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Enjoy Sun Protection that Goes through Summer with SanSoleil Prestwick Print Golf Shirts

I know spring is yet to come, but who is not excited about summer? Soon the grass will be greener and the sun will finally show up. I’m sure at this time of year many golfers, both pro and beginners, will be  under direct sunlight again for hours at a time.  You will be walking from hole to hole or watching others swing while having a nice conversation with fellow golfers.

However, all this time the sun is drubbing like a 20lb hammer through our skin. So you deserve some golf pieces that will give you a maximum sun protection like the SanSoleil Prestwick Print Shirts.

SanSoleil has been known for being the “Sun Care You Can Wear” because of its sun protective clothing for both men and women.  Its golf pieces offer UPF 50 that gives 99 percent protection and it never washes out no matter how many washes you do.

Every golf piece is also made of “SolTek fabric” that makes it extraordinarily lightweight, stretchable, moisture-wicking and quick-dry. All polo shirts feature a mesh venting sewn into the sleeves, which creates a cooling effect even when you are under the sun. Here are the six beautiful SanSoleil Prestwick Print Golf Shirts.

SanSoleil Prestwick Pink

SanSoleil Prestwick Pink

This SanSoleil long-sleeve golf shirt features gorgeous Prestwick prints that help you look sharp while staying protected from the penetrating sunlight. The high contrast of black and pink prints makes this shirt a perfect match for black golf shorts or pants.

SanSoleil Prestwick Pink with Plain Sleeves

SanSoleil Prestwick Pink with Plain Sleeves

There is no other substitute for some Prestwick pink patterns and plain sleeves.  Somehow, this shirt delivers some eye-catching charisma that makes you stand out of the crowd while enjoying a UV-free golf game.

SanSoleil Prestwick Pink Orchid

SanSoleil Prestwick Pink Orchid

If you are trying to tone it down a little, this lovely SanSoleil Pink Orchid will match your mood. It looks very modest and light, making it a perfect partner for plain white golf pants or skorts.

Elbow Length SanSoleil Prestwick Chambray

Elbow Length SanSoleil Prestwick Chambray

This elbow length Prestwick print golf shirt is perfect for those who wants a fresher aura on the golf course. As cool as the name suggests, its crisp chambray shade works well to offset the intensity of light rays on the golf course. This shirt is on clearance sale.

SanSoleil Prestwick Print Chambray Long Sleeve

SanSoleil Prestwick Print Chambray Long Sleeve

Enjoy some chambray Prestwick prints all over, from front to back.  This long sleeve polo shirt is a perfect departure from your most beloved neutral colors but still blends well with dark colored golf pants or skorts.

SanSoleil Print Chocolate

SanSoleil Prestwick Print Chocolate

Sure we all love chocolate colors! Chocolate brown is just as versatile as black and a lot less predictable during summer. It can be paired with several hues of brown or black and still look sophisticated.

It is definitely time to renew your closet for season switching. Take your best pick or better yet match these lovely golf shirts with other golf shorts or skorts you can find in store.

Feel Confident on the Golf Course with Monterey Club Leopard Polo Shirts

Monterey leopard has always been on an A-list for many women golfers.  There is that mysterious charisma that leopard prints bring to many of us and it makes us feel confident on the golf course.

This year another selection of leopard print will rock your golf experience. I know a lot of us would want to look fashionable and sporty on the golf course. Fortunately, Monterey Club has three new beautiful polo shirts that also fit missy  to plus size women golfers.

The Monterey Club is known for their active golf pieces and plus size selections.  All of their shirts are available in S, M, L, XL and XXL.  They have dry swing and moisture-wicking technology that makes you feel cool and cling-free on the course.

Monterey Polo Shirt

The Monterey Leopard Short Sleeve Polo Shirt would be a great option for a fine weather day. It features a colorblock design and vibrant leopard prints on front. The variation in color and princess seam provides a tailored fit that closely follows your shape. It is made of 97% Polyester, 3% Spandex and keeping you dry and comfy in every swing. Available colors include Mulberry, Black, Fairest Jade and Rose Quarts.

