Be the Golf Course’s Fairest Lady with this Tail Mayfair Tango collection

When Tail Activewear gives us new golf apparel collections, they definitely give lady golfers the highest quality and the latest fashion sense. Just like this Tail Mayfair Tango. It gives us the glimpse of glam life of picturesque Mayfair, an exclusive area of West London, by the east edge of Hyde Park, in the city of Westminster. It has 18 golf pieces in striking solids and prints in red of Tango, Black and Lotus White.

Tail Mayfair Tango sleeveless golf shirtsThere are 5 sleeveless golf shirts from this Tail Mayfair Tango collection that you may choose from. All of are UPF 40+.

The first one is a Tail Ladies &Plus Size Becky Sleeveless golf shirt. It is in bright-colored Tango and Black contrast that will compliment your passion as you hit those golf balls.

If you like solid Black, here’s the second one, Tail Ladies &Plus Size Elvira Sleeveless Golf shirt. It is also a luxe jersey with mock neck with zipper. Take a look on the meticulous design on the zip placket. It is so pretty that you will surely wear this up to the 19th hole.

The third one is a Tail Ladies &Plus Size Ke Lis Sleeveless golf shirt. It is a white luxe jersey with pleated placket, button closure and UPF 40+. You’ll love how this Lotus (white) sleeveless golf shirt is elegantly joined with black on its collar, buttons and button placket linings. It gives a fresh and neat look that can last throughout the game.

Tail Mayfair Tango printed sleeveless golf shirtsIf you are into printed sleeveless golf shirts, here’s Tail Ladies &Plus Size Fannie Sleeveless golf shirt. It is a performance jersey with mock neck with zipper. It is beautifully designed with patterns in Westminster (Black & White).

Tail Ladies Elaine Sleeveless golf shirt is another printed sleeveless golf shirt in this Tail Mayfair Tango collection. It is a performance jersey with convertible collar and zipper. Its Picadilly-colored print resembles the high-class buildings of the Mayfair.

Tail Mayfair Tango short sleeve golf shirtsTail Mayfair Tango collection also has short sleeves golf shirts. All of these are UPF 40+.

This Tail Ladies & Plus Size Freya Short sleeve golf shirt is a luxe jersey with mesh underlay placket and button-loop closure. Look on how classy it looks as it is accentuated with black buttons. It is available in colors Lotus (White) and Tango.

Tail Ladies &Plus Size Odelia short sleeve golf shirt in Haberdashery. It is a performance jersey with convertible collar, foldable cuffs and snap placket. This Black-and-White print goes well with golf bottoms and accessories of any color.

While the third one is a Tail Ladies &Plus Size Nicolette Short Sleeve golf shirt. It is also a performance jersey in lively Chelsea print with black zipper and pipings. Ithas wave-like pattern which implies continuity that pushes you to keep going until you reach your goal – in golf and in life.

Tail Mayfair Tango long sleeves and vestPreparing for colder weather? Tail Mayfair Tango collection also offers long sleeves golf shirts which are 25” in length and UPF 40+.

Tail Ladies &Plus Size Leandra Long sleeve golf shirt also has the beautiful Picadilly as seen in Tail Ladies Elaine Sleeveless golf shirt. It is a brushed jersey with mock neck and zipper you can adjust on whatever suits you.

Tail Ladies &Plus Size Paola Long sleeve golf shirt is also a brushed jersey with pleated placket, mock neck with zipper and foldable sleeve cuff. This Lotus white golf piece is a must-have since you can use this as a base garment then you can add on vests or scarfs of any color and print as layering pieces to keep you warm and more stylish.

And speaking of stylish layering pieces, here’s one from this Mayfair Tango – Tail Ladies &Plus Size Kori Sleeveless golf vest in Black. It has compression ponte, ottoman contrast, mock neck, internal drawstring, zipper and snap pockets. It is so chic that you can wear it over your favorite #ootd.

Tail Mayfair Tango golf skorts and golf dressOf course, Tail Mayfair Tango collection has equally stunning golf bottoms that you can match with the abovementioned golf tops.

You have three golf skorts to choose from if you are more comfortable to move around. The first one is an 18” Tail Ladies &Plus Size Isabel 18” golf skort. You’ll surely love red golf skorts. It looks stunning as a piece and Tango color also beautifully compliments whatever golf top you use for it. It has a modern fit, refined twill, curved hem, shorties and with UPF40+.

The second one is a Tail Ladies &Plus Size Darby Pull on golf skort. It is also 18” in length and with UPF40+. It is a performance jersey with exposed zipper pockets and shorties. Darby golf skort has sassy prints in Black and Tango. It will be a perfect match for golf tops with the same color and with solid light colors as well.

While the third one, Tail Ladies Juliet Pull on golf skort, is a straight pull on performance jersey with shorties. It also has black inverted pleats in front that allows greater movement and adds fashion value to the golf skorts Oxford print as well.

Or you may go for a golf dress with the same Oxford print and Black contrast. It is the 36.5” Tail Ladies &Plus Size Glenda Sleeveless golf dress. Made of performance jersey with novelty collar with zipper, pockets and shorties. Feel free to accessorize because you’ll surely won’t go wrong this is golf dress.

Tail Mayfair Tango golf capri and golf pantsStill a fan of golf pants and capris? Don’t worry, I told you that Tail Mayfair Tango collection has everything, including 21” Tail Ladies Isabel golf capris and 28” Tail Ladies Kat Modern Fit Golf ankle pants.

The Tail Ladies Isabel Golf capri has a modern fit, refined twill, curved hem, pockets and UPF40+. It is in Tango that is so catchy, it will make you stand out on the green golf course. While Tail Ladies Kat Modern Fit Golf ankle pants is in modern fit, compression ponte, tonal ribbon tuxedo stripe. This one is in Black so you may pair all the tops that you want including those included in this Tail Maytail Tango collection.

Can’t get enough of Tail Activewear? Here’s more. Also do visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe at the heart of Calabash, NC.

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