Cause You’ve Got …… PURSONALITEE ….

Walk, Talk, Smile, Pursonalitee …Lloyd Price wasn’t the only one who had a “Personality” hit. Why not try out one of these “Pursonalitee” purses for Mother’s Day? It makes a great gift. It’s fun, flirty and fashionable. And just who has the scoop on these bags? Why, Lori’s Golf Shoppe of course!

Express your golf personality on or off the course when you carry a Pursonalitee handbag. Whether you are 8 or 80, grab your eye-catching bag from the cart and head to lunch at the club, school or shopping. Your cute bag will tell the world you love the great sport of golf!

And gentlemen, a Pursonalitee bag makes a great gift for any occasion. All of the bags have their own distinct personality. Choose from fun, bright colors and patterns! Every bag is adorned with three color coordinated painted tees, with the added touch of a sparkling crystal sitting on top of each tee for that special “bling, bling” effect! Keep in mind, too, that each individual bag was designed and created by a family of golfer girls! Make this purchase and your special lady will also “Walk, Talk, and Smile” Pursonalitee!

Lori’s Golf Shoppe is located in the heart of Calabash, North Carolina. A short distance from Route 17, north of the South / North Carolina border, you’ll find this family style sporting goods store. Since 2003, Lori’s Golf Shoppe has grown from a petite golf store in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, to a 4,000 square foot golf store in Calabash, NC. In 2005, Lori launched her now globally recognized online golf / tennis store at There you will find over 5000 items related to golf for men, women and children. In either location, you’ll find sales associates, (by phone if online), who can assist you with your selections and even customize your equipment choices since 3 full-time golf professionals are on staff.

Lori’s Golf Shoppe is truly a unique place to shoppe. You’ll build new friendships with each visit to the shoppe. Golf instruction, outings and packages are available to help you bring your game to the next level. Be sure to stop by Lori’s Golf Shoppe as it’s the place Where All Golf Gals Gather for apparel, equipment and accessories related to the sport of golf and tennis.

Golf Bags Gallore!

Meet the new ultralite performance bags from Ogio and RJ Sports! Each manufacturer has designed men’s and ladies’ golf cart, stand and carry bags with comfort in mind. When you think about it, as you negotiate the golf course, your golf bag becomes part of your identity. Choosing the right combination of bag style and functionality is part of who defines you on the fairway. Both Ogio Golf Bags and RJ Sport Golf Bags strive to make that choice as personal as possible.

While each company creates their own unique designs, commonality exists between the two. Durability, longevity, and practicality define their workmanship. Each style incorporates individual full-length club dividers, multiple easy access pockets, hydration pocket, fleece lined wallet / cell phone pockets, rain hood system, integrated strap/trunk handles, and more depending upon the style you choose. Quality craftsmanship remains the most important feature of all designs.

Purchase of these fine quality items can be easily accomplished with just a click of the mouse. boasts a unique internationally recognized online shoppe in which your golf choices seem endless. With over 5000 golf related items on display, you can shop to your heart’s content … all from the comfort of your own home. You’ll find specials and discounts at the check out while all orders totalling $100 or more will be shipped free within the continental USA.

And while you are playing the game of golf along the coast of North or South Carolina, why not stop in at Lori’s Golf Shoppe conveniently located just off Route 17, in Calabash, North Carolina. Lori’s Golf Shoppe houses golf items for men, women and children. Apparel, equipment, golf bags, shoes, jewelry, hats and visors are but a few of the many items bound to make you look and play better on the golf course. Group and individual instruction is available from one of the three full-time golf professional at the shoppe. Lori’s is that “family style” shoppe which meets the needs of all golfers. Be sure to stop by Lori’s Golf Shoppe or browse online at as it is the place where “All Golf Gals Gather” to bring their game to the next level!

Seville & Songbirds … EP Pro’s Latest

While the summer sun is still blazing, EP Pro is getting ready for their Fall apparel line. For over 15 years, EP Pro has been among the leading manufacturers of women’s golf sportswear. They have a knack of blending the classic look with modern trends to capture a feeling that is as new as it is wearable.

