Pick your Pink: the Pink Shoppe

Color psychology states that people who like pink are loving, kind and generous. The ones who are attached to their femininity, romantic, sensual and sensitive. Most often, our love for pink is reflected in our valuables. So lady golfers, brace yourselves and indulge to these pretty golf items in our Lori’s Pink Shoppe collection.

Lori’s Pink Shoppe golf items have everything in Pink, yes, I really mean everything. From golf wears (Pink Apparels) to bags (Pink Accessory bags, Pink Golf bags) to golf head wears (Pink Golf Hats, Pink Visors) to golf shoes and sandals (Pink Shoes and Sandals, Pink Socks) to golf necessities (Pink Golf Balls, Pink Gloves, Pink Head Covers, Pink Golf Clubs) to golf accessories (Pink Visor Clips and Ball markers, Pink Ribbons, Pink Towels and Umbrellas).

The latest items in the lovely Pink Shoppe include a Bermuda Sands Pink short sleeve golf shirt in stripes, a special set of Lilybeth Designer Golf Bag combo (Headcovers and Neoplotian Stripes, Shoe bag – Neopolitan Stripes and Pink Bunny and a Cart bag)in Neopolitan Stripes. You’ll surely looklike such a sweetheart with these. You can also match these with Golfstream Pink Faux Crocodile Print sandals and JoBelts in Rasberry and JoPink. Or you may also check out the golf apparels in the JoFit Fiji collection in JoPink for a wider choice of shirts, short and skorts.

Wow, you’ll really stand out on the golf course with these pink golf items.

What are you waiting for? Shop for Pink Shoppe golf items at www.lorisgolfshoppe.com or visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.

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