New Designs of 2009!

A new twist on the traditional flip flop is brought to us by Oka b’s stylish “reflexology” break through! At the conclusion of 18 holes of golf, there is nothing better than to put your foot into the most popular, most celebrated, favorite NEW design of 2009! Give your feet something to love. Lightweight, modern and even a little sexy, these ladies’ after-golf shoes are grounded in the principles of reflexology eliminating the discomfort that you may feel with other thongs and flip flops.

When the ladies’ “flip flop” is not for you, there is always OKA b’s ladies’ new modern slide designed to support and flatter every foot. With this flirty new look, you will surely be the envy of all around! The built-in massage beads are based upon the same principles of reflexology. These ladies’ after-golf shoes are even antimicrobial, waterproof … AND top shelf dishwasher safe!

As the 19th hole approaches, you might find a need for something a little more “spiffy”! In walks the OKA b’s “sugar and spice and everything nice” sandal to add a little more flair to that ladies’ golf dress you might be wearing. Dress it up or dress it down, this sandal is going to become one of the most comfortable additions to your wardrobe. These slides are adorned with premium quality grosgrain ribbons. The variety of choices allow you to create your own individual statement. The bows are even removable, should you want to add your own style! Made in the USA, OKA b’s ladies’ sandal is a hot number for all the ladies in your life.

Visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe or browse and you’ll find every style and color OKA b’s has to offer. Not only will you find a wonderful assortment of ladies’ golf shoes and after-golf shoes, you’ll also find the latest in ladies’ and women’s plus size golf apparel from Liz Claiborne, Adidas, EP Pro, Nike, JoFit, Nivo, 9 Degree South, and a whole lot more. Ladies’ golf bags, golf accessories, golf balls and tees, ladies’ golf equipment and lessons are available to accommodate your golfing needs. Join Lori’s team and “Gather with the Golfing Gals” at Lori’s Golf Shoppe or It’s an experience you’ll revisit time and time again!

Everyone Loves a Bargain!

Everyone loves a bargain and a good one is hard to find … unless, that is, you are shopping at Lori’s Golf Shoppe now offers $20 quality ladies’ golf apparel.

The Nancy Lopez ladies’ mock neck golf shirts (shown above) come in a variety of styles and colors. Their “desert dry” fabric is constructed to move moisture away from the skin creating dry comfort in all weather conditions. They wash and dry easily, ready for the next day of play! Whether cap sleeved or sleeveless, the shirts move with you never restricting your swing. Couple these shirts with fashionable and functional ladies’ golf shorts or skorts and you have yourself a beautiful ladies’ golf outfit at an extremely affordable price. And that good price always allows for an extra outfit or two!

Lori’s Golf Shoppe also carries a fine line of Monterey ladies’ golf apparel. Their ladies’ golf shirts come in two different styles, mock neck and the standard ladies’ golf shirts. Shirts are made of polyester / spandex moisture wicking fabric. A contrasting color panel designed for some ladies’ shirts enhance a slenderizing look. The wide range of colors allows for easy coordination with ladies’ shorts, ladies’ skorts, and ladies’ or women’s cropped pants.

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Your New Best Friends!

Golf gloves can become your new best friends. We often think about how they complement a ladies’ golf outfit rather than how they truly can influence a golf swing! The golf glove is key to maintaining your grip. Ladies’ golf gloves for any climate – sunshine, rain or cold – can enhance your performance. And Lori’s Golf Shoppe offers many different styles of ladies’ golf gloves with colors and patterns to match any ladies’ outfit!

Let’s take a look at three popular ladies’ golf glove styles for this time of year. First, there is the ladies’ HJ Gripper Glove. This next generation micro-fiber leather stays soft and tacky. It will not stiffen. Its durable palm patch ensures long lasting durability. The cool-tex inserts provide cool ventilation and a customized fit. These gloves can be machine or hand wash in cold water – no soap. Just lay flat to dry!

We now have the HJ Ladies’ Winter Performance Golf Gloves. This ladies’ winter glove is constructed of thermal fleece to keep your hands warm. Its high-performance micro-fiber palm provides an excellent grip in all weather conditions.

Lastly, we have HJ Ladies’ Ready Rain Golf Gloves. These high performance micro-fiber, mesh back gloves provide optimum ventilation and an excellent grip in wet conditions. They are durable and enhance your grip on your golf club.

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Bogey, Double Bogey, Triple …

Have you ever found yourself looking back on a golf hole visualizing each of your golf strokes and still not sure of your score? It’s a common occurrence with many of us when the game goes south!

Fortunately, Courtney’s Count’EM Stroke Counters came to our rescue. As you can see, Courtney designed a fashionable way to keep track of your golf strokes while coordinating with some of her casual golf jewelry. Start with the beads at the top and with each stroke taken, pull down a bead. At the end of the hole, count how many golf beads have been pulled down and that’s your score. Start over at the next hole – it’s that easy. You can hang’em on your belt loop or hang’em on your golf bag.

Of course, when it comes to golf, having one of an item we love never seems to be enough. We can always find something else to “go with it” and so we have matched golf socks with these golf stroke counters. These reasonably priced golf items come in a variety of colors and can easily be coordinated to the many ladies’ golf shorts, ladies’ shirts, golf dresses, and other fine golf apparel that can be found at Lori’s Golf Shoppe @ These unique items have been exclusively designed for Lori’s Golf Shoppe by Bradner Beads and can be personalized for tournaments, events and gifts.

Be sure to stop by our store or shop on line at It’s a place where all the “Golfing Gals Gather!”