Fun and Free with GGblue Live Free

When the phrase “live free” means being fashionably fun while living your life to the fullest, then this may also mean having this GGblue Live Free collection as a part of your closet. It is the newest collection of GGblue Luxe Sport golf apparel which has humble beginnings and deeply rooted in incorporating golf passion to golf fashion.

This GGblue Live Free collection has eight elegant golf apparels that showcase classy animal prints and shades of Purple, Black and White.

You have two designs of GGblue short sleeve golf shirts that you can choose from. The first one is a GGblue Ladies Carla Short sleeve print golf shirt which has a Y-neckline and four-button placket. The purple color on the button placket and sleeves greatly complements the black color of the golf shirt.

While the second one, GGblue Ladies Kalea Short sleeve print golf shirt is matching print collar with five-button placket and anti-microbial wicking. It has a mix of catchy animal and flower prints in shades of Purple, Black and White.

It also has GGblue Ladies & Plus Size Madison Long sleeve animal print golf shirt. It has mock collar and zip placket. It has contrast inside collar and colorblock side panel that looks sophisticatedly beautiful as it flatters curves as you wear it. This Madison Long sleeve golf shirt also has thumbholes to keep this in place no matter how hard you play.

This GGblue Live Free collection also has striking GGblue Ladies Animal print golf sweater. It is a beautiful layering V-Neck with Zebra print. It is a good pick to have this since it has neutral colors, you may pair this with any item on your closet. You can wear this as a golf sweater or as a layering piece on your casual #ootd’s.

This same pretty print of GGblue Ladies & Plus Size Madison Long sleeve animal print golf shirt can also be found on this GGblue Ladies Ciara Animal Print Golf Dress. It is a knit color blocked dress with contrast zip placket, two-front zip pockets, contrast trim mock collar and shorts included. It is also anti-microbial, wicking, UPF 30+. Very suitable not only on the golf course but also til the 19th hole.

This GGblue Live Free collection also has Ladies Toni animal quilted print vest to keep your body warm while playing golf. It has a full zip thinsulate fill, fold-over neckline, two zip pockets and made from 100% Polyester. It is available in Animal print and Purple/Black.

For the first print of Ladies Toni animal quilted print vest, the animal print makes it a timeless piece that you’ll want to add on your solid golf outfits of any color. It also has a chic asymmetric zip line that makes it extra fashionable, too.

The second design of Ladies Toni animal quilted print vest is in solid Purple and Black linings. This will make a great pair with printed sleeved golf shirts and colors complementary to Purple and Black.

To match these lovely items, here’s GGblue Ladies Linx golf skort. It is the only golf bottom in this GGblue Live Free collection. It is an 18” woven golf skort that has front zip closure with snaps, belt loops, two front pockets, tee zip pocket on the right side and zip pocket in the back right side. It also has two front pleats and shorts in it. It looks very chic and functional that you’d love to wear it on other occasions aside from your big golf day.

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Go For Golf in GG Blue Graces Garden Outfits

Go for an outfit that’s ever so eye-catching and bursting with style and choose a little something from the GG Blue Graces Garden collection for golf. These beauties are jam-packed with pink combined with a graceful pattern, which is incredibly stunning. Whether you’re after an outfit that can help you during a sunny day of golf of just wish for something that’s a little different, yet highly elegant, look no further! The collection boasts skorts and shirts, both short sleeves and sleeveless.

Replace your boring old golf shirt for these charming beauties and go to golf feeling fashionable and sexy! The sleeveless shirts for golf come in a stunning pink look and a printed appearance. The GGBlue Ladies & Plus Size Juno Sleeveless Golf Shirt in pink w/fern has a super-stretchy look and is made from stretchy fabric, which ensures each move you make is of ease. As well as a classic appearance, the top has a look of elegance with its gorgeous trims and a zipper front placket. The GGBlue Ladies Jody Sleeveless Golf Shirts in garden w/fern consists of a buttoned up trendy collar and comes with a stunning print all over. Both these beauties will surely have heads turning, but if it’s not quite your cup of tea, be sure to check out the short sleeves!

With the GGBlue Ladies & Plus Size Coco Short Sleeve Shirt in grace w/pink and GGBlue Ladies Kalea Short Sleeve Golf Shirt in garden w/pink, you get a stylish looking shirt, which possesses that short sleeved appearance. Both shirts feature a striking print all over as well as chic buttoned up collars.

That’s the shirts out of the way, now for the bottoms! Either go for something casual and cool like the GGBlue Ladies & Plus Size Leah 19” Golf Skorts in grace w/pink or the rich and elegant GGBlue Ladies Linx 19” Golf Skorts in fern. Both these skorts are ever so elegant and adorned with a gorgeous printed pattern all over. Featuring a look that’s classy and sporty, the skorts are a brilliant alternative to shorts and trousers, so why not give them a go!

A Catwalk on the Golf Course with the GG Blue Life’s a Catwalk Collection

Did that just say catwalk on the golf course? Well, if your eyes read it, then it certainly must have! That is one hundred and ten percent true and is actually possible to enjoy a bit of a catwalk on the golf course. Once all those holes are complete and you begin to make your way to the final hole, why not show off your skills and do a bit off the catwalk in these outfits from the GG Blue Life’s a Catwalk Collection.

First of all, if you want to skip the work and go for a chic-filled and super-flattering full outfit, why not try the GG Blue Ladies & Plus Size Golf Outfit, which comes with a cheetah printed shirt and skort. This charming wear is adorned with the cheetah print all over and boasts a stylish pair of short sleeves along with trendy collars and a neat button closure. Similar, but a little different to this is the GG Blue Ladies & Plus Size Golf Outfit, which comes with a lovely skirt and short. The stylish and high-class sleeveless shirt comes in a rich black color with a gorgeously complementing and contrasting skort, which features an incredibly eye-catching cheetah print.

However, that’s not all… Oh no! If you wish to keep either your own top or bottoms for your catwalk, then you can always go for either one with a shirt or a classy pair of bottoms… It’s entirely up to you! If you wish for something classy and panache, the GG Blue Ladies & Plus Size Eva Long Sleeve Golf Shirt is what you need. This sophisticated shirt comes with the fascinating leopard print and has it all from full-length sleeves, stylish collars, and is brilliant for a sunny day of golf and of course, that catwalk!

However, when it comes to shirts, there’s a wide range from full-sleeved, short-sleeved, and even sleeveless. Simply look at the weather and try on your choice and watch the crowd go wild! You will definitely have heads turning and maybe even have a new trend going amongst your friends, which will have been started by no one, but you! When it comes to the bottoms, the GG Blue Ladies & Plus Size Leah Golf Skorts are perfect and feature the striking cheetah print. Smart and simple contrasts to these are the GG Blue Ladies Linx Golf Skorts, which boast a rich and royal blue color. So what’s it going to be for you and your catwalk on the golf course?!