Pictured at the far left is the Seville ensemble. The shirt is of a tour-tech micro waffle Jacquard with contrasting trim. The 19″ stretch cotton sateen skort sports a geo tile print with waist tab detail. Pair this outfit with a coordinating sweater or pullover and you’ll be ready for the cooler temps of the Fall.

Pictured at right is EP Pro’s “Song Bird“. Feel like a bird in paradise with this 19” peacock feathered print microfiber skort. The micro fiber will keep you cool and comfortable as you step from tee to tee. Add the white poly Jersey top with mandarin collar and matching sweater and you’re ready for a stop at the 19th hole!

EP Pro provides an extensive assortment of high quality always in-stock basics ranging from solid and patterned polos to sweaters, outerwear and bottoms. Each of these items can be viewed at the renown Lori’s Golf Shoppethe golf shoppe that caters to women golfers! Located in the southeastern part of North Carolina, just north of the South Carolina border. It’s easily accessible from major roadways and houses everything you’ll ever need to play the game of golf. You’ll find a full line of the latest in golf equipment coupled with clinics and lessons to help bring your game to the next level. The three professionals on staff are committed to bringing you the best instruction geared to meet your individual needs. Their expertise can assist you with club selection and personalized club building.

When travel restrictions present themselves, you can shoppe on-line at There you will find a full line of apparel, equipment, golf shoes, golf bags, totes, accessories, and more. Knowledgeable sales associates can assist you with all your selections to ensure you have made the right choices. Additional discounts can be found at check out and shipping incentives prevail. Be sure to stop by Lori’s Golf Shoppe or for a shopping experience you’ll soon want to repeat!

Feel the Ground Beneath Your Feet

Talk long enough to anyone who regularly walks when they play golf and they’ll eventually tell you there is no better way to play the game. The fresh air, the feel of the ground beneath your feet, and the perfect rhythm it creates makes walking 18 holes of golf the only way to go.

Sun Mountain is among the leading golf manufacturers of cart bags, stand bags and “trolleys or carts“. Trolleys or carts … push or pull variety … have long served as the great compromise. Golfers can shed the weight of the carry bag, trade the luxury of the electric golf cart and utilize the “trolley” to experience the real feel of the game!

Sun Mountain has long been successful in the design of the trolleys or carts. And new for 2010 is the Micro E Cart and its incredibly small size! The Micro Cart folds down to 2.7 cubic feet (12″ x 16″ x 25″) and doesn’t require any assembly. The cart folds up or out in one or two basic moves. The Micro Cart wins in another “micro” way as well: weight! This Sun Mountain offering tallies a svelte 13 pounds!

Construction of this cart is unique in many ways. The cart’s four wheels are standard, low-maintenance solid foam .. no flat tires and no pump necessary. The frame is anodized aluminum and available in four colors (black, silver, red, blue). Its two handle-height positions, strapless bag bracket, console with padded valuables tray, ball and tee holders, magnetized scorecard holder, and a drink holder makes this cart the perfect choice!

The purchase of Sun Mountain golf bags and carts can be easily accomplished through Lori’s Golf Shoppe located in the heart of Calabash, North Carolina. Lori’s Golf Shoppe carries a full line of golf equipment coupled with golf lessons and clinics conducted by the leading golf instructors in the area. Apparel for men, women and children can be purchased in a large variety of styles and colors at discounted prices. Sales associates can offer their expertise and guidance when selecting items for your friends and family members. Tournament prizes and golf gifts are readily available and can be “personalized and bundled” for all occasions. When time is of the essence, browse Lori’s Golf Shoppe on-line store at where you will find over 5,000 items from which to choose. Remember, Lori’s Golf Shoppe is the place where the Golfing Gang Gathers for fun and friendship!

So many choices … so little time!