Monterey Leopard Fairest Jade Three-Fourth Sleeve Polo Shirt

The Monterey Leopard Fairest Jade Three-Fourth Sleeve Polo Shirt is perfect for those who are aiming for a lighter shade. Its faded effect makes it a great fit for light color golf shorts or skorts.  You can use it either on summer or winter because of its highly versatile design. Made of 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex, this shirt will keep you dry and cool all day long. You can zip the silver placket all the way up to keep your neck warm or just hang it low to allow some air.  Also available in colors Mulberry, Black, Fairest Jade and Rose Quarts.

Monterey Leopard Sleeveless

A fresh incarnation of your favorite Monterey Leopard is also available in sleeveless. Take the rose quartz color for a more feminine look. This shirt is also made of 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex making it very breathable especially when the temperature is high. The silver placket and mock collar design adds increased ventilation while the colorblock feature adds a splash of color contrast to its overall appeal.  Other colors available are Mulberry, Black and Fairest Jade.

The Monterey Club’s new Leopard Polo Shirts Collection is incredibly cool not only for the print-worshippers but also for those who are yet to buy their first leopard golf pieces.  Now, reward yourself with some invigorating leopard golf pieces this February with Monterey Club’s newest selections.  Better yet, pick your best pick before they sell out.

Feel Pretty with this Greg Norman Pretty in Pink Golf Accessories Collection

Pink is the color of the first items in your life. You probably grew up wearing Pink and loving Pink. Now that you’re already a lady golfer, continue to embrace Pink as the timeless color that will forever be a significant color in your life. It never gets out of style, just like these Greg Norman Pretty in Pink golf apparel and golf accessories collection; hence, you will always be pretty in Pink no matter what.

When it comes to golf accessories, it is not enough that it just looks good. Functionality and quality matters, a lot! It is best to invest in this quality set of Greg Norman Pretty in Pink golf accessories so that you can use it longer, offers value for your money and always in style.

Greg Norman Ladies Clip On Golf Visors - Pretty in Pink Greg Norman Ladies Golf Gloves (Left Hand) - Pretty in Pink

Let’s start with the golf items that give you that lady Shark look – pretty and fierce. Wear this Greg Normal Ladies Clip On Golf Visor so that your face will have maximum sun protection because of its wide brim and UV50. It also has a moisture wicking terry headband provides comfort and is made of 100% polyester. Pair this with a Greg Norman Ladies Golf Glove for your left hand. Available from sizes Small to XL, this golf glove has stretch lycra, cabretta leather palm and UV 50 sun protection. Make sure you have a nice pro golfer pose when wearing these two.

And now to the ever-trusted golf bags. You don’t only groom yourself but your beloved golf items as well. Your things are a reflection of your personality.

Pretty stuff = Greg Norman Pretty in Pink = pretty you!
Greg Norman Ladies 14-way Golf Cart Bags - Pretty in Pink

Here’s a Greg Norman Ladies 14-way Golf Cart bags. Fill this up with your golf items like a soldier ready to go to battle. It has full length dividers, multiple pockets like zip off ball pocket with logo capability, thermal lined cooler pockets and seven easy access pockets. It also easy life handle system, rainhood cover, putter well, umbrella sleeve.

 Greg Norman Ladies Golf Towels - Pretty in Pink Greg Norman Ladies Carry All Golf Purses - Pretty in Pink
You can even clip this 16” x 5” Greg Norman Ladies Golf Towel for easy access. Or tag along this Greg Norman Ladies Carry All Golf Purse which easily clips into your Greg Norman Ladies 14-way Golf Cart bag. Or you can convert it to a crossbody bag. It has a 50” adjustable and detachable strap, two front zippers and an inside pocket.

Greg Norman Ladies Golf Tote Bags - Pretty in Pink Greg Norman Ladies Golf Wristlets - Pretty in Pink
You can also grab this Greg Norman Ladies Golf Tote Bags – Pretty in Pink. It is as pretty as your fave VS tote but this one has 2 outside side pockets, PU handle, piping and bottom inside zipper pocket and dimensions of 13” x 11.75” x 6.6”.

