Bette & Court Tribal Tech

Bette & Court, one of the leading golf apparel brands, continuously gives us exciting new designs, fabric innovation and cutting edge technology that manifests on the latest golf apparel collections that they launch like this one on Bette & Court Tribal Tech. Filled with tribal prints and symbolisms, this Bette & Court Tribal Tech will surely liven up your wardrobe.

If you want to flaunt out your arms while doing the full swing, there are two Bette & Court Tribal Tech Ladies & Plus Size sleeveless golf shirts that you can avail. The first one is a solid Cornflower sleeveless shift polo with collar, with open V Neck and mesh trim. While the second Bette & Court Tribal Tech sleeveless golf shirt is a printed Cornflower sleeveless print polo and zip placket. It has a full multi-colored zigzag print in front and on upper back, and back piecing.

You should also check out this Bette & Court Tribal Tech Ladies & Plus Size short sleeve golf shirt. It is a short sleeve print block polo shirt with mock neck, zip placket and UPF 30+. It has a beautiful Indian Feathers-like print on a Cornflower-colored shirt with Cream on the shoulders and Sangria on the zip placket.

Be sun-protected and fashion perfect on the golf course by wearing this Bette & Court Tribal Tech collection of stunning pieces of Ladies & Plus Size Long sleeve golf shirts. The first one is a solid cream-colored long sleeves golf shirt with a catchy Tribal Multi Screenprint and Sangria-colored zipper. It also has mesh under arms and UPF 50+. While the second long sleeve golf shirt is in Cornflower and has Dot Wave on its collar, shoulder and arms area. It is a long sleeve print blocked polo with mock neck, mesh under arms and UPF 50+. The third one is a Bette & Court Ladies & Plus Size Siria Long Sleeve Golf shirt. It is a long sleeve Medallion print polo also with mock neck, mesh under arms and UPF 50+.

This Bette & Court Tribal Tech collection also has lovely golf bottoms in plain and in prints that you can freely match with the golf shirts in this collection or on any suitable piece on your wardrobe. All of four golf bottoms has this exclusive Smooth Fit garment designed to make you look and feel firmer, flattens the tummy and firms up your backside. While the pull-on design gives a smooth fit without the bulk.

In plain colors, we have here Cornflower-colored Bette & Court Ladies Basics 21” Pull On Smooth Fit Golf shorts and Bette & Court Ladies Basics 18.5” Smooth Fit Golf skorts in color Sangria.

We have two Bette & Court Tribal Tech golf skorts in tribal prints. The first one is a Bette & Court Ladies & Plus Size Sidestep Golf skorts. It is an 18” poly/spandex pull on printed sort with liner. It has the same print as this short sleeve golf shirt. It will look like a gorgeous golf dress when worn together. While the second golf skort is an 18” Bette & Court Ladies & Plus Size Siria Golf skorts – Tribal Tech in Pinwheel prints. It is also a poly/spandex pull on printed sort with liner, side pockets and UPF 50+.

Here are some of the possible outfits with this Bette & Court Tribal tech collection.

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Groovy with this Bette and Court Indie Groove collection

We have here a beautiful Bette & Court collection that will really keep you in the groove to play your best on the golf course and even on your way to the 19th hole. It is the Bette & Court Indie Groove collection. Composed of golf apparel in mostly wild and bold prints, spiced with colors Mandarin Twist, Margarita and neutrals Black and White.

Bright colors will surely brighten up your day, too. Like this Bette & Court Ladies &Plus Size sleeveless golf shirt in solid Mandarin twist (the only piece in solid color in this Indie Groove collection). It is a vector sleeveless polo with collar, open V-neck and contrast piping.

This Indie Groove collection also has Bette & Court Ladies &Plus Size Short Sleeve golf shirt. It is in striking Aztec print in colors Mandarin Twist, Margarita, Black and White. It also has a zip placket, mesh ruffle trim and UPF 50 sun protection. (See its matching golf skort here.)

There are three long sleeve golf shirts to complete the golf shirts in this Bette & Court Indie Groove collection. All these lovely long sleeve golf shirts have mock neck, mesh under arm to keep you cool and UPF 50 to keep you sun-protected. You just have to choose which design you like.

The Bette & Court Ladies &Plus Size Saturn Long sleeve golf shirt has a Scatter print on the top part and its sleeves. The next one is Bette & Court Ladies &Plus Size Groove Long sleeve golf shirt which has full print of small 3D boxes while Bette & Court Ladies & Plus Size Siria Long sleeve golf shirt has Digital Zigzag prints.

Fashion Tip! Wearing full and bold prints is one fashion trick that gives a slimming effect. So better grab these Bette & Court Indie Groove long sleeve golf shirts and use it in your advantage.

Of all the beautifully crafted golf shirts to choose from, Bette and Court Indie Groove has three golf bottoms to match with.

The first one is a Bette & Court Ladies &Plus Size Golf sidestep skort. It is a stunning pull on print skort with liner and side pockets. It is Aztec-like designs in colors Mandarin Twist, Margarita, Black and White, just like the print of Bette & Court Ladies &Plus Size Short Sleeve golf shirt.

