Cause You’ve Got …… PURSONALITEE ….

Walk, Talk, Smile, Pursonalitee …Lloyd Price wasn’t the only one who had a “Personality” hit. Why not try out one of these “Pursonalitee” purses for Mother’s Day? It makes a great gift. It’s fun, flirty and fashionable. And just who has the scoop on these bags? Why, Lori’s Golf Shoppe of course!

Express your golf personality on or off the course when you carry a Pursonalitee handbag. Whether you are 8 or 80, grab your eye-catching bag from the cart and head to lunch at the club, school or shopping. Your cute bag will tell the world you love the great sport of golf!

And gentlemen, a Pursonalitee bag makes a great gift for any occasion. All of the bags have their own distinct personality. Choose from fun, bright colors and patterns! Every bag is adorned with three color coordinated painted tees, with the added touch of a sparkling crystal sitting on top of each tee for that special “bling, bling” effect! Keep in mind, too, that each individual bag was designed and created by a family of golfer girls! Make this purchase and your special lady will also “Walk, Talk, and Smile” Pursonalitee!

Lori’s Golf Shoppe is located in the heart of Calabash, North Carolina. A short distance from Route 17, north of the South / North Carolina border, you’ll find this family style sporting goods store. Since 2003, Lori’s Golf Shoppe has grown from a petite golf store in Ocean Isle Beach, NC, to a 4,000 square foot golf store in Calabash, NC. In 2005, Lori launched her now globally recognized online golf / tennis store at There you will find over 5000 items related to golf for men, women and children. In either location, you’ll find sales associates, (by phone if online), who can assist you with your selections and even customize your equipment choices since 3 full-time golf professionals are on staff.

Lori’s Golf Shoppe is truly a unique place to shoppe. You’ll build new friendships with each visit to the shoppe. Golf instruction, outings and packages are available to help you bring your game to the next level. Be sure to stop by Lori’s Golf Shoppe as it’s the place Where All Golf Gals Gather for apparel, equipment and accessories related to the sport of golf and tennis.

Golf Bags Gallore!

Meet the new ultralite performance bags from Ogio and RJ Sports! Each manufacturer has designed men’s and ladies’ golf cart, stand and carry bags with comfort in mind. When you think about it, as you negotiate the golf course, your golf bag becomes part of your identity. Choosing the right combination of bag style and functionality is part of who defines you on the fairway. Both Ogio Golf Bags and RJ Sport Golf Bags strive to make that choice as personal as possible.

While each company creates their own unique designs, commonality exists between the two. Durability, longevity, and practicality define their workmanship. Each style incorporates individual full-length club dividers, multiple easy access pockets, hydration pocket, fleece lined wallet / cell phone pockets, rain hood system, integrated strap/trunk handles, and more depending upon the style you choose. Quality craftsmanship remains the most important feature of all designs.

Purchase of these fine quality items can be easily accomplished with just a click of the mouse. boasts a unique internationally recognized online shoppe in which your golf choices seem endless. With over 5000 golf related items on display, you can shop to your heart’s content … all from the comfort of your own home. You’ll find specials and discounts at the check out while all orders totalling $100 or more will be shipped free within the continental USA.

And while you are playing the game of golf along the coast of North or South Carolina, why not stop in at Lori’s Golf Shoppe conveniently located just off Route 17, in Calabash, North Carolina. Lori’s Golf Shoppe houses golf items for men, women and children. Apparel, equipment, golf bags, shoes, jewelry, hats and visors are but a few of the many items bound to make you look and play better on the golf course. Group and individual instruction is available from one of the three full-time golf professional at the shoppe. Lori’s is that “family style” shoppe which meets the needs of all golfers. Be sure to stop by Lori’s Golf Shoppe or browse online at as it is the place where “All Golf Gals Gather” to bring their game to the next level!