Pretty Golf Prints from Bloom Designs

It’s not surprising for a golf player or aficionado, especially ladies, to collect trinkets about their favorite sport.  You would actually know a person’s specific sport through the items they have, or the particular designs of clothes they wear.  If you’re on the lookout for cutesy golf accessories, visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe as they carry Bloom Designs, a brand known for their specialized golf items.

Bloom designs has assorted ordinary and magnetic note cards in pretty pink designs guaranteed to make anyone swoon.  Show off how good you are with anything golf-related in these note pads.  Never forget those little reminders with their thick note cube which look fab even on work-related folders and files.  One of the more popular items also is Bloom Designs’ To-Go golf cups.  The assorted designs in candy colors make it stand out among the rather plain-looking travel mugs.  Nothing screams chic more than a travel mug in zebra- or leopard-print.

Hurry on to Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabash, NC where you can find the most fashionable yet wallet-friendly golf items.  From golf shirts, skorts, dresses, bags and accessories, they have it!  You may also visit their online store, Lori’s Golf

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