Sitting Pretty on these Golf Cart Seat Blankets

Keep the chic in you present at all times. You may be wearing the latest ladies golf wear available in Lori’s golf shoppe. You may also add your personalized fashion sense on the golf cart seats that you will be using.

Be stylish while maintaining the main function of golf cart seat blankets to provide an instant protection from coldness and dirt. It only takes a few seconds to install and you’re ready to hit the golf course.

Classic Accessories Golf Cart seat blankets are really a good buy because it doesn’t even consume much space in your bag since it has a self zip case with self storing pouch and carry handle. These golf seat blankets are made of wipe-clean resistant fabric on top and soft and warm fleece fabric on the bottom. Also, they fit most of the two-person cart seat with armrests and are reversible. The front side is made of 100% woven polyester while the back side is made of 100% knit polyester.

These Classic Accessories golf car seat blankets are available on colors of Tan, Tan & Plaid and Grey & Pink. All of these cost $39.99 each.

If you are rooting for golf car seat blankets with prints, better check out these items from Golf Chic Bags. Golf Chic Bags started their business on manufacturing golf cart seat covers so we can be assured that these items are really trusted products that we can count on to keep our seats warm in the winter, cool and dry this summer and to protect our golf cart seats and keep them clean and stylish all the time.

These Golf Chic Bags Ladies Golf Seat covers are available in various designs like Black & White Polka Dots, Pink & White Polka Dots, Green & White Polka Dots and animal prints such as Zebra and Leopard. All of these cost $69.99 each.

Check out other golf accessories and shop online at Or visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe at Calabash, NC.

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