EP Pro … Belmont Style!

EP Pro Belmont style is the new line for Spring 2010! Highlighting skorts, shorts, vests, and pullovers, this manufacturer knows how to dress the woman! EP Pro has been leading the women’s golf sportswear market for over 15 years, tastefully blending classic looks with modern trends in order to capture a feeling that is as new as it is wearable.

Clothing geared for the lady golfer, these EP Pro Belmont designs can really take you anywhere. Pictured above, is the Belmont classic skort, shirt and vest attire. The Tour Dry® cotton and poly jersey with contrasting piping works well with the 19″ microfiber status print skort. Add the fine gauge cotton / Lycra scoop neck vest and you have yourself a comfortable, affordable and stylish ladies’ golf outfit.

With cool weather still in the Spring forecast, EP Pro Belmont adds the fine gauge cotton long sleeve zip front cardigan. The stitched argyle sleeve combines color and style in subtle ways. Their cotton rib long sleeve mock neck pullover is another alternative to keep the cool breeze at bay.

Each of these designs can be purchased at Lori’s Golf Shoppe located just north of the South Carolina border in Calabash, North Carolina. Lori’s also boasts an internationally recognized online shoppe at lorisgolfshoppe.com. Both locations will afford you the opportunity for hassle free shopping jammed packed with items for men, women and children all under one roof. Golf equipment, lessons and clinics for beginners to advanced are only some of the many offerings you’ll find at this location. Lori’s Golf Shoppe offers special discounts and promotions to entice your “Shop Till You Drop” desires. It’s an experience you’ll want to repeat time and again. Be sure to visit the retail store or browse the online shoppe to get yourself the best in golf attire and equipment. Lori’s Golf Shoppe is the place where “All Golfing Gals Gather“!

So many choices … so little time!

Selecting a ladies’ golf bag has certainly taken on new meaning! So many choices, so little time! If so desired, it would be easy for the female golfer to coordinate her golf attire with her golf bag! Ladies’ golf bag choices are too numerous to mention here but we can give you a sampling of the newest in Ogio ladies’ golf bags for 2010!

First and foremost, protecting your golf clubs is the primary reason we carry golf bags … otherwise we would just throw them into a shopping bag! Ogio designers are among the leaders in golf bag design when creating the ladies’ golf bag. Fine craftsmanship, durability, and portability are but just a few of the many variables considered when designing the ladies’ golf bag. Each of these Ogio bags will contain full length club dividers, lift grips for easy transport, fleece lined valuables pocket, glove-putter attachment loops, umbrella containment systems, scorecard and pencil sleeve pockets, and more. To obtain more information pertaining to these ladies’ golf bags, why not visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe.

Lori’s Golf Shoppe is located in Calabash, North Carolina. Lori’s carries a full line of men’s and ladies’ golf bags, coupled with a myriad of other golf items needed for the game. Lori’s Golf Shoppe is a speciality golf shoppe geared for all ages. While it’s the perfect place to shop for the female golfer, you’ll find a host of golfing items for the men in your family as well. Lori’s Golf Shoppe or Lorisgolfshoppe.com features the latest in golf apparel, club selection, golf bags, totes, lessons, clinics, on-course instruction, tournament prizes and gifts. Lori’s Golf Shoppe has it all under one roof at affordable prices and great selections. Be sure to stop by to visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe or browse on line at Lorisgolfshoppe.com. It’s the place where all Golfing Gangs Gather!

Sale – A – Bration!

Who doesn’t like a good bargain? Ladies’ golf shoes for $29.95, ladies’ golf bag for $69.99, ladies’ golf balls for $18.99, ladies’ golf skorts for $39.99 and the list goes on! No need to clip coupons … just visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe or shop on-line at Lorisgolfshoppe.com for spectacular savings.

Lori’s Golf Shoppe, located in Calabash, North Carolina, carries a complete line of ladies’ golf apparel and ladies’ golf equipment at affordable prices. Monthly sales events enable you to purchase the latest in styles and technology without having to wait for next year’s model to hit the floor.

Whether you are shopping in her 4000 square foot retail shoppe, Lori’s Golf Shoppe, or browsing on-line at Lorisgolfshoppe.com, you’ll find the most popular golf manufacturers in the business. Adidas, Bette & Court, EP Pro, Ecco, Etonic, Jamie Sadock, JoFit, Lily’s Beverly Hills, Liz, Nike, Sandbaggers, and Tail are a small sampling of what is available to you. Lori’s Golf Shoppe is geared to fit the woman you are and if women’s plus sizes are what you’re looking for, you’ll find plenty to satisfy your needs.

