A Catwalk on the Golf Course with the GG Blue Life’s a Catwalk Collection

Did that just say catwalk on the golf course? Well, if your eyes read it, then it certainly must have! That is one hundred and ten percent true and is actually possible to enjoy a bit of a catwalk on the golf course. Once all those holes are complete and you begin to make your way to the final hole, why not show off your skills and do a bit off the catwalk in these outfits from the GG Blue Life’s a Catwalk Collection.

First of all, if you want to skip the work and go for a chic-filled and super-flattering full outfit, why not try the GG Blue Ladies & Plus Size Golf Outfit, which comes with a cheetah printed shirt and skort. This charming wear is adorned with the cheetah print all over and boasts a stylish pair of short sleeves along with trendy collars and a neat button closure. Similar, but a little different to this is the GG Blue Ladies & Plus Size Golf Outfit, which comes with a lovely skirt and short. The stylish and high-class sleeveless shirt comes in a rich black color with a gorgeously complementing and contrasting skort, which features an incredibly eye-catching cheetah print.

However, that’s not all… Oh no! If you wish to keep either your own top or bottoms for your catwalk, then you can always go for either one with a shirt or a classy pair of bottoms… It’s entirely up to you! If you wish for something classy and panache, the GG Blue Ladies & Plus Size Eva Long Sleeve Golf Shirt is what you need. This sophisticated shirt comes with the fascinating leopard print and has it all from full-length sleeves, stylish collars, and is brilliant for a sunny day of golf and of course, that catwalk!

However, when it comes to shirts, there’s a wide range from full-sleeved, short-sleeved, and even sleeveless. Simply look at the weather and try on your choice and watch the crowd go wild! You will definitely have heads turning and maybe even have a new trend going amongst your friends, which will have been started by no one, but you! When it comes to the bottoms, the GG Blue Ladies & Plus Size Leah Golf Skorts are perfect and feature the striking cheetah print. Smart and simple contrasts to these are the GG Blue Ladies Linx Golf Skorts, which boast a rich and royal blue color. So what’s it going to be for you and your catwalk on the golf course?!

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