For everything small and personal, here’s your handy-dandy Greg Norman Ladies Golf Wristlet. This 8” x 4 golf wristlet has a removable strap and perfect for carrying essentials like cash, keys, cards and more.

Greg Norman Ladies Golf Shoe Bags - Pretty in Pink

Those hardworking golf shoes/sandals deserve a majestic place to rest like this Greg Norman Ladies Golf shoe bag. It is made of 100% nylon with top padded carry handle, dual zipper design and dimension of 8.5” x 3” x 15”.

But wait, there’s more! When I say more, it means more appealing Greg Norman Pretty in Pink golf items to look forward to! By Spring 2017, you can use these golf accessories with the golf apparel collection. These will be lots of golf shirts (sleeveless, short sleeves and long sleeves) and golf bottoms (golf skorts, shorts, Capri and pants) in solid and printed designs in Pink and White!

For the mean time, catch the available Greg Norman collections here. Or drop by Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC.

Go Black and Green with this Greg Norman Calypso Golf Accessories collection

Happy New Year everyone!

You don’t need to capture your Odysseus to have someone to appreciate you. With this Greg Norman Calypso collection, you can feel that you’re an empowered nymph of the golf course that can conquer the game with your skills and style. The Greg Norman Calypso apparel will soon be available in Spring 2017 while the Greg Norman Calypso golf accessories collection is now within your reach. Both collections are in the refreshing colour of Green matched with Black and plaid.

Golf bags require lots of space and functionality and Greg Norman items have that! They are stylish, too!

Greg Norman Ladies 14-way Golf Cart Bags - Calypso

This Greg Norman Ladies 14-way Golf Cart Bag has full length dividers, lots of pockets (zip off ball pocket where you can put your logo, seven easy access pockets, thermal-lined cooler pocket) easy lift handle system, rainhood cover, putter well and umbrella sleeve.

(Hey! Buying in set is now made easier! When you want to avail this Greg Norman Ladies 14-way Golf Cart Bag, you can also see that options for adding the other golf accessories in this Greg Norman Calypso golf accessories collection. Just tick on the box before the item and it also adds in your cart.)

Greg Norman Ladies Golf Tote Bags - Calypso

For everything personal, you can entrust it here in this Greg Norman Ladies Golf Tote Bag. With the dimensions 13” x 11.75” x 6.6”, it has two outside side pocket for easy access, PU handle, piping and bottom, inside zipper pocket.

Greg Norman Ladies Carry All Golf Purses - Calypso Greg Norman Ladies Golf Wristlets - Calypso
While the valuables that you want easy access to can be stored in this Greg Norman Carry All Golf Purse. You can easily clip it onto the golf bag and then converts to cross body bag. It has a 50” adjustable and detachable strap, two front zippers and inside pocket.

For the essentials like cash, cards, keys, etc. that you can’t afford to lose, here’s an 8” x 4” Greg Norman Ladies Golf Wristlets. Wear it on your wrist or just hold it when you unclip its removable strap.

Greg Norman Ladies Golf Shoe Bags - Calypso

Treat your golf shoes/sandals in style! Keep them clean and organized inside this Greg Norman Ladies Golf Shoe Bag. Made of 100% nylon and dimensions of 8.5” x 3” x 15”, this golf shoe bag has a top padded handle and dual zipper design for easy shoe access.

Greg Norman Ladies Clip On Golf Visors - Calypso Greg Norman Ladies Golf Gloves (Left Hand) - Calypso
How lovely it is to see matching golf accessories like these Greg Norman Ladies Clip On Golf Visors and a Greg Norman Ladies Golf Gloves. You get that instant pro golfer look! This Greg Norman Ladies Clip On Golf Visor has a wide Black brim for maximum sun protection, moisture wicking terry headband for comfort, UV 50 and made of 100% polyester. While this Greg Norman Ladies Golf Glove has Stretch lycra, cabretta leather palm and UV 50 sun protection. Available in sizes Small to XL for your left hand.