The second one is a Bette and Court Ladies Smooth Fit Pull On golf shorts in striking color of Mandarin Twist. It is a 21” pull on stretch shorts with silver studs and UPF 50+. What’s lovely about this golf shorts is that it has a attractive solid Mandarin Twist that stands out on its own and still complements whatever the top is.

While the third one is an arrow-printed Bette & Court Ladies &Plus Size Pull On golf skort. Because it is in Black and White, you can consider this another great fashion staple golf skort that you need to own. This will look gorgeous on whatever colors or prints your top may have. It also has a matching ladies golf top.

If you feel that the prints of the golf shirts above are just too bold for your personality or just really into black and white golf apparel, you may also choose these Bette & Groove Indie Groove collection pieces that are in Black and White.

In White and touches of Black on the collar, side portion and in the linings, you’ll feel fresh and comfy with this Bette & Court Ladies & Plus Size Force sleeveless golf shirt. So forceful that it not only gives you anexcellent game but also excellent looks.

You will also love this classy arrow prints on Bette & Court Ladies &Plus Size Swinger Short sleeve golf shirt. It is short sleeve polo with black collar, snap placket, mesh under arms and UPF50. Plus, it gives you extra confidence to swing your way to the 18th hole. This ladies golf top also has a matching arrow-printed Bette & Court Ladies &Plus Size Pull On golf skort. Wear them together and it looks like a perfect summer golf dress for you.

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Go for Cool and Comfy for Golf with the Bette and Court Kick It Up Collection

If you are comfortable with what you wear to golf and also look ‘oh so’ cool, there’s no reason why you cannot win the game. That’s right! The two important things you need, you’ll have, which gives you a chance to focus more on the game. However, if you do get beaten, then there’s always next time and you can never get the time back where you just enjoyed a fabulous game of golf in a remarkable outfit now, can you?! Choose anything from the Bette and Court Kick It Up collection and invite comfort, sophistication, and oh… An amazing game of golf!

The collection boasts everything from full outfits, individual shirts and even shorts and skorts. The color shades are amazing and consist of yellows, whites, and aqua as well as charming prints and styles. For a full-chic and elegant outfit for a sunny day of golf, the Bette & Court/ Swing Ladies & Plus Size Golf Outfit in Sunfish featuring the shirt and skort is definitely your cup of tea. This sunny-spirited outfit comes with a sleeveless shirt in white with a beautifully contrasting yellow skort, which is ready for a sunny day of golf! The Bette and Court/ Swing Ladies Golf Outfit in Aqua comes with an aqua colored shirt and skort, which is ever so high-class and exquisite.

However, if you just want the bottoms and there’s nothing wrong with if you do, you may want to check out the range of pull on skorts and shorts. Whether you want it in sunfish or aqua it’s all there and the first thing you will feel is the comfort embracing you, which shortly leads to the extremely easy movement you will get during a game of golf.

With the shirts, you can go for anything from sleeveless printed, sleeveless patterned, or even sleeveless in white. These shirts are extremely comfy and will surely have you feeling relaxed and cool throughout the game of golf, which is not something all wears can provide you with. So go ahead and make your past golf apparel as well as your girlfriends ever so jealous with golf wear that understands your comfort and playing needs like no other.

Begin Your Game with Bette & Court Jump Start collection

Bette & Court keeps on improving their launched collections to adapt to the fashion and golf needs of our lady golfers. Bette & Court Jumpstart collection now offers a new set of golf skorts, golf pants and golf shirts. What you’ll love about these additional pieces is the color scheme is in line with Pantone’s Spring 2015: En Plein Air, which offers cooler and softer color choices with subtle warm tones, just like how we see in nature.

Bette & Court Jumpstart collection offers additional four colorblocked pieces of golf polo shirts (three sleeveless and a sleeved golf shirt). All these are made of UPF 30+ and Poly/Spandex. The first golf shirt is a white Bette & CourtLadies &Plus Size Over the Top Sleeveless Golf shirt. It has a three button placket & collar. You might ask, where’s the design. It’s Over The Top. This Over The Top sleeveless golf shirt gives you a fresh look with a chic twist of Pink Passion and Indigo Frost on the collar and pipings.

While the second one is a Bette & Court Ladies &Plus Size Backswing Sleeveless Golf shirt that has a contrast zip placket and mock neck collar. The front part has a charming contrast of Indigo Frost with Pink Passion over the top but wait ‘til you do the backswing. People with surely be mesmerize with the feminine look of the geometric prints panel at the golf shirt’s back.

The third Bette & Court Jumpstart collection of shirt is a Gravity Sleeveless Golf shirt. Nothing can pull you down with its sleeveless colorblocked polo in solid zip placket and collar. It has an interesting contrast panels of Pink Passion, White and Indigo Frost.

While the fourth golf shirt is Bette & Court Ladies &Plus Size Pace Short Sleeve Golf shirt. You can go on a fast game pace with this White short sleeve colorblocked polo, zip placket and mock neck collar. Its white color is accentuated with raglan sleeves of Indigo Frost and Pink Passion.

