Make the Kiwi Incorporation with the Glove It Kiwi Largo Collection

No, no this no way means you need to consume a kiwi before that golf game, I mean you can if you want, but is there any need with our Glove It kiwi Largo Collection! I’m sure the richness of the design will surely have you filled up and ready to take on any opponent! Okay enough of the laughs and jokes, time to get a little serious.

Included in the Kiwi Largo Collection are golf tote bags, backpacks, duffle bags and shoes bags. This is to ensure all your golf items are safely homed in their very own bag, which means you will always know where they are rather than having to clutter everywhere for them.

Additional accessories such as club head covers, purses, visors, and towels are also included; all with a little essence from the kiwi factor! All these accessories and bags come in a charming green color with a delicate white print; hence why I keep repeating the word kiwi!

Along with having the correct golf apparel and footwear, the next closest thing you must have are the accessories. Not only do these help complete your full golfers look, but also come in handy in all circumstances, weathers, and can even save your back in many situations!

The bags come in four to five different styles, as we all have our own way of transporting. Some of us like to put the weight on our back, whereas others like to give this pressure to the shoulders. We all have our own style, which is why some prefer the totes to the backpacks and so on.

Once you have your accessories out of the way, you may want to think about getting an outfit, which not only completes your look, but also synchronizes with your accessories. Not a bad idea right? If you can mix and match outfits everyday of your life, then why not whilst playing golf?

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