Rock in Those Bottoms for Golf with the Smooth Fit Bottoms by Bette and Court

That’s right! Now that you’re a lady golfer, it’s time you rocked in your outfit, as that’s when you’ll be completely ready to get out there and play! When it comes to bottoms, you may prefer skorts, shorts, capris, or pants. The choice out there is countless, but what’s it going to be for you?

The bottoms listed above have their very own style and fit; it depends on what you are most comfortable wearing and playing in. Just like everything has a secret behind it, so does playing golf, never knew? Well, I’m glad I told you! Just like they say behind every successful man there’s a woman or behind every locked door there is something waiting to be discovered… That is exactly how the secret behind playing a fun and lively game of golf is playing in something that is comfortable and something that leaves you 100 percent satisfied.

Think about it, when you are out there on the golf course, I’m sure the fabric of your clothing is the last thing you would want to worry about, so make sure you have it sorted, done, and dusted, and out of the way first! Anyways, we were in the middle of discussing bottoms right, where did they go?! Okay, so with the Bette and Court bottoms there is plenty choice for all personalities, sizes, and styles.

If you’re crazy about golf with a fashion twist inside you, then you may want to consider the Ladies Smooth Fit Pull On Golf Skort, which comes in a vibrant orange color, ensuring you look like the fashion diva and steal all the attention on that golf course. However, another option for those of you who like to play it fashionable, but with a touch of simplicity, you may want to go for something a little subtle, but equally elegant, like the Ladies Basics Pull On Smooth Fit Golf Capris, which come in a variety of colors and beautifully hug your legs; almost feeling like a second skin!

A top option for the summer has to be the Ladies Basics Pull On Smooth Fit Golf Shorts, which offer you an essence from the elegant factor and ensure you are kept cool at the same time. Just like you need something cool for the summer; it is important you go for something a little warmer for the winter, such as these Ladies Basics Pull On Smooth Fit Golf Pants. That’s the bottoms out the way, it’s time to consider what needs to go on top, so why not browse through our Ladies Golf Shirts and complete your outfit?

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