JoFit Tahiti Golf Outfits

Not confident in your outfits? Are you hesitant that you might be doing a mix and match with your golf wears the wrong way? Worry no more. We’ll be giving you some help, Here’s five possible golf outfits that you can wear in the JoFit Tahiti golf collection.

The first JoFit Tahiti golf outfit is a JoFIt Ladies white long sleevegolf shirt and a citron-colored golf shorts. This outfit gives an impression of a sporty, outgoing and confident lady golfer. The colors used (white and citron) also give a fresh and clean look, ready to hit the golf course. The golf shirt is a JoFit Ladies &Plus Size Long Sleeve UV Golf/Tennis shirt that protects your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. You may wear this as is or as a layering piece in your golf oufit. For its bottom, the citron-colored JoFIt Ladies Belted Golf Short is good worn with tops tucked in or tucked out. It has a flat front, straight leg, belt loops, back patch pockets for score card and front pockets for utility. As seen in the picture, it is paired with a blue JoBelt and head covers.

The second JoFit Tahiti golf outfit is a matching JoFit shirt and skort in Citron and grape. The JoFit Ladies &Plus Size ¾ Sleeve Raglan Pull over golf shirt has an asymmetrically placed zipper, has signature shaped waist and scoop bottom. While the JoFIt Ladies& Plus Size Jo Slimmer Golf skort, true to its name, gives a slimmer and slicker appearance on you as you hit the links. Look better when you match this JoFit shirt and skortwith a citron-colored visor.

While the third JoFit Tahiti golf outfit is a combination of a JoFit Ladies &Plus Size Jo Tech Short Sleeve Golf shirt and Mina Golf Skort. This JoFit Tahiti outfit is bold enough to mix and match citron and grape colors in plain and plaid golf items. Grape-colored Jo Tech Short Sleeve Golf shirt polo has a feminine cross over citron V-neckline while the JoFIt Ladies &Plus Size Mina Golf Skort is a grape windowpane printed golf skort that has a narrowed appearance, deep hip pockets which stay flat and is designed to smoothen and flatten the abdomen.

If you just love the windowpane plaid print on Mina golf skort above, you will also love this JoFit Ladies &Plus Size Tipped Short Sleeve Golf shirt featured in this fourth JoFit Tahiti golf outfit. Aside from its catchy windowpane print, the citron contrast in its front zip placket adds fun flavourto the golf shirt. It is matched with this JoFit Ladies &Plus Size Jo Slimmer Pedal Golf Pusher in Grape. It keeps you looking chic, comfy and in shape. (Note: M & L shirts will arrive on February 15, 2015)

The fifth JoFit Tahiti golf outfit is a combination of JoFit Ladies &Plus Size Cut Away Johnny Sleeveless Collar golf shirt and the JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Jo Slimmer Golf Pants. Pants (33 ½ “ Jo Slimmer Golf Pants) and sleeveless shirt (Cut Away Johnny Sleeveless Collar golf shirt) perfectly match each other because they highlight a particular part of a lady golfer’s body, which is your shoulders and arms. If you love to flaunt out those sculpted arms you’ve worked hard for or if you are just more comfortable to swing your arms in sleeveless golf shirts, here’s one for you. The Cut Away Johnny Sleeveless Collar golf shirt, just like JoFit Ladies &Plus Size Tipped Short Sleeve Golf shirt, is in Windowpane print with a twist of citron on the V-neckline. While its bottom belongs to the ready-to-go and fit-perfect Jo Slimmer golf items featured in 2015 JoFit Spring collection.

These suggestedJoFit golf outfits mentioned above are for ladies and plus size and may be re-mix and match according to your taste. Check out the JoFit Sizing Charts here.

Find more of the JoFit Tahiti golf items you may want to mix and match at and Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.

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