JoFit Lifestyle Touring tees

Aside from the great golf collections, JoFit also offers lifestyle pieces to be worn off the golf course. These three touring tees are soft, comfy, fashionable and made of silken rayon spandex. Wear this and you’re ready to hit the 19th hole.

The first one is a JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Touring Tees – Lifestyle in White. It gives a fresh look and feel as you wear this rounded V-neck Touring Tees. Since it also has a sleeve blending in Blue Depth and Jo Pink, you may pair this with golf skort, short or pants in either Blue Depth or Jo Pink.

The second one is a JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Time Off Lifestyle Tees – Bali. Blue Depth and White are the colours used in this shirt and complements other golf items in JoFit Bali collection. This Lifestyle Tees is a high neck and raglan sleeve that gives emphasis on narrowing and elongating the body size through the Blue Depth color on it.

While the third is a JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Lifestyle Touring Tees from the JoFit Fiji collection. It is a JoPink-colored touring tees that has a rounded V-neck and sleeve blending of Black and White. It gives a vibrant feminine look that perfectly matches the golf items featured in JoFit Fiji collection in Black and White.

Be sure to check out the JoFit Sizing Chart here.

These Touring tees came from different JoFit collections you may check at or visit personally at Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.

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