Greg Norman Ladies Golf Towels – Calypso

With your golf skills and cool weather, you can reach the final hole with no sweat. But in case you have, there’s this Greg Norman Ladies Golf Towels – Calypso to keep you cool and dry. This is a micro-fiber terry cloth tri-fold sport towel with dimensions of 16” x 5” and a carabiner clasp.

You love this Greg Norman Calypso golf accessories collection, right? You can look forward to Spring 2017 to get hold of the equally stunning Greg Norman Calypso golf apparel collection! Who’s excited for that?!

While waiting for spring, you can browse here for more matching Greg Norman golf apparel and golf accessories collection. And if you’re within the area, also do visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC.

Enjoy Classic Fashion with Tail Ladies Copacabana Collection

You may first think of Barry Manilow’s song Copacabana when you see this collection but you will be far from the Copa when you head to the golf course with Tail’s newest collection. As golf continues to be a favorite game of all ages, you may feel inspired to play wearing the Tail Ladies Copacabana Collection.

For over 40 years, Tail has been providing golf apparel with fabulous styling and dependable sizing. Every outfit is built to give ladies comfort and total freedom of movement. Aside from classic tailoring, the brand’s fabric is known for complete moisture management, sun protection, and comfort stretch technology.

If you haven’t checked lately, Tail Ladies Copacabana Collection presents a new assortment of women’s golf apparel for those who love classic styles. Whether you are looking for a gift or shopping for yourself, you will love this sublime Tail Ladies Copacabana Hester Short Sleeve Golf Top. It has faded argyle patterns and prints that strike a balance between youthful style and the classic, traditional look. This is a perfect outfit if you want a  less intense color but still want to remain fashionable.

This lovely short sleeve golf shirt is made from 91% polyester and 9% spandex which makes it very soft to the skin. It has a mock neck collar and black zip placket that creates contrast to the overall design.


If you are aiming for a cool outfit, you wouldn’t go unnoticed with the Tail Ladies Copacabana  Ophilia Short Sleeve Golf Shirt. It has a lovely convertible peach collar that blends perfectly with the interlink design. Just snap close the buttons to turn the collar into a turtle-neck.


If you want a girly feel but still want to look professional, you will love the Tail Ladies Copacabana Cheryl Golf Dress. Made from polyester, spandex this dress provides optimum comfort while you’re trying to perfect a putt from the edge of the green. It comes with a convertible collar, snaps, zipper pockets and shorties.

A lot of women may  want to wear golf dresses but may be too concerned  about the fit and comfort of them. Fortunately, this dress is made from a performance jersey, which lets you enjoy freedom of movement while on the course. Since it has a straight A-line cut, it can perfectly fit around your hips. It is also 36.5” in length so you can bend freely without worrying about your back.


There is so much to discover about the world of golf and fashion when it comes to the Tail Ladies Copacabana Collection. For women golfers who are looking for a classic style, this is a perfect collection to add to your wardrobe.

EP Pro Ladies Sitting Pretty Collection –Golf Apparel That Fits

When we step onto the green, we always want to look our best. Fortunately, with the EP Pro Sitting Pretty Collection, we can make this happen.

EP Pro Sitting Pretty Collection features plus size golf pieces that deliver form-flattering and tummy-tucking slimness. The collection includes lovely golf shirts, pants, shorts, visors, socks and sweaters. Every piece is designed around girly colors, plush designs and charming details.

Some items come in outfits, which means you can take two pieces of the collection with just one click of your mouse.  This collection is even better because it comes in Plus Sizes also. Sizes range from XS-XXl, 1X and 2-22 so there is sure to be something for everyone’s wardrobe.

It is easy to get inspired to play on the course while wearing any of this collection. You can go as feminine as wearing this set of blush pink golf apparel. The pair includes a lovely mandarin collar polo shirt and a floral trellis print pull-on golf skort, with a faux angled wrap detail.

The skort also looks great with the four-placket, plain tulip pink polo shirt. You can go either way and still look confidently athletic and beautiful on the course.


