swing Cool Elements Short Sleeve Golf Polo Shirt – both colors perfectly blend together while giving you a fashionable aura amidst the wide range of activities on the golf course.


For a cold weather outfit that doesn’t look too bulky you have two options – whether you match the skort with a pullover hoodie or blend it with a mock neck collar long sleeve. Either way, the solid colors of both shirts will blend perfectly with the skort’s cute coral prints.

The Bette & Court Ladies Hybrid Cool Elements Long Sleeve Golf Pullover Hoodie has an adjustable cowl drawstring hood and a side silver zip placket that gives it a delicate feature. Made of polyester/spandex, it perfectly holds you in shape while giving you a breathable feeling.

On the other hand, the Bette & Court Ladies Cool Elements Long Sleeve Mock Neck Golf Shirt includes a gorgeous mock neck self collar and silver zip placket design for anyone who wants to achieve a classic style while maintaining a fierce sporty feels.

Both long sleeve shirts have UPF features for sun protection, and mesh underarms to keep you cool and fresh amidst a day-long activity.


You can still use Bette & Court’s coral print skort even when the weather is very warm as you can match it with the Bette & Court Ladies Energy Sleeveless Cool Elements Print Golf Polo Shirts. The shirt keeps you feeling fresh as you tackle an unbending golf game under the heat of the sun. Its breathable spandex offers an unrestricted swinging through your round while the silver zip placket makes a clubhouse style a cinch over the beautiful coral print skort. Its cool print elements are also too small that they don’t over power the skort’s beautiful prints.

The Bette & Court Ladies Essence Pull On 18″ Golf Skort is definitely a wardrobe must-have.  Aside from the flexibility it offers, the cool elements and smooth fit technology is something that every woman golfers deserve.

Look and feel great throughout the entire round while enjoying the freedom of being able to choose a variety of polo shirts to match this lovely golf skort for all types of weather from Bette & Court Strength Collection.

Feel Good, Look Good with Sport Haley Mystic Pond Collection

Sport Haley has always been one of the favorite brands of golfing apparel for women who love classic and timeless designs for the golf course. For more than 28 years, it has never failed women golfers when it comes to modern designs that look chic like the Mystic Pond Collection.

The Mystic Pond Collection offers bright and fun colors. It is a perfect choice for women golfers who want to gravitate towards stripes and textured designs.
There are many options from the Mystic Pond Collection to choose from.


The ladies golf shirts include two beautiful solid collar and button placket shirts with a refreshing shade of blue.

The Ladies Beatrice Short Sleeve Printed Golf Polo stands out with its white collar and black button, and a UPF 30 for sun protection.

The Lindsey Elbow Length Sleeve Printed Golf Polo looks very dainty in its artistic bluish texture left undisturbed by the transparent button embedded in its collar. There is one button on the each of sleeve for added feature and UPF 30 for sun protection.

Made of polyester cotton, their fabrics are very soft to the body thereby providing a stylish comfort and care. Both polo shirts can be mixed and matched with the Sport Haley Ladies Clara Solid Golf Skort.


This skirt is an 18 inch, slimming pull on skort with elastic waist band and a slit on the side to facilitate ease of walking and bending.


Sleeveless  golf shirts are available in printed and two solid clipper blue and black colors.  Sport Haley Ladies Roxanne Sleeveless Printed Golf Polo Shirt definitely looks good on most  body frames. It has very small blue and white checkered pattern spread throughout the fabric, perfect in maintaining a fresh-looking aura under the heat of the sun.

Sport Haley Ladies Bailey “Haley Tech” Sleeveless Golf Polo looks very professional in its contrast collar and zip placket. Its clipper blue color attracts fresh vibes despite the  warm weather.

Sport Haley Ladies Reversible Full Zip Quilted Golf Vest is perfect for a cold weather. The clipper blue is reversible to black. All sleeveless golf shirts have UPF 30 for sun protection.

Look good and feel good with Sport Haley Mystic Pond Collection. With a variety of options, you surely can’t enough with only one item. Try to mix and match all of  this Sport Haley collection and enjoy your day, whether you are spending a full day on the golf course or just enjoying a quick practice session on the driving range.

Be Brighter than Sunshine in Tail Lanai Sunrise collection

What better way to start the day than to greet the rising sun with a well-stretched arms and a happy heart. Shine even brighter than the sunrise when you wear these beautiful the Tail Ladies Golf Outfit – Lanai Sunrise collection.

In this collection, we have 3 Tail Women’s Golf Sleeveless Shirts with various prints and styles to choose from. The first one is colored Coralia. It has a knit collar and pleated ribbon snap placket. The second one is printed with Painterly Stripe and has convertible collar and snaps to keep it more secured. The third one has a sunburst print and a modified mandarin collar. Made even better with a piping and zipper on it. All of these performance shirts are certified SPF45+.

Now, let me tell you about the skorts and shorts in this Lanai Sunrise collection. You will feel relieved as the shirts mentioned have matching shorts/skorts. So no need to experiment much on your golf clothings. You’ll never go wrong with pairs, right?

We have here two colors of the Tail Ladies Performance Jersey Pull On Golf Skorts – Painterly Stripes and Begonia. Both are of 18” outseam, have pockets and shorties. If you are more comfortable and can move freely with shorts, this collection also has one for you. It is 20” Outseam and has leg pockets.

Fashion Tip! If you love and adore this Tail Ladies Golf Outfits Lanai Sunrise collection, buy all the items. Yes, you read it right. Buying all the shirts and skorts in this collection give you six items to wear but since these have designs and color that complement each other, you can wear them on 9 different styles. Plus, you can wear them on your other golf clothings, too.