Selecting a ladies’ golf bag has certainly taken on new meaning! So many choices, so little time! If so desired, it would be easy for the female golfer to coordinate her golf attire with her golf bag! Ladies’ golf bag choices are too numerous to mention here but we can give you a sampling of the newest in Ogio ladies’ golf bags for 2010!

First and foremost, protecting your golf clubs is the primary reason we carry golf bags … otherwise we would just throw them into a shopping bag! Ogio designers are among the leaders in golf bag design when creating the ladies’ golf bag. Fine craftsmanship, durability, and portability are but just a few of the many variables considered when designing the ladies’ golf bag. Each of these Ogio bags will contain full length club dividers, lift grips for easy transport, fleece lined valuables pocket, glove-putter attachment loops, umbrella containment systems, scorecard and pencil sleeve pockets, and more. To obtain more information pertaining to these ladies’ golf bags, why not visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe.

Lori’s Golf Shoppe is located in Calabash, North Carolina. Lori’s carries a full line of men’s and ladies’ golf bags, coupled with a myriad of other golf items needed for the game. Lori’s Golf Shoppe is a speciality golf shoppe geared for all ages. While it’s the perfect place to shop for the female golfer, you’ll find a host of golfing items for the men in your family as well. Lori’s Golf Shoppe or features the latest in golf apparel, club selection, golf bags, totes, lessons, clinics, on-course instruction, tournament prizes and gifts. Lori’s Golf Shoppe has it all under one roof at affordable prices and great selections. Be sure to stop by to visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe or browse on line at It’s the place where all Golfing Gangs Gather!

Sock It To Em’

Who ever thought that ladies’ golf socks would speak to your personality? There is a logo for every event in which you participate. Love Cabernet wine? Enjoy Mai Tai cocktail? Love purses and flip flops? Or is the animal print your inner strength? Whatever your desire, there is a ladies’ golf sock for you.

Well-known ladies’ golf sock manufacturers have followed the trends and designed socks that coordinate with visor clip ball markers, visors and hats. On The Tee, Golf Gals and K-Bell Sport Sock companies have embroidered motifs in bright, durable speciality yarns.

The new ladies’ golf Jox Sox is a hot item on the market at this time. These cotton / nylon / Lycra fabrics aid air circulation through their mesh upper keeping feet cooler and more resistant to odors. The padded bottoms cushion feet reducing fatigue while adding comfort when walking 18 holes.

Nike® Dri-Fit No Show Ladies’ Golf Socks are soft, comfortable and the perfect sock to wear with golf shoes. The Dri-Fit fabric transports moisture from your skin to the sock surface for rapid evaporation, keeping feet cool and dry. These socks are cut low, for a clean look with golf shoes. The polyester/nylon/cotton, and spandex blend holds up wash after wash after wash.

Ladies’ golf socks today are quite different from those of years gone by. If you were a golfer in the 1920’s, you’d be wearing patterned stockings … with long dresses meeting the tops of your shoes! Your feet would be wet and achy by the time you finished your round. Flip flops, Martinis, Wine or Mai Tai motifs were not even a thought. So enjoy the new ladies’ golf sock designs and let your feet speak to your personality!

Many of these ladies’ golf socks can be easily purchased at Lori’s Golf Shoppe located in Calabash, North Carolina. Lori’s Golf Shoppe carries a wide assortment of ladies’ golf socks with matching visors, hats and ball markers. Once you’ve made your purchase of socks, you’ll want to look over the large selection of ladies’ golf shoes. The latest in styles and colors will capture your desire to try them all! Browse a little further and the newest in winter wear will catch your eye.

Lori’s Golf Shoppe or has it all! Ladies’ golf apparel, women’s plus sizes, ladies’ golf equipment, ladies’ purses and totes, lessons and clinics are available for the asking! If your focus is on the junior girl or boy golfer in your family, Lori’s Golf Shoppe can help you there as well. Be sure to stop by Lori’s Golf Shoppe or as it’s the place where all Golfing Gals Gather!