If the weather is cold, you can go for a comfortable set that is not too warm nor too cold like the EP Pro Sitting Pretty Sweater and Shorts. The shirt’s exploded trellis pattern absolutely looks good over the fern green grid gingham print short.

You will love the shirt’s fine gauge cotton, which is very smooth to the skin. The short also features 13” tour tech bi stretch rayon, compression mesh inside the panel, and eyelet hem detail.


Another favorite is the EP Pro Ladies Sitting Pretty Fern Polo Shirt & Blushing Multi Color Skort. The short sleeve polo includes a tour-tech micro poly pique and contrast stitching. Its floral placket design perfectly blends with the floral print skort. You can tuck in the shirt to flaunt the skort’s ribbon waist detail.

Aside from the shirt’s dainty cap sleeve, it has a detailed piping and color block design of blush pink and fern green, which also looks good on the floral print skort.

Just a tip when you take this set, you should also take the white Cap Sleeve White Golf Shirt. As ladies, we always want to have an alternative match for our golf skorts. In case you don’t feel like wearing a dark top, you can wear a plain white polo shirt.


As we all know, wearing the best choice of golf apparel is not just a fashion statement. It ensures us ultimate comfort while we are on the course. All golf pieces from the EP Pro Sitting Pretty Collection are made from high-quality materials. With a bi-stretch comfort and technology, this collection keeps plus size women in shape and dare we say – fashionable and confident.

All of the EP Pro Sitting Pretty Ladies Golf Skorts come with side and back pockets which can be used as a storage for golf balls, ball markers, scorecards, and other small items.

The EP Pro Sitting Pretty Collection is unquestionably a wardrobe must-have. So which of the featured EP Pro Sitting Pretty outfits are your favorite? Or better yet, start shopping for your chosen golf apparel  and ace  your next golf game.

Take a Refreshing Break from the Bright Colors with Glove It Uptown Cheetah Collection

We have always been captured by the design advances found in Glove It. Now another collection is about to make everyone excited. Raise your glass for the Glove It Uptown Cheetah Collection!

Admit it, cheetah prints are one of the oldest fashion styles in the history of golf but they always have won the heart of women. So if you want lighter shades for this season, you will love the Glove It Uptown Cheetah Collection.

The collection presents a lovely selection of ladies gloves, 14-way golf cart bags, wristlets, shoe bags, and coil visors. Although accessories are not required for every golf game, a complete set will keep you more comfortable on the green.

Whether you like to walk, ride or want to be stylish on the course the Glove It 14-way Uptown Cheetah Golf Bag can be your best friend. It helps you transport clubs and other accessories with ease through its 7 easy access dividers, putter well, and easy life handle system.


A few practical accessories can also help you carry on a delightful golf game experience. So if you are going to play under the sun, you can wear the Glove It Uptown Cheetah Coil Visor to shield yourself from the harmful sunrays. This visor includes an adjustable coil, wide brim for sun protection and UV50 for sun protection.

Rain or shine, you will need the beautiful Glove It Ladies Uptown Cheetah Golf Shoe Bag.uptown-cheeta-purse-and-visor It keeps your shoes in place before and after the game. It has a full-length zipper, mesh ventilation, and an easy-grip top carrying handle.

When your hand gets sweaty, Glove It also comes to the rescue with an Uptown Cheetah Golf Glove. It is made from Cabretta leather palm and stretch Lycra back which helps improve your grip and prevent the club from turning in your hand.

The last but not the least thing you want to do is make sure your personal belongings are in tack. Thanks to Glove It Uptown Cheetah Wristlet, there is an amazing way to carry all of your tiny items on the golf course without leaving them unorganized.

The lovely Glove It Uptown Cheetah Wristlet has an 8” x 4” compartment which is perfect for carrying essentials such as cash, keys, cards, sun-screens and make-ups. With a removable wristlet strap, you can just grab it and go, or keep it inside your golf bag.


Whether you are out to practice or play a real game, it is always a good idea to make sure you are ready. Choose your favorite accessory or add the complete Glove It Uptown Cheetah Collection to your wardrobe. Each item would also make a great gift for your love ones who play golf.

