Get the Best of Both Worlds in this JoFit Golf/Tennis Lanai collection

True to their tagline, JoFit Sportswear is famous for its ‘designed to fit’ sportswear. It caters to the needs of lady golfers and tennis players. JoFit Lanai collection features variety of golf/tennis wears in Orange Crush and Jo Pink. Very eye catching on and off the golf course/tennis court. Plus, all of the items are available in Plus Sizes. Isn’t it great?

Yeah, we are under the heat of the scorching sun when playing either golf or tennis so it is a wise choice to wear long sleeves for skin protection. This JoFit ladies & Plus Size Long Sleeve Golf/Tennis Shirt in Orange Crush meets that functionality. It also has a collar to cover the neck part and has center zip closure. While this JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Golf/Tennis Jacket in Jo Pink color meets the functionality and exceeds the fashion. It has a stunning silver asymmetrical zipper and two side pockets. It also fits perfectly for out of the course/court events.

Or you may want to experience the revolutionary approach of two JoFit shirts that uses Jo Jacquard technology. Jo Jacquard preserve the durability of the fabric used and at the same time, keeps it lighter and more comfortable to the body. This JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Short Sleeve Fusion Golf/Tennis Shirt also has breathable side panels made from mock-mesh to cool you down. This Jo Pink-colored shirt also has center front zipper for easily adjusting the neckline and defined waist area to give form and shape to the body. The other one is the JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Pop Collar Golf Shirt. It has the same features mentioned, only, it is in a captivating color of Orange Crush and zipper linings of Jo Pink.

Another JoFit shirt style has bold contrasting colors of Jo Pink and center front zipper linings of Orange Crush. It is the JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Sleeveless Pop Collar Golf/Tennis Shirt – Lanai. Itis made from Jo Dry Jersey material that is moisture-wicking and quick dry. It perfectly go along with the curves of your body and shows off your arms.

I did mention that gorgeous JoFit Ladies shirts are both suitable as golf and tennis wears, right? Well, if you are about to wear it in the upcoming weekends golf tournament, here are the golf shorts and skorts that will certainly make a good outfit with those.

Named after LPGA player Mina Harigae, this JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Mina Pull On Golf Skort is also made of Jo Jacquard fabric that keeps lady golfers cool and active. This Orange Crush-colored skort has deep hip pockets, JoFit’s signature back patch pockets. Another design of this JoFit Lanai collection is the Jo Pink Scratchy Windowpane designed on a shorts (JoFit Ladies Belted Golf Shorts) and skorts (JoFit Ladies Belted Golf Skorts). Both are designed in JoFit’s signature 4way stretch woven fabric in a classic fit, tailored in a sleek silhouette and signatured JoFit patch back pockets for your scorecards, too. Both also has belted loops suited for tuck-in’s and two front pockets that maintains its flatness even when you move around.

Got love as your score? No worries, you will surely be loved and admired on with these fabulous tennis outfits included in this JoFit Lanai collection.

The JoFit Wahini Tank Tennis Shirts Lanai features the Jo Pink, Orange Crush and white in contrasting geometric panel. It is also made from Jo Jacquard fabric that fits well to the body and superiorly supports bra coverage and range of motion. While this JoFit Triple Banded Tank Tennis Shirt has a raceback styling for more free movements on the tennis court. Its color is dominated by Jo Pink and has pretty outline of white and Orange crush accent on the chest part. The good news is, there is a JoFit Lanai skorts that perfectly match the color combination of any of those JoFit tennis shirts. Here’s the JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Signature Tennis Skorts. It bursts with an Orange crush outer skorts and a Jo Pink inside shorts. It has 3-inch waistband, around 13.5” length and a mid-rise fit.

Another dazzling tennis outfit in this JoFit Lanai collection includes the JoFit Rally Tank tennis Shirt and the JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Rally Pull On Tennis Skorts. This white pair gives an instant feeling of coolness and freshness to the player and the audience. It also has stylish Jo Pink mesh side linings to cool you down and keep you in style while playing. The JoFit Ladies Rally Tank Tennis Shirts have rounded scoop neck and wide straps.

Feel unique and chic with this third outfit – JoFit Tank Tennis Shirt and JoFit Knit Knife Pleat Tennis Skorts. The Jo Pink-colored JoFit Net Worth Tank Tennis shirt with mesh overlay has shaped waist and hem to flatter those curves and wider straps so your bra will not show no matter how active you are inside the court. Match it up with this JoFit Ladies & Plus Size Knit Knife Pleat Tennis Skorts in Jo Pink and white pleats. And you’re ready to go!

Fashion Tip! JoFit Lanai collection features bold colors of Jo Pink, Orange Crush and white. So better get items with the same colors to complete your outfit, whether you are heading to a golf course or a tennis court.

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