Casablanca … EP Pro Style

What Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman did for the movie, EP Pro has done with their “Casablanca Ladies’ Golf Sportswear line. Casablanca provides a classic yet fresh perspective with navy and peony pink hues in versatile fabrics perfect for on and off the course.

Illustrated here is EP Pro’s ladies’ golf 19″ micro twill skort with D ring detail. Streamlined, fashionable and trendy, this twill skort is truly timeless in style and can go anywhere you go! Pair this ladies’ skort with EP Pro Tour-Dry® short sleeve ladies’ golf polo with contrast tipping and you’ll have yourself a great “get up and go” outfit. Add some stretch bootleg ladies’ golf pinstripe pants, with coin flap pocket detail, and you’ll be ready to conquer the cooler climates.

EP Pro is known for its ability to complete your fashion statement with a coordinating ladies’ golf vest or golf sweater. The water-resistant poly/nylon ladies’ golf vest, with zip front and flap pocket detail, is interchangeable with numerous garments. This cashmere cable knit sweater provides a sophisticated finish to this classic group. Casablanca is just a great selection of classy, ageless ladies’ golf apparel.

EP Pro Ladies’ golf apparel is readily available at Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, North Carolina. And if Lori’s is not in your immediate area, feel free to shop on line at where you’ll find over 5,000 items of ladies’ golf apparel, ladies’ golf shoes, ladies’ golf bags, visors and hats, golf balls, golf ball markers and anything else you’ll ever need to learn or play the game of golf. Those hard to find items for the junior girl and boy golfers or the women’s plus size apparel selections will be right at your fingertips. Give Lori’s Golf Shoppe a try on your next shopping excursion and we’re sure you’ll be back to visit us again, and again, and again. Lori’s is the place where all Golfing Gals Gather for fun and friendship.

Fairway to Heaven!

The Fairway to Heaven is just another great ladies’ golf shirt designed by the founders of Pink Tee Ladies’ Golf Apparel. This line of ladies’ golf clothing was inspired by local and international trends and brought to the golf course. It’s design focus is on comfort and functionality.

Pictured above is just a sampling of the ladies’ Pink Tee golf apparel you will find at Lori’s Golf Shoppe located in the heart of Calabash, North Carolina. Lori’s Golf Shoppe or carries a full line of Pink Tee golf apparel and coordinating accessories. Orders can be placed in person, over the phone or on-line with the help of sales assistants who specialize in sizing you correctly!

Lori’s Golf Shoppe carries a line of ladies’ golf dresses because of their unique design and comfort. This Pink Tee “Right On!” dress, is a tailored fit of the Polo-style mini dress. The Polo-style button-up top, crop sleeve, flowing bottom, and single tee holder at drop waist (mini-shorts sold separately) is a comfortable jersey blend of 94% Rayon and 6 % Spandex.

Ladies’ golf capris, skorts and golf shirts are always a popular purchase. The Pink Tee “Anywhere Capri” incorporates a low-rise, stretch satin-cotton capri with a wide waist band, large button closure, side pockets and a 3 tee holder at the calf. The “Everywhere Skort” is a perfect blend of function and fashion. Designed like the “Anywhere Capri“, this skort goes with the flow … whether it be on the golf course, at the mall, or out to dinner. This Pink Tee apparel line is geared to “go where you go” and “do what you wanna’ do” in ultimate comfort and style!

Lori’s Golf Shoppe doesn’t stop with the purchase of ladies’ golf apparel. Lori’s stocks a full line of women’s plus size apparel as well as junior girl golf apparel. Once the apparel is purchased accessorizing comes naturally! Lori’s complete line of ladies’ golf shoes span the styles … from sandals to slip-ons to lite-weights and full shoes. Ladies’ golf bags, tote bags, shoe and accessory bags will provide you with a means to tote your golf essentials.

Looking good is only one aspect of the game. Playing well requires help! Lori’s Golf Shoppe offers individual and group instruction along with clinics for all levels regardless of age or gender. Lori’s Golf Shoppe is truly a one-stop golf shoppe in which you’ll find everything you’ll need to play the game of golf. Be sure to stop by Lori’s Golf Shoppe or browse on-line at … it’s the place where all Golfing Gals Gather!

