The Bold and the Beautiful!

Want bold? Want beautiful? Then you’ll want the latest from Sassy Caddy featured here on the left. Cart and stand bags, coordinating travel bags, shoe bags and head covers … look good, feel great, play well! That’s the motto of every female golfer who ventures on the links. And Sassy Caddy offers trendy and chic! Bags are made with quality UV protected, durable American-made fabrics.

Emily Haythorn, creator of Sassy Caddy, Inc., has designed totes, shoe bags, cosmetic bags and head covers that are as functional as they are fashionable. Bright colors and coordinating accessories make Sassy Caddy eye-catching and irresistible!

Sassy Caddy products can be purchased at Lori’s Golf Shoppe located in the heart of Calabash, North Carolina, just northeast of the South Carolina border. This family style sporting goods store is home to leading manufacturers of golf and tennis equipment. At Lori’s, you’ll find everything you’ll need to play the game of golf … and even something for your tennis matches. Apparel that will take you to the courts, course or the nearest restaurant adorn the walls of this 4000+ square foot location.

Unique to Lori’s is its personalized instruction, seasonal clinics and golf packages provided from one of the three golf professionals on staff. Their personalized assistance can customize your equipment and offer strategies bound to bring your game to the next level. Need gifts for tournaments and outings? Lori’s Golf Shoppe provides plenty of items from which to choose all at discounted prices. Order online at and receive special promotions and shipping options that will make your dollar go a long way. Pre-order the latest in apparel and be among the first to receive the items as soon as they are released. Lori’s Golf Shoppe or are places you’ll want to revisit time and again as the uniqueness of the shopping never gets old. After all, Lori’s is the place Where All Golfing Gals Gather for fun and friendship!