Ladies, Stay Cool On The Golf Course This Summer

Ladies, how will you stay cool this summer on the golf course? Let Lori’s Golf Shoppe provide you with everything you need to stay cool, comfy and hydrated as you meet the challenges of extreme summer golfing…

Get yourself ready for the summer:

Follow these few tips for enjoying golf in the hot weather:

1. Wear light colored clothing – be sure to try some of the specially designed golf apparel to keep you extra cool and dry.

2. Always wear a hat or visor

3. Be sure to use sun screen and apply prior to leaving the house. Apply generously to ears and nose.

4. Drink plenty of water; get hydrated with at least 16 ounces of water before you go out in the sun. Keep drinking water the entire time you are playing golf.

5. Carry bug spray; humidity brings out the bugs.

6. If you feel light-headed, immediately seek shade and rest.

7. Play in the early morning or late afternoon.

8. Stay in the shade as much as possible during your round of golf

Golf may not be the most physically demanding sport, but for those who have had sun sickness, you know it zaps your strength leaving you with no energy. Be careful and take precautions when playing in extreme heat.

Keeping Cool on the Golf Course

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