Colors Beautifully Pop Out of this Bette & Court/Swing Color Pop collection

The warmth of the sunset and the coolness of teal are perfectly matched in this Bette & Court/Swing Color Pop collection. They are like colors of the sky that pops out sense of fashion, beauty and charm to those who wear it.

Shaped like a thunder strike, this solid Teal-colored Bette & Court/Swing Serena Sleeveless golf shirt has a contrast front piecing in Sunset and black. It also has an open V-Neck for better air flow. While the sunset-colored Ventura Sleeveless golf shirt has a textured collar, 3-button placket and side piecing.

Or you may also be interested in these Bette & Court/Swing Color Pop Short sleeve golf shirts. Categorized as Cool Elements, it has 5-button placket and mesh under arms. It is also made of anti-microbial w/ UPF30+ Cooling & Moisture Wicking. The available colors for these Bette & Court/Swing Color Pop short sleeve golf shirts are Teal and Sunset.

All of the four Bette & Court/Swing Color Pop golf shirts are made of 96% Polyester and 4% Spandex and are also available in Plus Sizes.

Whether you are choosing a solid teal or sunset-colored golf shirts, matching it with golf skorts/shorts will never be a problem. Since this is the Bette & Court/Swing Color Pop collection, the skorts and shorts match the color and style of the above mentioned golf shirts.

Take a look at this Bette & Court/Swing Eva Golf Skort. It is an 18” pull-on printed skort. The prints are dominantly teal-colored and the bottom part has a fair share of sunset on it. Such a bold style that truly embodies the ‘color pop’ in this collection. While the Bette & Court/Swing Ashley pull-on skort shows off the sporty type of design, which is a fashion trend this 2014. It is an 18” solid teal-colored skort that that sunset-colored front linings. If you feel that you can give your best stroke when wearing golf shorts, this Bette & Court/Swing Ladies Basics pull-on smooth fit golf short is perfect for you. You can also feel and look slimmer, more flat tummy and firmer backside because of its Smooth Fit garment.

Get this Bette & Court/Swing Color Pop collection and more at Also, feel free to visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.

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