If you’re interested in shopping on-line at Lorisgolfshoppe.com, you’ll find the same selections and special events that take place in her store. Add an additional 15% off for on-line shopping and your savings are even greater. Hate to pay shipping? Not to worry … free shipping is available within the Continental USA for all orders over $100. It doesn’t get any better than that when you’re in the market for ladies’ golf apparel, ladies’ golf shoes, ladies’ golf bags, ladies’ golf accessories and tournament prizes.

Be sure to take advantage of this one-stop ladies’ golf shoppe, Lori’s Golf Shoppe, or shop on-line at Lorisgolfshoppe.com for all your golfing needs. After all, Lori’s is the place where all Golfing Gals Gather!!

Casablanca … EP Pro Style

What Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman did for the movie, EP Pro has done with their “Casablanca Ladies’ Golf Sportswear line. Casablanca provides a classic yet fresh perspective with navy and peony pink hues in versatile fabrics perfect for on and off the course.

Illustrated here is EP Pro’s ladies’ golf 19″ micro twill skort with D ring detail. Streamlined, fashionable and trendy, this twill skort is truly timeless in style and can go anywhere you go! Pair this ladies’ skort with EP Pro Tour-Dry® short sleeve ladies’ golf polo with contrast tipping and you’ll have yourself a great “get up and go” outfit. Add some stretch bootleg ladies’ golf pinstripe pants, with coin flap pocket detail, and you’ll be ready to conquer the cooler climates.

EP Pro is known for its ability to complete your fashion statement with a coordinating ladies’ golf vest or golf sweater. The water-resistant poly/nylon ladies’ golf vest, with zip front and flap pocket detail, is interchangeable with numerous garments. This cashmere cable knit sweater provides a sophisticated finish to this classic group. Casablanca is just a great selection of classy, ageless ladies’ golf apparel.

EP Pro Ladies’ golf apparel is readily available at Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, North Carolina. And if Lori’s is not in your immediate area, feel free to shop on line at Lorisgolfshoppe.com where you’ll find over 5,000 items of ladies’ golf apparel, ladies’ golf shoes, ladies’ golf bags, visors and hats, golf balls, golf ball markers and anything else you’ll ever need to learn or play the game of golf. Those hard to find items for the junior girl and boy golfers or the women’s plus size apparel selections will be right at your fingertips. Give Lori’s Golf Shoppe a try on your next shopping excursion and we’re sure you’ll be back to visit us again, and again, and again. Lori’s is the place where all Golfing Gals Gather for fun and friendship.

Walking On Air!

There is nothing like a “lite” shoe when it comes to warm weather golfing … and Nike has it for the lady golfer! This Nike Ladies’ Air Summer Lite II golf shoe features mesh and synthetic leather upper to provide the optimal lightweight and breathable shoe! Nike Air gives comfort, stability and cushioning. The Durapontex sockliner gives you a smooth ride while providing a ventilation system that allows the ultimate in breathability during your hottest rounds. The power platform offers total traction and comfort regardless of the terrain. The flexibility of this ladies’ golf shoe proves most helpful when faced with those uneven lies! Add to these unique qualities, the colorful plaids which will readily coordinate with any outfit in your closet. This stylish ladies’ golf shoe comes in black/plaid, purple/plaid, white/black and white/zinc.

These Nike Ladies’ Air Summer Lite II golf shoes can be purchased from Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, North Carolina or you can shop on-line at Lorisgolfshoppe.com. Whichever route you take, you are bound to find these ladies’ golf shoes and a whole lot more at Lori’s. You’ll find the latest in ladies’ golf apparel geared to suit the female population, from the young junior girl golfer to the stylish woman golferLori’s has it all! Ladies’ and junior girl golf equipment is also a top priority at this unique ladies’ golf store. Close attention is paid to proper fit when it comes to club selections. Club repair and custom club building are wonderful additions to help you perfect your game. Lori’s Golf Shoppe also offers individual and group instruction. With three golf instructors on staff, you’ll have the opportunity to learn all aspects of the game from some of the best in the field.
Lori’s Golf Shoppe breaks the borders for ladies’ golf! The personalized service, the ultimate in fashion, and the state-of-the-art golf equipment is there for the taking. Be sure to stop by Lori’s Golf Shoppe or shop on-line at Lorisgolfshoppe.com. You’ll have the best at your fingertips when it comes to the game of golf!