Majestic Like GolfHer Royal Aces collection

GolfHer is famous for having collections that can be worn from the golf course to the 19th hole. This GolfHer Royal Aces collection is definitely one of the collections that can make lady golfers look and feel their best when wearing those pieces.

GolfHer is proud to say that the apparels that they have are golf course-tested and are made from the highest quality of performance fabrics, stay dry wicking and has SPF 35 protection.
This GolfHer Royal Aces collection has four items – three golf shirts and a golf skort.

First is the GolfHer Ladies Sleeveless Golf Shirt. It is basic white polo shirt with royal blue piping. The second one is GolfHer Ladies basic Ruched Short Sleeve Golf Shirt. It is also a basic white with royal blue piping. What’s nice about this golf shirt is that the white collar has a royal blue color that keeps you chic and safe from the sun when you choose to pull up the collar.

The adjectives royal and majestic will perfectly describe the style of this GolfHer Ladies & Plus Size Short Sleeve Golf Shirt. It is designed with aces and colored with royal. If you think it’s already stunning when you look at its front design, better take a deep breath before you take a look at its back design. It is in solid royal and accentuated with aces on the center part.

To match these three golf shirts mentioned is a GolfHer Ladies & Plus Size Golf skort, also printed in aces and colored in royal. It has three pockets that can keep golfing essentials such as scorecards. It also has flattering stretch waistline that provides optimum comfort.

All of these items in this GolfHer Royal Aces collection are 90% Nylon 10% Spandex and machine washable.

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