Want more chic ladies golf collections? Come and visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC. It sure has more items to choose from. Or, shop online at

Sandbaggers Allison Shoes Makes Golfing Comfortable and Stylish

Playing on the golf course for hours at a time can take its toll on your feet and calves. That is why it is important to have a good pair of comfortable golf shoes because you don’t want to hurt yourself while playing your favorite sport.



The Sandbaggers Allison Golf Shoes have the following features that golfing ladies will surely love:

  • Contour asymmetric toe box
  • Tapered heel and arch
  • 360-degree soft Savoire Suede lining that wicks moisture
  • Water resistant
  • Steel shank for torsion control
  • StepSaver orthotic to reduce athletic foot fatigue, and many more

This specific collection has 3 colors that any golfing ladies can choose from. They have the classic black which is perfect for any type of clothing style and color. In addition, the Allison golf shoes also come in Ginger and Gray for that classic yet elegant look.

Apart from the design and color, one of the selling points is the slip-on style that is easy to put on but fits perfectly and snugly. It makes walking and playing the sport easy, comfortable and stylish, all at the same time. Check out Lori’s Golf Shoppes in Calabash, NC if you want to try on these amazing shoes. Also, you can visit our website at Lori’s Golf

Comfort and Style: The Bette & Court Smooth Fit Bottoms Way

Have you ever wanted to wear pull on bottoms that don’t have zippers that create unflattering bulges? Check out Bette & Court Smooth Fit garments and you will be totally amazed.

Their collection includes golf skorts, capris and shorts that are designed to make any woman look and feel firmer. The pull on design was created to make the tummy look flatter and because it doesn’t have zippers, you can do away with ugly bulks and bulges. The bottoms are made out of Nylon, Rayon and Spandex which can stretch comfortably on the golf course.

Colors vary depending on which specific apparel. For golf skorts, they come in black and stone, two colors that are classic and can work with any of your tops. Their golf capris and shorts come in a variety of elegant and fun colors such as jade, black, stone, watermelon, hot pink and caribbean.  

These bottoms are truly versatile that you can mix and match these with the other outfits in your closet. They are also perfect for just lounging around the golf club or taking a sip at the café.

Head on over to Lori’s Golf Shoppes at Calabash, NC and try these babies on. You will surely want to get more than just one for your closet or collection. To learn more about the Bette & Court Smooth Fit Bottoms check out our website at Lori’s Golf


Stay Fit, Classy and Sexy with Renondo Beach Collection

Playing golf has never been this comfortable and stylish since this classy and fun collection by Jo Fit was launched. The Renondo Beach collection is perfect for golfing ladies of all sizes and shapes.

The collection comes with stylish and functional tank tops, golf shirts, skort and legging combo, pull-on skorts, and more. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but most of the outfits are incorporated with sexy and girly designs. Their apparels come in black with mini white dots as well as magenta. These colors are versatile and unique that anyone can wear it.

Their golf shirts come with the signature wicking Jo Dry Jersey that makes it a comfortable outfit to wear while playing golf and walking around the club. They also have flattering and sophisticated tanks with asymmetrical neckline for that sexy and fun look. Their legging and skort combo are classy for golf games, walking around the club, lounging in the café, and more. Check the Renondo Beach Collection here and see which piece will fit your personal style.

So what’s special about this collection? Not only will this look any good on golfing ladies, but they are also perfect for women who love to play tennis. Their tank comes with an integrated shelf bra that flatters your physique in ways regular t-shirts will never accomplish.

 If you feel that this collection fits your taste, then head over to Calabash, NC and check out Lori’s Golf Shoppes. Check our website at Lori’s Golf for more products. What are you waiting for? Visit our physical store or online shop now!

Beat the Heat!

The dog days of summer are just around the corner and that heat can get the best of us. Playing golf in 85 degree weather with high humidity can be a problem. While hydration is key, there are many other items we can use to help us beat the heat and Lori’s Golf Shoppe is here to help us.

Lori’s Golf Shoppe carries a full line of water bottle covers made by Glove It. You’ll be able to keep your favorite beverage icy cold in this neoprene water bottle cover in subtle and stylish prints. Glove It has even gone so far as to creating matching designs. Select your neoprene cover and you’ll find matching ladies’ golf gloves, visors and ladies’ golf accessory bags.

Golf Gals” Cooler bags, custom designed exclusively for Lori’s Golf Shoppe, are double-strapped insulated bags with zipper closure and front pockets. These bags are roomy enough to carry your water bottles and snacks yet small enough to fit in the basket of your golf cart. Easily sponge off dirt and grime and your cooler bag is ready for the next outing.

Ladies’ golf apparel can also enhance your comfort in the dead of summer. Many fabrics now boast moisture-wicking, built-in sun protection to keep you dry and comfortable throughout your round. Lori’s Golf Shoppe carries an extensive line of ladies’ golf dresses, ladies’ golf shorts and skorts, women’s outerwear, ladies’ golf polos and shirts.

Additional “beat-the-heat” accessories always come in handy during those hot and humid days. “Cool Ties” will keep you cool up to 24 hours. The crystals inside will hold 400 times its weight when placed in water. You need only to submerge this Cool Tie in water or surround it with ice for ten minutes to activate the crystals. Place it around your neck or head to feel the immediate cooling sensation these ties can offer.

Your skin and eyes should also take precedence when outside in the heat for prolonged periods of time. The Sungod II eye wear will shield your eyes from the glaring sun protecting them from the elements of your environment. Sun screens and aloe lip ices are also a must when out on the links.

Lori’s Golf Shoppe boasts all the golfing items you will ever need to successfully play the game of golf. When time is limited, be sure to browse on-line at This one-stop golf shoppe is a cut above the rest and will serve you well as you strive to improve your game.