Go for the Luminous and Lively Look with our JoFit Outfits

There’s nothing better than playing golf on a sunny day, am I right? Yes I know! Okay, but there’s also nothing better than playing golf on a lovely day in an outfit that’s as sunny as can be… Ever thought of that? Yes… No… Well, maybe now is the right time to set your eyes on and consider the JoFit Golf Outfits in Citron!

We have everything from shorts, cropped pants, shirts, tunics, and even accessories like belts all in the luminous citron color. This color is ever so vibrant and will surely give you all the attention even before you’re on the course! Who doesn’t like this sort of attention? Well, we all do I hear you say so why not quit the wait and go for these all in citron beauties!

For the top, you have the choice of the JoFit Ladies and Plus Size Jacquard Performance Short Sleeve Golf Shirts, which are bursting with energy and have such a smart, sexy, and trendy look. The short-sleeved wear is simply exquisite to wear on a sunny day whilst playing golf. Not only does it give you the comfort you deserve to play in, but also many compliments before and after the game. The JoFit Ladies and Plus Size Sleeveless Time Zone Tunic Shirts boast sassiness, softness, and sexiness all in one; having you all ready for the game as a flirty and confident lady golfer!

Okay, now for the bottoms, as you also need an elegant essence from the citron factor to wear beneath your fabulous top! You have the choice of the JoFit Ladies Belted Golf Shorts and the JoFit Ladies Belted Cropped Golf Pants. Both of these come in the delightful citron color, with the shorts being perfect for those sunny days and the pants, well they will surely have you covered during the wind and rain!

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