Go Green and Printed with the Tail Lucky Luxe Collection

You’re in the right mood for golf and even the weather’s oh so sunny and bright with that breeze you love to feel whilst you play. So, what’s missing? Are you up to date with the attire and do you have something that will give you a relaxing and fashionable game? All you need is a little something from the Tail Lucky Luxe Collection. Not only will this outfit blow the mind of those present on the course, but will also have everyone distracted by its beauty and stunning print, that you are sure to win the game!

Beginning with the tops, there is everything from the short-sleeved and sleeveless with that elegant colour and charming print. A highly chic choice is the Tail Women’s Plus Size Carissa Short Sleeve Golf Shirt in midnight navy and white. The short sleeved top features an attractively contrast white collars above the miniature polka dot white print above the stylish navy. Another fantastic choice is the Lucky Luxe Sleeveless Shirt, which features a dramatic print all over with a trendy sleeveless look and graceful black collars with a neat neckline.

To go for a sexy pair of bottoms, you can ditch the capris and pants and go for these Pull On Golf Skorts in Lucky Luxe. These are adorned with an eye-catching print, which is irresistibly attractive as well as a chunky black waistband. To complete and entire outfit you can easily go for the Lucky Luxe Shirt and Skort, which consists of a sleeveless top in dramatic green with a printed skirt that’s ready to enjoy a game of golf!

Last, but not least are the greens! Go green for golf and make use of these beauties, which not only look lovely, but will surely have you standing out on the course. The Scotty Green Lucky Luxe Skort is a beautiful contrast to the pants and capris and will give you the supreme comfort you crave during a game of golf. The Scotty Green Short Sleeve Shirt feature gorgeous black trim detail, which looks ever so amazing above the green. Finally, the Sleeveless Scotty Green Shirt is all you need on a warm day where you wish to enjoy a game of golf in pure panache!

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