Be Dainty in Pink with Manhattan Jo Fit Apparel

Pink may not be the new black, and may never be, but it surely has its own allure and following.  One can never be too old for this dainty color, and even men these days have already succumbed to this pretty color which can perk up any somber mood.  From shirts to cars to houses, pinks and its complimenting colors are surely up in the list of in-demand colors. So it’s never a surprise if lady golfers would also prefer to be clad in this sweet hue while playing golf on a sunshiny day.  Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC, just have the perfect items for golf and tennis enthusiasts.

Manhattan Jo Fit’s newest collection of wonderfully fitting tennis and golf shirts, skorts and jackets are made with the ladies’ preference for the color pink in mind.  Be a sweetheart on the golf course or tennis court with their short-sleeved shirts and sexy skorts.  Since the weather is getting colder, you may opt to wear long sleeves either in solid pink or heather stripes.

If you’re in the mood to wear light-colored outfits, especially if Mr. Sun is wildly shining down on us, Manhattan Jo Fit’s pink collection would surely make you feel fresh and young and carefree.  You may find Manhattan Jo Fit and other golf and tennis brands in Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC or online at Lori’s Golf

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