Celebrate Beauty, Fashion and Golf with this JoFit Mojito golf collection

Cheers to all the beautiful lady golfers you have done well last 2015 and who are willing to do more for 2016. (Hooray.) And what better way to do that than to celebrate this new year with a winning golf game while wearing gorgeous golf pieces from this fab JoFit Mojito collection. We can radiate good vibes with these golf pieces that have classy and lively Olive and White giraffe prints in and spiced with Flourescent Pink.

JoFit Mojito ladies golf shirts

These JoFit Mojito Ladies & Plus Size Gracie Sleeveless golf shirts are made from the moisture wicking Jo-Dry Jersey. They have an entire giraffe prints with white collar and a catchy Fluorescent Pink unique neckline clasp closure.

While these JoFit Mojito Ladies & Plus Size Raglan Mock golf shirts have a twist which comes from the Fluorescent Pink-colored zipper that livens up the whole Giraffe print on it.

In case you want a solid-colored golf shirt, here’s JoFit Mojito Ladies & Plus Size Jacquard Performance Golf polo shirt. It is a classic golf shirt in Fluorescent Pink that will surely match any solid or Giraffe-printed golf skorts.

Guaranteed that these giraffe-printed Mojito collection golf shirts have the JoFit trademarks that we all love. These golf shirts have shaped waist which flatters female curves, scoop bottom hem which legs look longer and extra length which boosts more confidence as you swing.

The abovementioned stylish golf shirts look good on most golf bottoms but here are three of the best golf skorts in this JoFit Mojito collection.

JoFit Mojito ladies golf skorts

The first one is the JoFit Mojito Ladies Printed Mina Golf skort. Giraffe-printed golf shirts will always look good on their matching golf skort. Also, any solid golf shirt will have instant edgy style when matched with this. This JoFit Mojito Ladies Printed Mina Golf skort is made of moisture wicking Jo-Dry Jersey fabric. It has deep hip pockets that stay flat, signature back patch pockets that add shape and coverage to the tush and a wide contoured waistband that controls muffin top. It is specially designed to smoothen and flatten the abdomen.

The second one is a JoFit Mojito Ladies & Plus Size Jacquard Mina Golf skort. It has the same quality features of JoFit Mojito Ladies Printed Mina Golf skort. This one is in Olive so you may consider this as a staple golf skort that you can frequently match with your other favorite golf tops of any color.

If you are ready to go beyond the Olive and White combination, this JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Dash golf skort suits you. It is in dashing Fluorescent Pink that matches with the accent colors of the JoFit Mojito golf shirts mentioned. It has a flirty pleated front and back panels that move around as you dash your way to the 18th hole. It is made of lightweight stretch woven fabric with built in Jo Dry Jersey undershorts and front slit pockets for utility.

View the whole stunning JoFit Mojito collection here or visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe at the heart of Calabash, NC.

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