Be as Bold and Vintage as this Classic Glove It Mod Dot Collection

Whoever says mod dots had a short lived fashion moment in 1960s is actually wrong. The combination of black and white has never gone old. In fact, vintage fashion has been a recurring trend from new generation to another. If you are a positive-plus type of woman, you will love the bold and beautiful look with Glove It Mod Dot Collection.

Having matching golf items and accessories can really help you tie your look together. Thanks to Glove It Mod Dot collection, it’s easier to add style to your solid color golf outfit.

The Glove It Mod Dot collection includes golf gloves, 14-way golf cart bags, golf towels, printed coil visors, shoe bags, golf wristlets, and 3 cross body zip bags.

All of these items are essential for an impeccable etiquette. Just a tip, if you want to buy the Glove It Coil Visor, you should also take the ladies golf gloves and the convertible cross body bag. These items will look good on light colors such as pink, lavender, sky blue, apricot, beige, and bisque.


When you’re on the course, it’s hard to keep both eyes on your belongings, so it is essential that you keep them organized. The Glove It Convertible Cross Body Bag is a functional carry-all bag that will keep your valuables safe. It clips onto the golf bag and converts to a cross-body bag.

If you have sweaty hands or when grips are wet, Glove It Mod Dot Ladies Golf Gloves will keep your hands dry. It has a stretch Lycra back, soft cabretta leather palm, and UV50 for sun protection. The “Glove It” logo on top is something you will surely love.


There’s just so much to love about this collection. Aside that it is already a complete package of all golf game essentials, it settles you between golf game practicality and eye-catching allure.

So if it is raining and your shoes are dirty, Glove It comes to the rescue with its lovely shoe bag. Before and after the game, the Glove It Shoe Bag will keep your shoes in place and prevent dirt from getting into your car. It is 12” x 7” with full length zipper, mesh ventilation, and top carrying handle.

Add to your after-golf game essentials the Glove It Ladies Towel which will help dry golf balls, clubs and hands. The try-fold golf towel comes with a micro-fiber technology and carabiner clasp that can easily be attached to the bag.

Don’t forget a detachable wristlet to keep your personal essentials in place. Its size is 8” x 4” and totally perfect for cash, keys, cards, make ups, wet wipes, and many more.

When you’re too focused on shooting the best round of golf, the last thing you want to worry about is trying to find the right club when you need it. With that said, you can organize all of your items in this lovely 14-way Golf Cart Bag. It has 7 easy access pockets, full length dividers, putter well, thermal-lined cooler pocket, side handles, and easy life handle system. This bag will help you with quick retrieval and return of all clubs and accessories.


Glove It is truly an expert when it comes to putting modern spins on classic fashion. You can purchase the whole set or take one item at a time. Just tick on the box next to the item of your choice.

This Jungle Fever Collection from Glove It Makes You Want to Take Fridays Off

Don’t we just love heading out on a weekday to play a round of golf? Not without Glove It Jungle fever Collection.

Just because it’s a Friday doesn’t mean you can’t get your swing on! Having this lively set of golf essentials and accessories is simply irresistible. Remember, a round of golf with your best friends is a foolproof recipe for satisfaction but the best golf accessories is an inspiration all the way.

The Glove It Jungle Fever Golf Bag has full length dividers, 7 easy access pockets, putter well, side handles, and easy life handle system.


Most of us couldn’t be course-ready without matching our golf bag with other golf essentials such as the coil visor, golf towel, and golf glove. Thanks to Glove It, we already have everything covered.

Confidently carry your golf bag and wear the Glove It Jungle Fever Visor. It has a comfortable and pressure-free feature that keeps you fresh even when the sun is too hot.


The Glove It Jungle Fever Glove will help you improve grip and prevent the club from turning as you play. Made from cabretta leather palm, its suppleness lends itself to the best feel. After the game, you can just tuck it into your bag then you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving things on the course.