The “All-In-One” Golf Shoe

The Sesto Meucci Women’s Golf Shoes truly offer you an “All-In-One” exclusive shoe! You’ll want to wear this ladies’ golf shoe for more than just playing golf and Sesto knew that would be the case.

Sesto Meucci Women’s Golf Shoes are crafted by the most talented of Italian shoemakers. Because of the success of Sesto Meucci’s high quality athleisure type footwear, it seemed a natural transition to take the design and technology of those products to the ladies’ golf shoe market.

These ladies’ golf shoes sport a unique tread design and flexible sole that makes changing shoes after the game unnecessary. The fashionable, trendy designs make it easy to transition to and from the golf course and are available in sizes 6-12, in narrow, medium and wide widths.

Sesto ladies’ golf shoes provide you with the ultimate in comfort. The softly padded insole, the lightness of the shoe, the flexibility of rubber sole technology, and the durability that comes from using the finest Italian leathers will last through many seasons.

These high-end ladies’ golf shoes can be found at Lori’s Golf Shoppe located in Calabash, North Carolina. Lori’s offers a full line of Sesto shoes in a variety of colors and sizes. Once purchased, a new ladies’ golf outfit would be most fitting to complement your new acquisition. Ladies’ golf shoe bags, tote bags, light weight golf bags, insulated cooler bags, tee and ball bags, and a whole lot more can be found at this one stop golf store. Lori’s Golf Shoppe or carries a complete line of ladies’ and junior girl golf apparel and accessories.

Lori’s Golf Shoppe also offers individual and group golf lessons, golf clinics, and a junior golf summer program for both girls and boys ages 6 to 16. Custom fitted golf clubs are also available. Be sure to stop by Lori’s Golf Shoppe or browse on line at to accommodate all your golfing needs. Lori’s is the place where all Golfing Gals Gather!

Colorful Designer Bags

Designer ladies’ golf bags by Cutler have finally arrived! These Cutler Bags have become synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and style. You’ve seen them on the course and you have heard these names before …Grace, Natalie, Suzanne, Lorena, Carin and Christie. Each of these Cutler bags is named after one of these golfing ladies. Pictured above is just a sampling of the many high quality ladies’ golf bags designed by Cutler and found at Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, North Carolina.

The classic 8″ style ladies’ golf cart bag comes in the standard 36″ height and weighs just under 10 pounds. Top dividers are comprised of eight or fourteen compartments. Pockets are plentiful and provide zip closures. The well-padded shoulder straps offer comfort when carried and the matching travel hood can be found in each bag. Various styles also offer separate and detachable score card and cell phone holders. Cutler bags are truly designed to provide you with all the comforts on the golf course! The colorful designs speak to your personality and can be spotted easily among the many ladies’ golf bags at the bag drop.

Cutler didn’t stop with the design of the ladies’ golf bag. They anticipated our needs to “carry items” to and from the golf course. To meet our desires, they created an assortment of ladies’ “accessory bags” to match the golf bag of our choice! What more can a lady ask for than to purchase a golf bag and its matching components … cosmetic case, shoe bag, tote bag, shopper’s tote, and head covers! Won’t we be the “Bell of the Golf Course” as our new ladies’ golf bag and accessories sit tight on the back of our golf carts!

So Cutler meets our design requirements just as Lori’s Golf Shoppe meets our shopping needs! Lori’s Golf Shoppe or is the perfect place to spend some time perusing the large assortment of ladies’ golf items. Lori’s carries a full line of Cutler products along with the latest in technology for golf equipment, ladies’ golf shoes, women’s apparel, ladies’ sun glasses, jewelry, golf gifts and tournament prizes. Lori’s Golf Shoppe is a cut above the rest. Be sure to stop by Lori’s or browse her on-line store,, to meet all your golfing needs. It’s the place where all Golfing Gals Gather!