For the golf bottoms, Bette & Court Jumpstart collection offers additional three pieces of golf skorts and a golf pants. These golf items are made of exclusive Smooth Fit garment that makes you look sexier by flattening your tummy and firming your backside. They are also on an easy-to-wear Pull On design that gives a smooth fit, minus the bulk.

The first golf skort is an 18.5” Bette & Court Ladies Smooth Fit Golf skort. It is a pull on skort with liner and silver hotfix studs. This looks very classy and stunning in white and you can pair with any printed or solid-colored shirts. The second golf skort is the lovely Bette & Court Ladies &Plus Size Pendulum golf skort. It is also an 18” Pull OnSkort with Liner with solid trim on waist. The geometric prints in contrasts of Indigo Frost and Pink Passion gives an edgy feminine touch on the golf skorts, just like the back print of Bette & CourtLadies &Plus Size Backswing Sleeveless Golf shirt. It even looks good to wear this through the 19th hole. The third golf skort is also 18” Pull On golf skort and has the solid colors of Indigo frost and pipings/zipper of Pink Passion in this Bette & Court Ladies &Plus Size Ashley Golf Skort. This fine-looking Ashley golf skort combines sporty, functionality and classy on a single golf skort.

While the golf pants are a Bette & Court Ladies Smooth Fit. It is a 31.5” Inseam pull on golf pant that has two front pockets and one back pocket. It is also accentuated with silver stud details in Indigo Frost color.

Be guided with this Bette & Court Sizing Chart.

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Rock in Those Bottoms for Golf with the Smooth Fit Bottoms by Bette and Court

That’s right! Now that you’re a lady golfer, it’s time you rocked in your outfit, as that’s when you’ll be completely ready to get out there and play! When it comes to bottoms, you may prefer skorts, shorts, capris, or pants. The choice out there is countless, but what’s it going to be for you?

The bottoms listed above have their very own style and fit; it depends on what you are most comfortable wearing and playing in. Just like everything has a secret behind it, so does playing golf, never knew? Well, I’m glad I told you! Just like they say behind every successful man there’s a woman or behind every locked door there is something waiting to be discovered… That is exactly how the secret behind playing a fun and lively game of golf is playing in something that is comfortable and something that leaves you 100 percent satisfied.

Think about it, when you are out there on the golf course, I’m sure the fabric of your clothing is the last thing you would want to worry about, so make sure you have it sorted, done, and dusted, and out of the way first! Anyways, we were in the middle of discussing bottoms right, where did they go?! Okay, so with the Bette and Court bottoms there is plenty choice for all personalities, sizes, and styles.

If you’re crazy about golf with a fashion twist inside you, then you may want to consider the Ladies Smooth Fit Pull On Golf Skort, which comes in a vibrant orange color, ensuring you look like the fashion diva and steal all the attention on that golf course. However, another option for those of you who like to play it fashionable, but with a touch of simplicity, you may want to go for something a little subtle, but equally elegant, like the Ladies Basics Pull On Smooth Fit Golf Capris, which come in a variety of colors and beautifully hug your legs; almost feeling like a second skin!

A top option for the summer has to be the Ladies Basics Pull On Smooth Fit Golf Shorts, which offer you an essence from the elegant factor and ensure you are kept cool at the same time. Just like you need something cool for the summer; it is important you go for something a little warmer for the winter, such as these Ladies Basics Pull On Smooth Fit Golf Pants. That’s the bottoms out the way, it’s time to consider what needs to go on top, so why not browse through our Ladies Golf Shirts and complete your outfit?

On your Mark collection by Bette and Court

Bette and Court continuously produces quality and timeless fashion golf wears that lady golfers are craving for. The On Your Mark collection is like a go signal to us, ladies grab these monochromatic golf wears and flaunt them like fashion models and celebrities do.

The Black and White items in this Bette and Court On Your Mark collection include two short sleeve golf shirts and two pull on golf skorts.

The first one for the On Your Mark collection golf shirt is a White Bette & Court/Swing Ladies & Plus Size Short Sleeve Golf shirt. It is a polo golf shirt that has three button closure and a roll collar. Its white collar is accentuated with Black on its shoulders and sides.

While the second one is a Bette & Court/Swing Ladies & Plus Size Axis Short Sleeve Golf Shirt. It has a attractive mix of printed center and a solid black on its sides that highlights the curves of the body. It also has a mock neck and front zip placket.

With the same print as the Axis Short Sleeve Golf Shirt, here is Bette & Court/Swing Ladies & Plus Size Pendulum Pull on golf skort. It is an 18” Pull on printed golf skort with solid trim and liner.

While the other Bette & Court/Swing Ladies & Plus Size Pull on golf skort has a wide elastic waist band, a front pocket on the side and undershorts. It also has stylish white piping for accent and its left side zips open.

Grab these four amazing Black and White pieces that surely match each other. Take a look at these four possible outfits for this Bette and Court On Your Mark collection.

What are you waiting for? On your mark, grab these golf wear pieces on this On Your Mark collection now. Make sure you’ve check out Bette & Court/Swing Sizing Charts before placing your orders.

More monochromatic golf wears are available on and on their physical store, Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.