Don’t forget to bring with you the Glove It Jungle Fever Golf Towel. After the game, there will be a lot of cleaning to do and soon you’ll realize how important this towel is. It is a tri-fold sport towel made of micro-fiber terry cloth with carabiner clasp that you can attach on your golf bag.

To complete your golf essentials, you will also need these three kinds of bags from the same collection. You can pick a choice or take all to complete the collection.


Whether it’s raining or not, you would want the Glove It Jungle Fever Golf Shoe Bag. It helps keep your other items clean by having one place to secure your shoes. It is 12” x 7” with a full length zipper, top carrying handle, and mesh ventilation that prevents foul odor.

The Glove It Ladies Convertible Cross Body Bag is a practical and posh keeper for your personal belongings. It is a functional carry-all bag that you can clip onto your golf bag or wear as a cross body bag.

A smaller option would be the Glove It Ladies Golf Wristlets where you can keep your everyday essentials stylishly stowed in its beautiful jungle print exterior. When we play golf, we want to make sure that other important things like car keys, cards, cell phones, and cash are safe. Since we need to focus on the course this wristlet can be very useful.

Golf is a hard yet fun recreational activity. This is why we make time to organize our things, dress well, and be on our best behavior. Before going out on a golf game, take a minute to see what you like from Glove It Jungle Fever Collection and how you could wear it.



Be Natural with Sport Haley’s Skirt from the Woodland Collection

There’s something about the woody colors that attract our eyes. Whenever we see someone wearing a khaki outfit or cream color apparel, we immediately turn our heads and imagine ourselves wearing the same. It’s probably because they’re very mild to the eyes and very natural in contrast with the vibrant colors that we see all day. This is why it’s not so hard to fall in love with the Woodland Collection by Sport Haley.

For many years now, Sport Haley has never failed to provide versatile golf apparel that can connect with any item in the wardrobe just like this lovely golf skirt. The Skye “Haley Cool” Pull-on Skirt is one of the favorites from Sport Haley because of its gorgeous cream stripes and godet skirt pattern that provides women with a slimming look.

Fashioned with an interior short liner, Skye “Haley Cool” Golf Skirt will give you optimum comfort and freedom of movement as you maneuver around the course. This skirt perfectly matches two of the solid color short sleeve polo shirts from the same collection.


Designed with a female golfer in mind, the Charlize Short Sleeve Color block perfectly blends with the Skye “Haley Cool” Golf Skirt. It has black shoulders, a cream lining just above the chest, and a gold zip placket that adds a subtle style to the overall outfit. The combination of these golf pieces draws a classic yet elegant aura to anyone who puts them on.


Pairing the skirt with the Bailey Short Sleeve “Haley Tech” Polo is another stylish way to wear it. This polo features a contrast collar, a cream zip placket design and a white fabric. It’s very natural yet very attractive. This is a good fit if you like it simple and casual.


If the weather is too hot and you want to keep yourself cool, the skirt can be a perfect match for the Bailey “Haley Tech” Sleeveless Polo. Their combination of colors is solid enough but not too daring for anyone who wants to look natural. With eye-catching style and innovative design, this pair of golf apparel could easily become your favorite golf attire.


Of course the Ariel Sleeveless Solid Polo doesn’t want to be left out.  With a contrast chest stripe design over a dainty white fabric, it still poses to be one of the best pairs for the Skye “Haley Cool” Pull-on Skirt. When matched together, they create a figure-flattering silhouette that ensures confidence and comfort all day.


All of the polo shirts from the Sport Haley Woodland Collection are designed with a UPF 30 for sun protection. The polyester or spandex fabric gives them added stretch for enhanced performance and mobility. They also have moisture wicking properties and cooling elements that keep perspiration away, allowing you to swing without hesitation.

Sport Haley definitely knows how to add their own spin on several women’s golf pieces. Just like the Woodland Collection, it’s much more than just a combination of standard black, white, and cream palettes. The collection is truly a symbol of modern women golfers representing strength and vigor on the golf course.

If you haven’t got your Sport Haley’s Skye “Haley Cool” Golf Skirt, right now is the perfect time to get it before we run out of stock.

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